Coloring Book

Coloring Book is a social sphere mobile game for disabled kids

System structure:

  • Mobile application


  • Mobile gaming


  • 6 months

Team composition:

Lena, Project Manager
Matvei, Software Engineer
Anna, UX/UI Designer


The client wanted to build a mobile game - color book to support the disabled kids. The main perk is that the categories and coloring pages show disabled people. e.g. superheroes without legs or hands. The project was aimed to normalize seeing disabled kids as an equal part of our community.

When the client reached out to us, he had already drafted the design and fully prepared a technical task. All we needed is to get down to work.


Anna, UX/UI Designer



Anna, UX/UI Designer
Matvei, Software Engineer

We wanted the color book to be bright and hued for kids to enjoy it. We picked Unity as development technology. The challenge arouse in preserving the text textures. It’s well-known that Unity gets troublesome when it comes to text. So, we resulted in the text quality decaying.

Lack of text clearance wasn’t the desired outcome, but we have managed to engender a solution. 

Thanks to the joint brainstorming and solution-oriented teamwork, we came up with a problem-solving option. We decided to save the changes as a screenshot. Then the screenshot textures were converted into the mock-up. The combination of moves has facilitated to result in a nice picture.

Also, we introduced project’s difference-making feature. The app contains in-build history. The colored pictures are stored in the history and a kid can re-paint and change them anytime. 

We have developed a bright-colored painting book featuring disabled characters. The client’s design and requirements were implemented in strict compliance with the technical task. The development was conducted with bearing in mind the fact that the app is supposed for kids' activities, so we made the in-app experience to be pure fun.

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