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Reveal your brand to a global audience, attract your customers with a native iOS application and it’s cutting-edge unique iOS features.

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Our experienced iOS app developers know how to overcome the limitations of Apple Watch app development due to imperfect gesture recognition, differences in screen resolution and hardware design to extend the functionality of iOS apps including instant messaging, voice search, and contactless payments on your wearable device.

AR Kit 2

Hundreds of millions of users on iOS have already tried out the biggest AR platform in the world. ARKit 2 on iOS 12 allows to be connected to multiple users simultaneously and resumed at a later time in the same state. You can give your users an even greater immersive captivating experience by incorporating real-world objects into your AR platform.

Core ML 2

Core ML 2 is a machine learning framework. It helps using Apple products, including Siri, Camera, and QuickType. Core ML 2 is an integration of machine learning models, which allows you to build apps and lines of code. It gives you a lot of options for creating your own models on Mac or in Xcode 10.


With SiriKit you can manage your iOS apps and watchOS apps with the voice. Your content and services can be used in new scenarios, including access from the lock screen and hands-free use.

Face ID

It’s well-trusted. Face ID helps you to unlock your device, applications and pay for purchases. The TrueDepth camera, the Secure Enclave module, and the Neural Engine system are most powerful technologies, they are reliable and safe, Face ID makes it faster and more comfortable.

Touch ID

You can unlock your iPhone with just a touch of a finger. Touch ID uses a laser-cut sapphire crystal and is built into the home button. Touch ID takes a high-resolution image of your fingerprint from any angle by using a laser-cut sapphire crystal and capacitive touch sensor.

Apple Pay

It’s faster and much easier to use Apple Pay for your purchases. It’s a safe way to buy things in stores, in apps, and on the web. You can get and send money to friends and family right in Messages. You don’t need to spend time at the register and use a physical card.

React Native for native applications development

Besides Swift and Objective C development, we are offering React Native for those who want to get both iOS and Android apps at the same time. If there’s no specific reason to use pure native development you would probably be interested in this approach.

React Native is the most trendy JavaScript framework that offers a unique value. It allows creating mobile apps for both iOS and Android faster comparing to pure native development. At the same time, you don’t lose in quality and performance. You can save almost half of your frontend budget and time if you choose to use the React Native development approach.

App Store

We believe that developing a release-ready application and not launching it is the same as purchasing a Lamborghini and leaving it to gather dust in the garage. Our team controls all the stages: from the developing the app to the final one - until it is approved by the AppStore.

You can be absolutely sure that we will provide all the necessary support and maintenance once it starts acquiring the first users.


Business Intelligence
Platform for Marketing

A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics, and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and market, provide pricing recommendations.


Fleet Management

Business software for remoting management of workers, vehicles and routing optimization. Based on GPS tracking, orders distribution and Big Data. Web and Mobile system includes cloud backend.


Risk Assessment

A data analytics module that can forcast insurance risks based on the user parameters compared to the custom unique dataset of huge insurance history.

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