Healthcare Software Development - A Step-By-Step Guide From Celadonsoft

21 October 2022 Writer: Lera Grechanik 921 views

Adoption of technology in the healthcare industry has a revolutionary impact. The market continues to grow as more and more software is being developed and implemented into clinical practices. Deloitte’s 2022 Global Health Care Outlook says the overall value of the global healthcare market is estimated at $7.724 trillion. 

The software benefits different areas of healthcare: tracking medical parameters, automatization of administrative procedures, remote consultations, healthcare staff training, etc. The capabilities and potential of such software are enormous. 

As the world is discovering new ways of how software can be integrated into healthcare, the global rate of spending on healthcare software industry is on the rise. Economists predict that 5% rise from 2019 to 2023. In light of this, setting off custom healthcare software development may be a great business opportunity that will also change any traditional healthcare practices. 

Keep reading to find out what it takes to have your own mobile healthcare software development

What Benefits Healthcare Software Development May Bring

Software in the healthcare industry is advantageous for all: Healthcare staff, patients, and healthcare organizations. The boons it gives may come in different forms and shapes, resting on the software type and the problem it solves. 

Healthcare Providers’ Boons

Reduced Paperwork

Health software development can significantly reduce the paperwork burden on the medical staff. For example, medical histories can be filled out in special software for doctors, and patient registration, form filling, record keeping, file management, and data storage can be fully automated. Digitalization of these processes reduces the unnecessary workload on doctors, allows them to focus on patient care, and provides better quality service.

Increased Collaboration With Other Specialists

Thanks to technology, our world has now become a global village with no borders. The development of a doctor's software can be a place where doctors can exchange knowledge and experience. It can also be a venue for medical staff to receive professional advancement courses and other various training. The creation of such software is a way to improve healthcare systems around the world.

Efficient Patient Management

The creation of hospital mobile app development that contains such systems as an electronic medical record (EMR), patient engagement software (PES), electronic medical record (EHR), etc. not only reduces paperwork but also enhances the performance of healthcare activities. Due to the fact, the patient’s data become kept in the database and easily accessible for doctors, healthcare providers can efficiently manage patient data and productively manage their clinical practices.

Patients’ Boons

Changing the Patients’ Experience

Thanks to medical software, patients don't have to wait for their next appointments because the software allows them to consult remotely. Patients can get answers to their concerns through chat, video, and audio calls. Surely, it won’t replace the check-up examinations yet. 

Improved Patient Care

As we said, the creation of medical software reduces paperwork and gives doctors access to elucidative resources and training, which multiplies the quality of medical services. The improved quality of care is a huge advantageous point for patients.

Keeping in Touch

Medical software helps people stay in touch with their doctors. It enables secured texting, making calls, planning appointments, setting up reminders, and so on.

Convenient Access to Healthcare Records

Patient data is stored in the software database, permitting convenient and fast access to it. Patients can seamlessly take access to their medical records, therapy plans, test results, and other medical data. Consequently, they can view, import, export, and share their medical data with people they trust. This feature helps improve the efficiency of medical processes.

Healthcare Organizations’ Boons

Improved Medical Business Management

We've repeatedly pointed out that software drives down paperwork. Computerization of processes like data gathering, storage, and management, digitized medical practices, and billing boosts the performance of medical institutions' workflow. Also, it lowers the likelihood of billing errors, etc.

Patient Satisfaction

With all the benefits that medical software development offers, patient satisfaction scores soars. It would be needless to mention how vital this indicator is. A contented patient is more likely to return to the clinic again, and may even use the services on a regular basis.

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A to Z Guide on Custom Healthcare Software Development

Identifying the Problem and Its Solutions

Prior to starting healthcare software product development, study the needs of your target audience. 

At this point, you need to figure out what problems your users are experiencing and how your app can solve them. Also, at this stage, a portrait of TA is drawn up and the niche in which the app will operate is selected.

For example, FLO helps women to track their cycle and the symptoms associated with it, Ornament helps to store data on medical examinations and tests in the phone, a device that is always at hand.

Selecting the Platform

When developing a product, it is important not only to create a product that solves a particular problem of users, but also to choose a platform on which it will be convenient to use and, as a consequence, will provide more value. Decide whether your product will be a mobile, web, or desktop application. 

If you are creating a healthcare software solutions development aimed at the digitalization of medical institutions' workflow, it may be best to develop a desktop application. If your software is for patient data tracking, then consider a web or/and mobile app.

Hiring a Development Team

Your business success relies on the development team. Probably, it’s the most crucial step in the whole process. In order to not fall flat on your face, thoroughly research for a team that suits best your project. We recommend hiring an outsourced team. Why? We’ll talk about their benefits a bit later.

When scrolling through various teams to develop healthcare software, visit their website and study what services they provide. Pay attention to their portfolio. It’ll prove the team’s experience and capabilities. Also, it’s a good idea to contact the team to find out more about their work.


A prototype is a responsive concept of your product ideas, which visually reveals the essence of the idea in action. It is used to determine the validity of the software's structure, functionality, and, overall, the software's concept. Thanks to the prototype, risks of failure are lessened, and the project can be adjusted as it progresses rather than at the end when fixing bugs will cost more.

Healthcare Software Design, Coding, and Testing

Three aspects of development are inseparable from each other: design, programming, and testing. 

Design is the user interface, in other words, what users will interact through when they use the software. Regardless of the purpose of the software, it must remain intuitive and easy to use. If the interaction is complicated, it threatens to lose users due to the inability to use the application in a convenient and effortless way.

Writing code is all about creating the application and its functions. It is not uncommon for code to have errors, and inconsistencies, which lead to bugs and malfunctions. Therefore, testing is a mandatory step and should not be neglected. QA works on identifying bugs before the software release so that developers can fix them during the development process.

Launch, Maintenance, and Everything That Goes After

The software is developed and ready to be deployed on devices. But the work does not end here. Perhaps one could say that this is where it all begins. The app needs to be maintained, updates need to be developed, bugs need to be fixed, and compliance with laws and personal data, and medical protocols need to be ensured, if necessary.

We are not accountable for other outsourced teams, but Celadonsoft continues to work on the application after its launch. We provide not only technical services but also work out a marketing program to achieve the goals you set for your business.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Go For Outsourcing Healthcare Software Development?

It’s cheaper to outsource healthcare software development. If you hire an out-sourcing development team, you get rid of the need to pay for employee vacations and sick leave, taxes, social benefits, office rent, and other mandatory “extras”. 

In addition, the cost of development varies considerably from country to country. For example, the hourly cost of development will be manifold higher in the U.S. than in Eastern Europe, although the skills and talents may be at the same level, and perhaps even higher. This is also another advantage – access to a wider choice of professionals

Deadlines are not your headache. It's in the best interest of the team to get the job done on time. Their rating and reputation depend on it. Rating and reputation are the fundamental keys to the success of outsourced software development studios, which means they will do their utmost to deliver your project at the highest level.

The high quality of the final product results from the point above. 

One may find their own advantages of collaborating with healthcare software development outsourcing developers but the fact remains clear that it indeed delivers tons of pros. The list of the pros is not limited to what is above-mentioned. 

Trust healthcare software development to Celadonsoft

Reading about the benefits of outsourcing teams may make you question where to find a reliable team that will take care of ideas for healthcare software development. The good news is that there’s no need for that because you’ve already found it. Celadonsoft is all set to transform your idea into an up-to-date healthcare software solution that will contribute to further healthcare digitalization. 

Our team has been in the business of professional mobile app development and professional web app development since 2017 and has delivered tons of projects for businesses in various industries. Some of them are showcased in our portfolio. 

Start leveraging our team’s skills and experience to build cutting-edge software by contacting us.


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What benefits does healthcare software provide?

The number of benefits is enormous! Pivoting the types of healthcare software may become beneficial for patients, doctors, or healthcare organizations. The perks include but are not limited to: tracking medical parameters, automatization of administrative procedures, remote consultations, healthcare staff training, etc.

How to develop healthcare software?
Project Manager

Based on Celadonsoft’s expertise, the development cycle may be divided into 6 stages: 

  • Identifying the Problem and Its Solutions
  • Selecting the Platform
  • Hiring a Development Team
  • Prototyping
  • Healthcare Software Design, Coding, and Testing
  • Launch, Maintenance, and Everything That Goes After

Of course, the cycle may vary from project to project but these are the core stages that cannot be neglected.


Is it a good idea to develop a healthcare software system?

Sure thing! Healthcare is one of the industries that actively adopt the technology. Alongside healthcare automation, the spending on this kind of software is increasing and is expected to rise 5% by 2023 since 2019. So, developing medical software is both a good business venture and a chance to bring positive humanitarian changes into the world.

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