Used Car Aggregator Development

Celadonsoft rose to the challenge, working closely with the client to create a cutting-edge solution that would revolutionize the way people search for and buy pre-owned vehicles.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Mobile adaptive
  • Admin interface
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
  • eCommerce industry
  • 3 months

Team composition:

Igor, Project Manager
Shurik, Software Engineer
Sava, Software Engineer
Nikita, Software Engineer
Alex, CEO

The client reached out to Celadonsoft with a request to bring to life their legacy project of a used car aggregator. The project is divided into two phases. Our team was contracted to provide mobile app development services and web app development services

Initially, it was planned to build a used car sales aggregator with a unique feature to create and configure inspections for second-hand cars.

The second phase of used car search aggregator development is adding the feature to create diverse inspections for various purposes. For instance, separate inspections for new and used cars with different inspection parameters.  Also, the used car aggregator development idea is planned to be the concept of an automobile service marketplace where condition inspections are required.

Used Car Sales Aggregator Development: Challenge


One of the main challenges we encountered during the used car sales aggregator development was the lack of any project documentation. This meant that I had to spend a lot of time studying the application principles by reading through the code. This was not only time-consuming, but it also made it difficult to understand how different components of the project were intended to work together.


Additionally, we found that the previously established architecture of the project posed another significant problem. The architecture was designed with hard links between components, which made it challenging to make changes to one component without affecting the others. This made it difficult to implement new features or make improvements to the existing codebase.



What It Took to Create a Used Car Search Aggregator

During the first phase of the project, our team was given the responsibility of revamping the admin panel used to create inspections and partially restoring the functionality of the existing system. The project had existed without support for a considerable period of time, resulting in a significant amount of work being done. Along with that, we had to integrate an API and restructure the front-end requests. 



The second phase of the project focused on adding additional features to the system. In this phase, we worked to create a used car search aggregator with the ability to add different types of inspections and configure them. This feature was particularly important for the client as it would allow them to customize inspections based on the specific needs of their business.


When the client initially approached us, they had a pre-existing application that was not functioning properly. As a solution, we suggested designing a new admin panel to better manage the application. The client agreed, and we took full responsibility for the development of the new admin panel.


Alex, CEO

We had to start by analyzing the existing system, looking for areas of improvement and potential issues. We identified several areas that needed improvement, such as the user interface, the way inspections were created and managed, and the overall performance of the system. Our team had to work closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements to ensure that the new system would meet their expectations.


After identifying the issues, we started working on redesigning the admin panel. Our team worked tirelessly to create a functional and efficient admin panel that would meet the needs of the client. We paid close attention to the client's requirements and preferences, incorporating them into the used car aggregator design and functionalities of the admin panel.


Features of Used Car Search Aggregator

VIN Scanner
A third-party service for reading the VIN number using a phone camera.
A third-party service for decoding data by VIN number.

As a result, we arrived at creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would make it easier for users to create and manage inspections. We implemented additional features that the client requested, such as the ability to configure different types of inspections. Also, we suggested switching from IBM Cloud to Digital Ocean. The decision has helped to reduce the server fee by 10 times.


After weeks of development, we were able to deliver a fully functional and user-friendly admin panel that exceeded the client's expectations. With this new addition, the client's application was running smoothly and efficiently, providing a better experience for their users.

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