Reasons Why Your Business Needs e-Learning Software

21 December 2022 Writer: Lera Grechanik 860 views

As you know, knowledge is power. It has been true for decades and even centuries and remains true nowadays. The difference is that today knowledge is more accessible. I don’t mean the schools, universities, and other educational institutions that are of course have got more accessible over time. Still, in the tech era, learning keeps door's always open for everyone through software that is called e-Learning software.

Such software has been brought to the world thanks to e-learning software development. E-learning software is used for general learning but now there’s a tendency among businesses to create e-learning software to be used within a company and train employees. e-Learning software solutions bring tons of benefits to corporate training and learning that will be touched on in this article. However, let’s start with understanding what e-Learning software is.

What is e-Learning Software?

E-learning software is a digital product developed to let people gain knowledge through mobile, web, and desktop applications. The e-Learning software comes in various shapes:

Virtual Classrooms

Often virtual classrooms are web-based applications to which students and teachers connect. Communication is ensured through chats and video and audio calls, and the learning process is supported through document display and sharing features, online whiteboards, etc.

Digital Educational Games

The traditional approach to learning has been changed in many ways. One such change is the introduction of games into the learning process. This approach has been welcomed by students and teachers because of its efficiency. Learning by playing provides students with many options and allows them to learn interactively.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs are educational platforms offering a great number of online programs to develop skills in a diversity of fields. Coursera and Udemy are probably the first ones to come to mind but there’s a great variety of them. Thanks to MOOCs educational courses have never been so available to the masses. 

Educational Institutions Management Software

Paper journals, schedules, and other bureaucratic things typical of educational institutions fade into the background with the Educational Institutions Management Software emergence. School management software benefits everyone: students, teachers, and administrators of educational institutions.

EdTech Portal

EdTech portals are mobile and web-based applications designed for quick access to learning materials such as notes, tutorials, and assignments. EdTech portals are used both in educational institutions and for private practice. Both students and faculty can enjoy the benefits of the e-learning system.

Learning Management System (LMS)

When it comes to using e-learning software in a company, the Learning Experience Platform is one of the solutions used for internal employee training. LMS provides tutorials, games, tests, etc. to onboard and train employees. The advantage of the learning management system is that in such platforms, the learner is assigned a course that they need to master.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

LXP is a new trend to be utilized for in-company training. Such software is notable for the fact that employees can share learning materials with other participants, and create their educational channels and blogs. With LXP the learning process becomes more personalized and interesting for the user. When it comes to benefits for executives and managers, LXP allows them to view and analyze past performance, reports, and student behavior. Artificial intelligence can be incorporated into the development of such software, which personalizes training based on needs.

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Benefits of e-Learning System Used for Corporate Learning

Once we figured out what is e-learning software, It’s time to talk about e-learning advantages. In the article, we listed some of them but in fact advantages of e-Learning software arrive in a rather greater number and may vary from company to company it serves to.

Tailored Curriculum

The educational software on the market covers a huge variety of educational curriculums. However, there is a chance that ready-made e-learning system development will not meet or partially meet your business objectives. 

Custom development of e-learning software allows you to implement an educational curriculum that will meet the specific needs of your business and provide the necessary knowledge to your employees. You will be able to customize it completely, eliminating unnecessary features and functionality. In addition, you get access to the admin panel where you can manage training materials and keep track of your employee's performance.

One-Stop Place for All Educational Materials

E-learning software allows you to store and share training materials for a broad spectrum of purposes. Whether it's training materials for onboarding new employees or materials for professional development, they can all be placed and easily managed in the same software where an administrator will be able to assign a particular course to a company employee.

Learning Made to Be More Efficient

E-learning is more motivating and puts less pressure on students because it provides the ability to access learning from anywhere, anytime, on any device, and the ability to self-monitor learning. It makes learning more productive. This can be proven by figures: e-learning increases memorization of knowledge by 25-60%.

Efficiency is also increased in terms of implementing the knowledge in the workspace. We've already said that the tailormade e-learning platform allows you to create entirely in-house courses for employee training. In addition, you can include real-life examples and situations in the training program, which increases the training's effectiveness. 

Also, if training demands are raised within certain fields, companies can quickly and easily address them with e-Learning software while employees can undergo training in a shorter timeline.

Wiser Budget Allocation

The figure indicating the cost of software development may seem high to you, but investing in your educational software for your business is worth it. It will save you from having to pay teachers and training materials. In addition, online learning does not require the costs associated with travel, hotel rentals when training in another city or abroad, and equipment. According to IBM's experience to build an e-learning app, the company has managed to cut about $200 million in savings, which proves budget efficiency.

Create e-Learning Software to Transform Learning in the Company

The success of e-learning software depends on two aspects, the culture of learning in your company and the high-quality software developed. While the first depends on you, Celadonsoft, an e-learning software development company, covers the second. 

Celadonsoft deals with professional mobile app development, including educational ones. Our software development experience is multifaceted, but what is common in our projects is quality, user-centricity, intuitive design, scalability, and other traits specific to top-notch software. We don't just develop, we create a product to achieve your business goals. Contact us to start a completely new experience of learning.

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