How Much Does it Cost to Create a Dating App: Unveiling the Investment

22 August 2023 Writer: Lera Grechanik 10063 views

The online dating sector demonstrates consistent, rapid growth each year, and this trend is projected to continue its expansion. From its valuation of $1,225 million in 2016, the industry surged to $1,610 million by 2022, according to Statista. With an annual growth rate of approximately 5%, the industry's vigor is expected to persist, as reported by IBISWorld.

Undoubtedly, those advocating the profitability of a dating app venture are accurate in their assessment. However, a pivotal inquiry remains: how much does it cost to create a dating app? Fortunately, we possess a definitive response, thanks to Celadonsoft's contemporary proficiency in constructing such applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Dating App case study

Celadonsoft Dating App case study

We've made the choice to extend this knowledge to you, enabling you to craft a strong and dependable product. Regardless of the direction you opt for – whether it's creating a Tinder-like clone or an entirely fresh application – let's commence by thoroughly examining the products that have already achieved success in the market. 

If you're still grappling with app decisions, it's worth delving into topics such as "how to build an eLearning app." This can provide additional clarity in your decision-making process.

Varieties of Dating Apps

Before we move to the cost of making a dating app, there’re some things to be considered before. One of them is a type of dating app. Among the plethora of dating applications, they can all be classified into four distinct categories:

  1. Geolocation-based Matching Apps: The central focus here is on geographical proximity. These apps employ users' location data to connect them. Examples include Bumble and Tinder.
  2. Algorithm-driven Matching Apps: This category relies on surveys and intricate algorithms. These apps initially pose questions to users and subsequently present potential matches who share similar responses. A prominent instance is the eHarmony matching system.
  3. Conventional Dating Apps: These apps are essentially mobile adaptations of traditional online dating websites. A notable example is OK Cupid, which endeavors to expand its influence by venturing into the app domain.
  4. Niche Dating Apps: These applications target specific demographics exclusively. The League is a representative example, catering primarily to career-oriented young professionals. Employing the concept of social circles, this app presumes that individuals are inclined to communicate with those within their social circles. Another instance is The Grade, a niche app that asserts its "women-friendly" stance, providing female users protection from harassment and allowing them to initiate interactions or remove unsuitable matches. Bristlr serves as a prime illustration of a broader category of dating apps, connecting specific interest groups.

The key takeaway is that within the realm of dating apps, individuals can discover precisely what aligns with their preferences and desires.

Following a thorough examination of the dating app market data, we've devised a SWOT infographic outlining prevalent concerns and hurdles that you might encounter during the development of your unique dating app. Taking into account these aspects will reduce dating app development cost in the long-run.

SWOT analysis of Tinder

SWOT analysis of Tinder

Furthermore, following an additional analysis that specifically delved into the perspectives of Android and iOS users, we have compiled a list of sought-after features as well as those that tend to provoke user dissatisfaction.Desirable and undesirable features in dating apps

Desirable and undesirable features in dating apps

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Key Attributes of Tinder-Esque Applications

The composition of features and the nature of the application intricately determine the cost of making a dating app. When contemplating Tinder-like apps, it's important to acknowledge that Tinder operates as a location-centric app. Comparable apps in the market also employ a similar methodology, connecting users based on their individual details. Thus, let's take a more in-depth examination of the features inherent to Tinder.

Main features of Tinder-like apps

  • Authentication Process


The foremost among indispensable functionalities. The principle here is simplicity. For instance, Tinder offers the choice to log in through Facebook or using a phone number. The need for manual form-filling is eliminated, as the app extracts data from the user's Facebook profile.

  • User Profiles

While personal information can be manually input, it is generally sourced from the Facebook page. Users can also augment their profiles with images and additional details. Key fields encompass age, location, shared friends, interests, and a succinct self-introduction.

  • Geolocation

A fundamental facet crucial to Tinder's operation. It was central to the app's inception – connecting individuals in close proximity. Tinder acquires users' location data, as this facet is particularly pivotal.

  • Discovery Preferences

Adjustable discovery settings constitute another valuable element. For instance, users can define preferences regarding gender, age, and distance. Non-VIP users are limited to a radius of no more than 10 miles.

  • Swiping Mechanism

The swipe function stands as Tinder's distinctive hallmark. Introduced to augment the dating process and enhance interaction, swiping right indicates interest in a match, while the converse signifies otherwise.

  • Matchmaking

Interaction between users begins only when mutual likes are established. This safeguard prevents accidental matches and wasted time.

  • Real-time Messaging

Private conversations initiate solely upon mutual matching. Within Tinder's chat function, a comprehensive array of features, including emojis and GIFs, is available.

  • Integration with Social Media

For numerous individuals, social media is not just a facet of life but an integral part of life itself. Thus, Tinder offers the capability to integrate users' social media profiles directly within the app.

  • Push Notifications

In the realm of dating apps, sustaining engagement and user returns holds paramount importance. Employing push notifications ensures that users are reminded to explore the app, checking for matches and updates.

Essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), shared across all dating apps, exist to enhance engagement, revenue metrics, and other crucial measurements. These considerations should be factored in when contemplating the creation of a dating app, particularly from the ground up.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Dating App Similar to TinderHow much Tinder costs

Based on the aforementioned insights, we can present a projected dating app development cost equipped with primary features akin to Tinder. As highlighted earlier, the cost hinges on the feature assortment, app intricacy, and bespoke web app development rates. Additionally, the origin of the app – whether built from scratch or as a clone – significantly influences these dynamics. Our estimations of for a Tinder-like app are grounded in the feature set outlined within this article. Let’s try to get the answer to the question “how much would it cost to make a dating app?”. 

In brief, the development of a comparable dating app, starting from scratch, necessitates approximately 2000 - 2500 hours for Backend, iOS, and Android platforms, supplemented by supplementary time for Quality Assurance (QA), Project Management (PM), and User Interface (UI) design.

  • Project Management: 200 hours
  • Business Analysis: 24 hours
  • UX/UI Design: 160 hours
  • Frontend Development (Android+iOS): 960 hours
  • Backend Development: 960 hours

Furthermore, it's noteworthy that hourly rates differ across diverse countries and companies, constituting another essential aspect of this equation regarding the cost to build a dating developer rates

As an illustration, crafting a Tinder-like app in Central Europe might amount to approximately $200,000, whereas in Eastern Europe, the range could span from $60,000 to $100,000.

Naturally, the exact development expenses hinge on various variables. However, the outlined figures should serve as a pertinent reference for gauging the cost to make a dating app, particularly when commencing development from the ground up.

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Celadonsoft stands as a comprehensive mobile app developer proficient in furnishing iOS and Android solutions. Our extensive expertise particularly encompasses the realm of online dating apps. Delve into our case study to grasp the journey of creating a dating app that truly hits the mark. Within this case study, you'll uncover the encountered challenges, the devised solutions, and the integrated features. Our dedication to this endeavor is unwavering, and we're delighted to unveil the intricacies of our development process.

At the heart of Celadonsoft lies our commitment to delivering results. Our approach transcends mere development; we wholeheartedly invest ourselves in projects, offering strategies for monetization and promotion. Anticipate a comprehensive work breakdown structure and a meticulous estimation that addresses the query, "How much does it cost to create a dating app?" Feel free to drop us a message, and together we can forge the ideal partnership for the development of a dating app that's a perfect match.

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How much does it cost to make a dating app?
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An online dating app development cost is customized leaning on the in-app features, app type, complexity, and service rates. The cost to build a dating appdiffers from the cost to make a dating app from scratch. We have calculated the cost to build a dating app which resulted in $96,965 for iOS and $97,653 for Android. The numbers are approximate and may vary depending on what features and functionality you’d prefer to have in the app and the developers’ location.

Will a dating app pay me off?

The dating apps industry is characterized by the fastest and most prolonged growth. Speaking in numbers, the evaluation of the online dating app segment points $1,610m of revenue expected in 2022, compared to $1,225m in 2016. The idea of starting a dating app is a safe venture for your investment. 

How much does it cost to build a dating app by Celadonsoft?

We can’t state a specific cost to create a dating app due to development and in-app diversities. Share your idea and preferences on a dating mobile app. We’ll offer the best up-to-date solutions and conduct detailed calculations of the cost to create a dating app. Click to start a conversation.

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