Board Game App Development Based on Greek Mythology

Mobile game based on ancient greek mythology board game with fascinating graphics and an ultimate feature set

Services provided:
  • Backend development

  • Front end development
  • Product design
  • Research
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
  • Mobile gaming
  • 3 months

Team composition:

Nikolay, Software Engineer
Sasha, Software Engineer
Matvei, Software Engineer
Ilya, Software Engineer
Dasha, UX/UI Designer
Slava, QA
Shota, Software Engineer

The Idea to Create a Board Game App

Our Client from the UK is a fan of board games. He came up with the idea of his own board game development but wanted it to be something extraordinary. So, he arrived at the brilliant idea to make a video game app based on his board game.

Once the physical board game prototype was completed, the client reached out to Celadonsoft to request video game development and programming. We found the idea to be more than fascinating. Besides, we love the video game development process, so we were definitely into it.


how to create a mobile game

In addition to an interesting idea, the customer brought a lot of schemes, and mockups and explained the rules and logic of the game. The client had detailed documentation and an exact understanding of what he intended to bring to fruition. He did a lot of the documentation himself and drew the entire Figma. So, we assigned the team, chose the technology stack, made up the board game app development roadmap, and got down to work on MVP.

Game Concept

In this game, the player finds themselves on a mysterious island brimming with mystical monsters, and they need to outwit them and other players in order to survive and escape. Players can gain the favor of the gods by offering them tribute, allowing them to trick and outsmart other players to win a prize, and be the first to escape the horrors of the island. Beware, however, of the mighty Typhon in the center, which indiscriminately wipes out everything in its path.

This game can be played in different ways depending on the number of players and in-game experience level.

Nikolay, Software Engineer

Challenges of Board Game Development

We were tasked with developing a functioning MVP that would reflect the functionality that was planned by the customer. This would seem to be a standard task for a team that develops mobile games, but the difficulty was that the functionality was constantly being changed. Sometimes it was necessary to go through trial and error in order to reach perfection. Also, the game is quite complex with a huge number of features and complicated mechanics while the budget was limited.

Creating multiplayer was also a certain challenge. We had no experience in developing it.

Design elements

game development

The client took care of the game's graphics. He drew the characters, the game elements, and the game environment. The graphics were of particular significance and interest to the client, so our recommendations were reluctantly accepted. Our designer took over the game architecture and assembled all of the graphic elements to make a board game app. Also, our side undertook mobile game UI/UX design.

In-Game Features

- Several play modes: single-player and multiplayer
- Customized in-game settings
- Ability to personalize player profile
- Guest mode. The player can evolve from guest mode into registered player mode without losing progress
- Each monster has its own logic
- In-game chat
- Action bar, e.i. the system describes each action
- Game Master that acts as an in-game assistant

The Solution Found to Create a Board Game App

Through all stages of video game development, we stayed in close communication with the client. At the end of each sprint, we demonstrated ‘build’ to make sure the game is what the client expected. It helped us to implement everything in such a way that is identical to the client’s vision. We also pooled our knowledge, experience, and skills to find the best solution to implement the logic and mechanics of the game. As a result, each monster has its own logic and the complex interaction between the roles has been implemented in the game.

As for multiplayer, our helpers were teamwork and learning. Ultimately, multiplayer was implemented as it should be.


Greek mythology mobile game development was finalized at the alpha version release stage. The game fully corresponds to the client’s expectations. Now the game is placed on Kickstarter in order to raise funding to continue development.

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