Threads: Failures and Successes So Far

7 August 2023 Writer: Lera Grechanik 568 views

Threads, a relatively new entrant, is no exception. Meta's latest social media offering, Threads, made its grand debut on July 6th, 2023. This innovative app sets out to foster open discussions and enable users to share their rapid reflections. Remarkably, Meta has achieved the unprecedented early success of Threads, surpassing all previous records as the most rapidly downloaded app in history, amassing a staggering 100 million users within a mere 5-day timespan.


Launched with great anticipation, Threads promised a unique social media experience centered around user conversations and connections. However, since several weeks of Threads being in place, the triumph is a controversial topic. 

So, let’s reflect on Threads’ journey and analyze the platform's triumphs and tribulations in this article. 

Threads: Results for Today

Despite being a few weeks old only, Threads can brag some results and achievements so far.

  • Threads has achieved unparalleled growth as a social media app, shattering records by accumulating a remarkable 100 million users within a mere five days of its launch. 
  • The app's popularity surged right from the start, with an impressive 30 million downloads occurring within just 24 hours. Users have been actively engaging on the platform, generating over 100 million posts in this short period.
  • Such rapid success has not gone unnoticed, as one analyst predicts that Threads' revenue could soar to an astounding $8 billion by 20251
  • Additionally, considering the current rate of sign-ups, Threads has the potential to outstrip Twitter's monthly active users by September.
  • The widespread impact of Threads has extended to a global scale. Between July 3 and 10, 2023, discussions and online content revolving around the app reached an astonishing 602.5 million users worldwide. While a considerable number of approximately 85 million online users were exposed to negative content about Threads, an even more substantial audience of 140 million users encountered positive content related to the social app Threads. 

The app's presence in the digital landscape has undoubtedly sparked significant attention and conversation, leading to quite significant Threads results for today. Based on Statista, the recently launched app received approximately 73 thousand positive mentions and nearly 20 thousand negative mentions. 

So, let’s look at the Threads’s successes and failures that we’ll be good to learn about for app developers and product owners. 

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Main Successes of Threads

As evident from the information above, the new social media platform has unquestionably achieved significant success. Let's look at the smart moves taken by Meta to make Threads a success. 

Instagram’s Run-Product

By seamlessly connecting with Instagram and utilizing the wealth of data available, Meta created a compelling proposition for users, attracting millions to embrace Threads as their new go-to social media platform. The synergy between the two apps not only facilitated user onboarding but also contributed to Threads' rapid growth and immense popularity within the online community.

The core success of Threads is the record number of users. Leveraging this sibling relationship, Threads allowed users to effortlessly port over their Instagram profile information, including the set of accounts they follow. This feature was crucial as it enabled newcomers to transfer their content preferences and social network with ease, while those who had already cultivated a dedicated following on Instagram could bring their audience along.

Another essential aspect that played a pivotal role in Threads' triumph was its compatibility with Instagram's data. Meta was able to tap into the vast amount of valuable information it had already amassed from Instagram's younger and highly engaged user base, setting Threads up for success right from the start.

Well-Timed Alternative to Twitter

While someone may wonder how to create a social media application like Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has produced the Twitter-like social media app in the middle of unwinding discontent about Twitter. 


As the Twitter community’s concerns and dissatisfaction continued to grow due to the wave of changes introduced by Elon Muck, Meta successfully timed the release of the Twitter clone. Threads presents a microblogging experience that bears a striking resemblance to Twitter's format. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with familiar buttons to like, repost, reply to, or quote a "thread," alongside counters displaying the number of likes and replies each post receives

Feed Algorithm

Meta has taken valuable lessons from Facebook and Instagram in this regard, realizing the significance of algorithmic feeds—a lesson learned from TikTok's success that was hard-earned by the company.

By default, the algorithmic feed on Twitter and Threads works remarkably well, often surpassing the traditional Following feed. Threads' algorithmic auto-feed ensures top-notch content right from the start, even if you haven't imported your entire Instagram graph.

While there is an option to have a feed based solely on those you follow, it's somewhat hidden in settings. Despite the reservations of seasoned social users, this approach offers instant interest and engagement.


In contrast to Twitter's approach, Threads distinguishes itself as a positive, less political, and diligently moderated alternative. Recognizing that not all users resonate with Twitter's emphasis on controversy, Threads seizes the opportunity to cater to a different audience. By aligning its moderation guidelines with those of Instagram, the platform has earned a favorable reputation among users who appreciate a more constructive and controlled social media environment.

Though we now observe some failures of Threads in this regard, the selected approach has given its fruits so far. As per the Morning Consult survey, since its launch, 23% of Threads users have already embraced the app as their primary platform, while 38% of users find themselves using both Threads and Twitter equally.


Threads has the exciting potential to set itself apart by embracing decentralization. Meta has disclosed its plans to incorporate support for ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol that could enable users to engage with Threads content through various supporting apps. While the widespread adoption of decentralized services is still a topic of debate, Meta's influence in the tech space could serve as a driving force, potentially pushing decentralized networking into the mainstream. This move could offer users a new level of flexibility and openness in their social media experience with Threads.

User Data Approach

Threads hints at a rising trend in the social media landscape, advocating for an alternative approach where user data is portable, interoperable, and free from platform control. This shift signifies a potential mainstream acceptance of a more user-centric and open model for social media platforms.

Present-day leading social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are constructed as "walled gardens," self-contained ecosystems that confine users' data within the platform and exercise strict control over access. Consequently, users find themselves with limited authority over their data and its utilization. 

This "walled garden" approach has drawn criticism for fostering a "closed" system that hampers innovation and restricts competition in the social media realm. So, Threads have the ability to revolutionize social media’s approach to users’ data.

Innovation And Creativity

Threads has introduced some unique features that enhance the user experience and differentiate it from other platforms. For example, Threads allows users to create custom emojis and stickers based on their communities' themes and cultures. Threads also integrates with other apps and services, such as Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, etc., to allow users to share and enjoy content together. Threads also supports various formats of content creation, such as audio, video, live streaming, etc.


Threads Failures

Alongside the successes of Threads, the just-arrived social media has also faced some challenges and criticisms, both from users and from external sources.

Poor User Interface and Functionality

Many users have complained about the platform's design, which is often confusing, cluttered, and buggy. Some of the features that users expect from a social media platform, such as notifications, search, filters, bookmarks, etc., are either missing or not working properly on Threads.

The App Was Released “Unripe”

The quick launch resulted in the slaggy work of the app. Users report frequent crashes, glitches, and errors that affect their experience. Meta has been slow to address these Threads failures or to update its app.

Territory Coverage

Threads has been made available for download on both the Apple and Google Android app stores in over 100 countries, encompassing regions such as Britain, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

However, the launch of Threads in the European Union has been temporarily suspended by Meta. The company is taking this precautionary measure as it is uncertain whether the manner in which user data is handled and shared across various platforms, including Threads, complies with upcoming privacy regulations.

Lack of moderation and content policy

While the platform claims to promote freedom of expression and diversity of opinions, it has also enabled the spread of misinformation, hate speech, harassment, and illegal content. Some of the communities on Threads have become hubs for extremist groups, conspiracy theorists, trolls, and scammers, who use the platform to recruit, radicalize, and manipulate other users. Threads has been accused of being complicit in these activities, as it has failed to take action against the blandness of the Threads experience or to cooperate with authorities.

Social Media App Development with Celadonsoft

Threads is a new social media platform that has had both failures and successes in its short history. While it has faced some serious challenges and criticisms regarding its moderation, content policy, design, and functionality, it has also achieved some remarkable results in terms of user engagement, marketing, innovation, and creativity. 

Threads has shown the world that we may seem to have enough social media, but there’s still room for something new (or not really new). To ensure success in building a strong social media platform, developers and entrepreneurs should take cues from Threads' strengths while learning from its weaknesses. 

If you're looking to create your own impactful social media platform, don't hesitate to reach out to Celadonsoft for top-notch social media development services. Contact us here, and our team will reach you back to discuss the project and calculate the cost to build a social media app.

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What is the Threads app?

Threads is a relatively new social media app developed by Meta. The app aims to foster open discussions and enable users to share their rapid reflections. Threads has gained popularity due to its unique approach of providing a positive, less political, and diligently moderated social media experience. Unlike some traditional platforms, Threads focuses on constructive conversations, making it an attractive alternative for users seeking a more controlled and less contentious online environment.

What has been Threads' journey and success so far?
Head of Marketing

Threads made its debut on July 6th, 2023, and quickly gained momentum, amassing an astounding 100 million users within just five days of its launch. It became the most rapidly downloaded app in history, with 30 million downloads in the first 24 hours alone. Users have actively engaged on the platform, generating over 100 million posts in a short period. The app's compatibility with Instagram and its younger user base has played a significant role in its early success, allowing users to transfer their Instagram profiles and preferences seamlessly.

What does the future hold for Threads?

Threads' rapid growth and early achievements indicate a promising potential for the app's future. Meta's plans to embrace decentralization by supporting ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol, could provide users with a more flexible and open social media experience. However, to sustain its success, Threads will need to address the challenges it currently faces and ensure a safe and positive environment for its user base.

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