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Mobile game development services: we are in charge of every milestone of SDLC starting from design, deployment, putting into production, further support, and maintenance if needed

Looking for a full-cycle solution for business? Celadon is what you definitely require. We begin working from the first steps, helping you at the design stage and moving forward, developing, testing, and launching the game when the product is ready.  Having profound and strong expertise in Unity game development services,  we use the latest tools and frameworks, adjusting the technologies to the project we are working on. Our team’s proficiency with up-to-date technologies like Python, Photon, Firebase allows us to develop mobile games of high quality and strong technological basis. 

We do differ from the vast majority of the companies working with cross-platform mobile game development services because we offer so to say one-stop-shop. Have a look at a brief introduction of the services we provide in the custom mobile game development services.

Perfect Team for a Perfect Game

There’s no such a good match as mobile games and Unity. But a product of high quality can be created only if there are experts in charge. So we have gathered the team, capable of creating various game types with diverse complexity. Large-scale projects, simple, cozy and addictive casual games, games with open worlds - all these tasks can be performed by the mobile game app development team. One of the reasons Celadon has succeeded in the field is that we follow an unique approach, according to which the team is combined in accordance with the might-be project’s complexity, so all the client’s expectations will be met. 01
The project can’t work and flourish without the work of a skilled PM. It is that driving force that nourishes any mobile game. The PM is in charge of not just the organization and team management. It’s up to him to get to know each and any peculiarity of the project, manage the communication and interaction, solving all kinds of issues and, more importantly, predicting them. He is also the link between the team and the customer, answering all the questions from both sides, giving rapid feedback and taking all the decisions needed. 02
The artists face a lot of challenges and should overcome them, and creating an eye-catching design is the key point here. At first, the concept is chosen. After that, the artist starts his part, creating every single piece of the graphical interface of the mobile game in work. Huge skill set, immense experience and an unprecedented ability to combine and mix different techniques allow them to create outstanding unique products. 03
Technical features and the visual design, being combined harmoniously, is one of the main conditions of the successful game. That is why the team of our mobile game app development company is working hard on the finest pieces of design including not just the basics like characters and their history but the structure of the levels, the missions and quests flow. It is the reason why the products we create are that good - our attention to detail allows us to create engaging, sophisticated gameplay in terms of the platform requirements. 04

Mobile Game App Development Services Is Our Passion

You can always contact Celadon for mobile application game development services of high quality, the team will be glad to help. We work with full-cycle Android app development, but it is not the main thing one should know. We provide the iOS app development services in the field of game design as well.
In the pre-production stage, we perform profound research. After that, the planning comes along with creating the documentation. All the theses are based on the result of the research and marketing studies performed beforehand. We analyze the genre trends, gameplay, the groups of the target audience, the platforms we will be working with, the requirements to the team, and the team member’s skill set. Add here the estimation analysis, and you will get the full picture of the work we are doing in the first stage.
Concept art
We are here to make your game engaging and user-friendly. That is why our team of designers consists of artists, level designers, and UI specialists.
Asset production
We are happy to make your ideas alive and work in illustration, modeling, and animation to turn your project into a piece of art.
We are working with the Unity game engine long enough to be proficient in solving complicated tasks. For the backend, we use Python and Photon, and the choice depends on the project’s specifications and business requirements.
Our QA specialists perform not just device compatibility testing, but usability testing, performance testing, and many more to assure the quality of the product and its correspondence to the requirements.
Post-Release support
We will be with you even after the release. Updates, bug fixes(if any), game release support, marketing support, app store optimization - we will be on your side whenever it is needed.


How can I find a mobile game development company good enough?
Business Development Manager

Well, when it comes to the stage when you are looking not just for some company but for a perfect one among the rest of the  mobile game  development companies

There are two main questions that appear. First, what companies should be in the list of the good ones and the second is how to choose from all of them. 

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Just Google it. The request can be as simple as that: “the best mobile game development company”. Sounds vague? Well, it still works. Specify the parameters and go along.

2. Do not push the consultants’ help.  They might be noisy, but the fact is that they are in the field much, much longer than you and have an eye on the companies, suitable for each particular case. 

3. Check the offline when you have an eye on some mobile game development company. Check what is written about the company offline, what is the reputation among the real customers and in the professional environment. 

4. Add here the seminars and the field=related offline events. Let the companies tell you about themselves. 

Well, we have pointed out some tips on how to compose a list of potential companies to work with. It’s time to go further and check the points to look at while choosing the mobile game app development company you are about to start working with. 

  • Feedback. Look at what the previous customers say about the company. The best option is to contact them and ask about the feedback with updates. 
  • Experience. It’s always to hire a mobile game development company that has been in the field long enough to get some reputation and portfolio.  Try to answer the next list of questions while researching. Is their portfolio diverse? Is it up to date? How long are they in the field? The number of served customers. 
  • Be confidential. Do you need a cheap copy in the market before your official release? Surely not.  So NDA is the thing the vendor has to be ready to.  A good company will be the first party to mention NDA when it comes to business.
  • Delivery management rules. The vendor should keep you informed about the product stage, its status, and all the substantial details. Zero levels of surprises and unpredictable issues should be provided by the vendor. It is the only way to meet your expectations. 
  • Expertise. It is not just another clever world. Furthermore, it is the measure of whether the provider can do what is required from the technical point of view.  If you are about to create not just a crude app but a perfect one in accordance with the standards in the field, mind finding a capable provider with strong expertise. 
  • Testing phase. Ask about the flow of testing processes and how it is handled. You need your product to be bug-free. Only if there are no errors and bugs, the product can hit the market and stay popular for a substantial time.  So check the testing abilities of the vendor too. 
  • Quality first.  It is a treat  - to get the work done cheaper than it was expected. But as the live shows, cheap decisions and products don’t work in IT. Any project requiring complex coding will be expensive, especially the mobile game development services. The main priority should be the quality of the product, it's being user-friendly and adaptive.  It is more expensive to fix the issues and to refactor bad code than to create a good and working product from the beginning. 
  • Company location. If you have picked to outsource mobile game development company, mind the location because it affects the cost of the mobile game development services.  

The truth is, you do not hire mobile game developers often. That is why it is worth the time to choose a good one after some profound research. 

Celadon provides all mobile game development services needed for the customer who wants the product to be not just a good one, but a real source of profit. Just get in touch with us and the team representative will come back to you and answer all the questions.

Want to hire mobile game development company? We know how!
Project Manager

It is a time-consuming thing- to find a mobile game development company, especially if you are a business owner and the  IT field is not a familiar one. But to hire mobile game developers can take even more time.  First, check not just hard skills, but soft skills as well. Add some time for an interview. After the post-hiring process can be initiated and it includes some steps as well. Apart from the onboarding training, consider a career plan to be presented too. 

If all this seems too complicated, and you have doubts about the genuineness or the credibility of the developer, pay attention to the outsourcing companies like Celadon.  We are the party arranging the call. In case there are some sketches or clear ideas, send them without hesitation.  In case there’s nothing of that kind yet, don’t worry, it’s not an issue even close. We will gladly assist you at this stage. The only thing we would strongly recommend is the budget evaluation from the very beginning. In any case, you are free to contact us and get the best services related to mobile game app development.


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