Online Quiz Game

An online quiz that randomly generates questions on selected topics

System structure:
  • Web application
  • Mobile gaming
  • 2 months

Team composition:

Ivan, Software Engineer
Vadim, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager


A Client from Canada wanted to rewrite an existing website that was previously built with Angular.js. He wanted to give a fresh start to it by applying modern technology and thus, ensure the website’s stable functioning. Yet, he tried to integrate monetization of the project by means of advertising integration — Google AdSense. 

The client has brought a ready-made design, so we didn't involve a designer in the development process.

Interesting Experience

Integrating Google AdSense advertising
This is not exactly a typical request within app development, and frankly, this was the first time our team had encountered this task in this case, but we did it well. The customer was satisfied. And we enriched our knowledge and portfolio with an excellent application monetization case. Which we are willing to apply to future projects.
Random Questions Sorting Function
Another interesting and challenging case was to create random questions sorting function. By setting quiz parameters like choosing topics, a number of rounds, and questions, the system “generates” the quiz. We faced technology incompatibility challenges. The questions are stored in MongoDB, and mongoose randomization plugins are not compatible with the Strapi technology used.
Setting up Servers & Uploading Website
Setting up servers and uploading website files to the server floated our team’s boat. At first, we encountered difficulties in working with the Digital Ocean droplets. There was a bug with one of the purchased droplets, and it didn’t open, even after numerous reloads. Removing and creating a new droplet helped.

Project Complexities:

1. The new version of the website had to be visually identical to the old one. And since AngularJS was replaced with new technology and other components in ReactJS, copying some elements, such as exact color matching, the shape of figures, frames, borders, etc. brought us hard times.

2. The CORS of the browser was complicating the work with Ads. Dynamic advertising wasn’t appearing in the transition between website pages.

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