AI-Powered Personal Coach App Development

 A fitness app that records movements during exercises and creates a personalized video with tailored recommendations to help users get the most out of their workout. 


System structure
  • Mobile application
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • QA
  • Project management
  • MVP development
  • Sport Industry
  • 4 months

Team composition:

Ivan, Software Engineer
Vadim, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager
Alexandr, Software Engineer
Slava, QA

Regular physical activity is a common aspiration for many people globally. but lack the knowledge and guidance to do so properly. They may not have the financial resources to hire a personal trainer. While working out independently, they may overlook important aspects of performing exercises. This can lead to unfulfilled fitness goals and even discourage them from pursuing physical activity due to past disappointing encounters.

Our client had a unique idea for a solution, which was a virtual gym coach. He approached Celadonsoft with the idea of contracting the mobile app development services. we immediately thought of AI-powered personal coach application development, starting with MVP development services to test the concept first.


AI-Powered Personal Trainer App Development: Challenge

In AI-powered personal coach app development, a significant challenge lies in striking the right balance between customized fitness routines tailored to individual users and providing a generalized experience that caters to a diverse user base.

The AI-powered personal coach app creation objectives include:

  • Designing a custom dataset to enable the application's capability to monitor and record targeted movements accurately.
  • Developing an optimized architecture for enhanced performance and efficiency.
  • Implementing a separate model to translate 2D body points into their corresponding 3D representations.
  • Establishing a mechanism to compare instructional videos provided by instructors with the movement data received from users' devices.

The personal trainer app with AI would closely monitor the user through the camera and compare their movements to the ones uploaded as references - the movements of professional athletes and gym coaches. With the help of AI, the application aims to offer tailored assistance to the user, guaranteeing that they execute the workouts accurately while preventing any possible harm.

In addition, the app would monitor the user's progress and customize a workout program to maximize efficiency and enjoyment for all users. Thus, the users would get an AI-powered personal gym coach available any time of the day and at any location.

Solution to Create an AI-Powered Personal Coach App

Our team of skilled software experts and AI engineers skillfully employed a wide range of advanced tools and technologies to develop an AI-powered personal coach app. This platform has the ability to process video data capturing the exercises performed by instructors and accurately transform the 2D body point functions into 3D. 

The app offers an extensive range of exercise sessions for users to choose from, helping them achieve their fitness goals and preferences. Additionally, it has the capability to record the user's movements while performing these exercises. The server performs a thorough analysis and comparison of movements and then generates a personalized process video which is then delivered back to the user along with tailored recommendations. 

Anna, UX/UI Designer


Our mission was to create an AI-powered personal coach app that not only catered to diverse fitness needs but also provided a highly personalized and engaging experience for users at every fitness level. The Celadonsoft designers stick to the best design practices in the AI-powered personal trainer app development. We made it as intuitive as possible as well as visually appealing. 

The implementation of a user-centric AI-powered personal coach app design led to high user satisfaction, retention, and a dedicated user base.

The features:

  • Tailored exercise routines based on individual fitness levels, goals, and preferences that evolve as users progress.
  • Diverse workout options, including strength training, cardio, flexibility, and more.
  • Corrective suggestions to prevent injuries and educational content.
  • Tools to track and visualize fitness progress.
  • Integration with wearables to capture data like heart rate and calories burned.
  • Recommendations for pre and post-workout nutrition and Integration with nutrition tracking apps or features.
  • Setting reminders for scheduled workouts with options to accommodate users' busy lives.
  • Inspirational messages, quotes, or success stories to keep users motivated.

If you share a vision similar to the virtual gym coach with AI in leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled value, Celadonsoft is your partner in innovation. Whether you're conceptualizing an AI-powered solution, redefining user experiences, or pioneering a groundbreaking idea, we're here to turn your vision into reality. Contact us here.

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