About us

  • Celadonsoft is a reliable partner for complete Mobile and Web app development.
  • Celadonsoft was founded in 2016 in Eastern Europe. Now, the company operates worldwide, with offices in Warsaw, Lisbon, and Dubai.
  • We can develop an app from scratch or take over an existing project to give it a second breath.

Why choose Celadonsoft?


Our expertise covers, but is not limited to a number of areas: education, medicine, e-commerce, social networks, mobile games, etc.


We’re quick to reply, to get the project going, and get the project done without sacrificing quality.


We know a number of tricks and approaches that can help you solve both technical and business challenges efficiently.

Comfort and Flexibility

Because we are passionate about what we do, we are flexible, competent, and comfortable to work with. We keep all-around communication.


We’re working as an extension of your business, in tight communication and total transparency, allowing you to remain at the helm of the whole process.

Special Treatment

We give each client personalized service while maintaining an eye on their business mission and objectives.

Our Team

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What do people say?
They read our minds and provide exactly what we want. The ease of the process is wonderful....
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