Kitty Runner Mobile Game

A mobile game for kids designed to monetize and increase the loyalty of the cat store customers

System structure:
  • Mobile application
  • - iOS
  • - Android
  • Mobile gaming
  • 3 months

Team composition:

Svetlana, 2D Artist
Matvei, Software Engineer
Sasha, Software Engineer
Anna, UX/UI Designer
Lena, Project Manager


The main segment of the customers and target audience are mothers with kids. So, the main idea and the project’s purpose was to implement monetization through the game development for mobile devices.

how to create a mobile game
mobile game development services

The client’s request to the mobile game development team was for the app to be made with a focus on their store design, be fun and engaging, so the users can play, accumulate chips and increase their rating among the players.  Also, the players should be able to exchange game bonuses in the store for discounts and real purchases. 

However, at the moment, the game is monetized only through a paid subscription starting from level 5.

Interesting features

Complex game elements
Among the most challenging moments from a technical point of view were various game effects, such as blows, etc., as well as the levels with final "bosses" logic. "Bosses" behave differently, depending on the level of HP, and the player has to go through several stages to defeat them.
Setting up the login was also tricky
So, we made it in a convenient and user-friendly way. The user does not need to register: Firebase picks up data from AppStore and Play Market, so the user just downloads the game, clicks “start'' and enjoys the game. The hash of SHA256 and its later placing into the credentials was needed for the Apple login credentials. The challenge was solved by looking at how to create this hash and adding it to the database.
Complicated location
Our runner is inside the house, and usually, such games are made in a landscape mode, and it is much easier to implement all sorts of elements and chips there. We had to create all the game elements and stages in the “apartment” location, so it wasn’t easy to diversify objects, obstacles, enemies, etc.
Lots of artistic elements
The art creator didn't have any examples and every detail in the game is developed based on her imagination and experience. Everything was implemented efficiently in a short time though. The provided custom mobile game development services lived up the clients expectations and the game was succesfully launched.

Design elements

game development studio
Svetlana, 2D Artist

The complexity of the design was another important challenge. The customer’s request was to create an imitation of watercolors and a carelessly drawn style (fuzzy borders, blur, etc.) and it was a pretty challenging thing to combine this style with a mobile game and make all the elements clear and beautiful. However, there was no clear specification and everything had to be invented from scratch.

game development


The customer picked us as a mobile game development company. He didn’t have any scratches or prototypes.  He had an idea for mobile game development, a brand book, and a store website, so we worked out and brought the idea to life from scratch.

The Celadonsoft team thanks to teamwork, endless research, brainstorming, constant communication with the customer, and the ultimate experience in Unity3D game development has built the game design of each level, the design of all objects and characters, the entire UX / UI, as well as the idea and logic of the game, comics and dialogues appearing over the gaming process.

We also developed all the logic for calculating and converting points for leaderboards as separate parts of work.

If you’re considering a mobile game development or just wondering ”how much does it cost to develop a mobile game?” drop us a line describing your idea. We’ll provide you with better solutions, answer any questions, a conduct an estimation.

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