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Celadon’s custom iOS app development services wrap watchOS apps. Our proficient iOS app development agency knows how to overcome the limitations of Apple Watch app development due to imperfect gesture recognition, distinctions in screen resolution, and hardware architecture to extend the functionality of iOS apps, including instant messaging, voice search, and contactless payments on your wearable device.

AR Kit 2

Hundreds of millions of users on iOS have already tried out the biggest AR platform in the world. ARKit 2 on iOS 12 allows being connected to multiple users simultaneously and resumed at a later time in the same state. iOS application can give users an even greater immersive, captivating experience by incorporating real-world objects into your AR platform.

Core ML 2

Core ML 2 is a machine learning framework. It helps using Apple products, including Siri, Camera, and QuickType. Core ML 2 is an integration of machine learning models, which allows the start of iOS application development and lines of code. It gives you a lot of options for creating your own models on Mac or in Xcode 10.


With SiriKit, you can manage your iOS apps and watchOS apps with voice. Your content and services can be used in new scenarios, including access from the lock screen and hands-free use.

Face ID

It’s well-trusted. Face ID helps you to unlock your device and applications and pay for purchases. The TrueDepth camera, the Secure Enclave module, and the Neural Engine system are the most powerful technologies, they are reliable and safe, and Integrating Face ID makes it faster and more comfortable.

Touch ID

You can unlock your iPhone with just a touch of a finger. Touch ID uses a laser-cut sapphire crystal and is built into the home button. Touch ID takes a high-resolution image of your fingerprint from any angle by using a laser-cut sapphire crystal and a capacitive touch sensor.

Apple Pay

It’s faster and much easier to use Apple Pay for your purchases. It’s a safe way to buy things in stores, in apps, and on the web app. You can get and send money to friends and family right in Messages. You don’t need to spend time at the register and use a physical card.

React Native to Elevate Native iOS App Development to New Heights

Besides Swift and Objective-C-based custom iOS app development, Celadon, being an iOS application development agency, is offering React Native for those who aspire to get both iOS and Android apps in parallel. If there’s no precise reason to use pure native development, you would probably be interested in this approach.

React Native stands out as the trendiest JavaScript framework, nourishing unparalleled value. It enables faster delivery of iOS app development services compared to traditional native engineering approaches. Coequally, you don’t lose in quality and performance. You can save almost half of your frontend budget and time if you settle on using React Native when going for custom iOS application development.

App Store

Celadon believes inventing a release-ready application and not launching it is the same as purchasing a Lamborghini and leaving it to gather dust in the garage. Our iOS app development agency controls all the steps: from the research to the ultimate stage – until the AppStore approves it.

For custom iOS application development services, we've got you backed up with an all-inclusive approach. So, you can be absolutely sure that we will render all the vital support and maintenance once it starts acquiring the initial users.

Why iOS app development, though?
Project Manager

Revenue Multiplication

Comparing mobile OS, one thing becomes vivid at once - in terms of revenue, iOS is the leader. In spite of the fact that a startup setup requires plenty of funds, choosing iOS as the main OS for a mobile app is a decision that can likely bring a lot of profit. One of the main reasons is the iOS users’ preferences. Thus, they ramp up spending on in-app purchases. Design the app properly, drive people like it and need the purchases, and the revenue gain will follow pretty soon. One thing still should be kept in mind. To reach the set goal, you should hire a competent iOS application development agency


One of the peculiarities of iOS is that there's a splendid harmony within the ecosystem between gadgets. So the custom iOS application development is faster and clearer, with fewer compatibility setbacks

Better UX

iOS is a platform that has all the chances, possibilities, and tools needed to deliver smooth UX cohesive enough to make people love the product. Add here innovative functionality which can be implemented, and it will become absolutely clear why clients lean towards iOS. With Celadon’s custom iOS application development services, you can harness the power of all these force touches, peek, and iPencil support

Improved Security 

Comparing iOS and Android in terms of security,  it is clear that iOS is the winner here because user data defense is in focus for Apple. It is also one of the reasons why, statistically, Android devices become targets for hackers and attacks more often than iOS devices. They are simply more vulnerable

Software Capacity

Apple users almost don’t deal with fragmentation because more than half of them use the latest iOS version. For Android, these numbers are somewhere around 10%.


What are the good points of opting for custom iPhone app development services as an enterprise tool?
Head of Sales

Custom iOS app development is intricately linked to enterprise purposes, the distinctive qualities of the market, and the individual prerequisites of clientele. Thus, the app and the newly implemented features will be appropriately intermingled into the pre-existing system. The main advantage of this approach is that it is backed by communication and cooperation with your stakeholders. It allows coming to decisions fitting to the business circumstances you equip us with.

By choosing custom iOS app development services from Celadon, you will get all the honors listed above. A unique strategy combined with top-rated technologies allows faster production with a lower amount of resources and iterations.

What custom iOS app development services do you render?
Head of Sales

Having huge proficiency across numerous domains, Celadon, as a custom iOS app development agency, can deliver apps for diverse niches. The end product will be user-centric, easy to use, and cost-effective. Our agency proffers iOS app development services that include but are not limited to healthcare, e-commerce platforms, and even e-wallet apps and online educational platforms.

What processes do you follow?

Developing a high-quality all, especially an app for iPhone, is not a simple task. But our iOS app development agency works in accordance with Agile methodology. It means that we stick to simple and clear steps. First, app planning. Next, design and coding go. In the end, the app is released, but the journey does not finish there. Celadon provides all kinds of post-release care upon customers’ request.

Things to keep in mind while searching for a custom iOS app development agency?

Among the facets to be included while searching for an iOS application development agency, special attention is to be paid to

  • the built name of an agency
  • a spectrum of services a firm provides
  • Past projects and active ones from the portfolio
  • References from the customers 

According to the statistics Manifest has recently provided, more than 30% of users delete the apps from their devices because they do not use them often enough. And more than 25% say that they delete apps because their needs are not fulfilled properly. There’s a way to overcome the issue. And it is custom iOS app development that helps with the main issues the users face. The key to success is that very approach we have mentioned earlier. Everything is created from scratch and is closely connected to the project. It is exactly what happens when Celadon experts start working on custom iOS application development services. They use deep analysis, completing the project with pleasant UX and smooth flow at the end that will be liked by users and will fulfill their needs.

Why are clear processes meaningful in iOS development?
Project Manager

A grade-A consistent app can be delivered if a crew follows a step-by-step approach starting from the ideation stage. However, the past-release support adds scores when you are choosing the agency to partner with. Clear processes mean that the customer’s requirements are considered and strictly followed, and the results of the work are corresponding. Celadon is a model to pursue as a custom iOS app development agency due to a time-proven engineering strategy. And it includes all the points we underlined in the previous paragraphs. Whereas Celadon’s crew double-checks requests for custom iOS application development are understood and defined correctly because we conduct workshops for better interaction.

Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network
Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

Celadon has worked hard to create a food ordering app that would cover 3 major scenarios: in-venue order, preorder, and delivery.

Dating App Development
Dating App Development

A wonderful animation-heavy dating app we’ve developed from scratch employing React Native and Python. Our app's intuitive UI and seamless functionality make it a delightful platform for users to explore, connect, and potentially find meaningful relationships while maintaining a sense of privacy and anticipation with the blurred photo feature.

Hospital App Development
Hospital App Development

Hospital management software development for better doctors — patients interaction. The in-hospital treatment experience is enhanced with a medical mobile app design based on accessibility practices.

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