Web Scraping

If you need to extract some data and deliver it, Web Scraping is a perfect solution for you

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is an efficient and fast automating of data extraction. It does not matter how huge the amount of data is, you can extract it from any website. 

Moreover, Web Scraping extracts even the data that can’t be copied and pasted in a casual way. 

Another huge advantage is format conversion. Web Scraping can save the data in any format you choose. 

In other words, Web Scraping is a solution for you to avoid manual data extraction. So you save lots and lots of time automating the process.

What is web scraping used for?

Price monitoring

E-commerce uses competitive pricing as a strategy. But to be able to implement this strategy one should keep tracking on the competitor prices in the market. But with Web scraping, it is easy to automate this process and decide the pricing accordingly. You will be surprised how useful is Web Scraping when it comes to data monitoring, especially e-commerce.

Lead generation

Lead generation is of paramount significance for any business. Web Scraping allows you to get an immense amount of data at once and start generating leads. Back again, time is money.

Competitive analysis

Successful marketing is impossible without knowing your competitors. It becomes extremely important now when we live in a cut-throat competition. So knowing the strategies and weaknesses of the competitors does make a difference when it comes to success. And Web scraping can help here.

Fetching images and product description

No matter what you are working with in your e-commerce, the products need images, descriptions and other data to be displayed. It is simply impossible to create thousands of thousands of images and descriptions at once, literally overnight. But the solution is obvious – collect the data and use it for the start. Web scraping bails you out, just use it.

How does Web Scraping Work?

Define your data requirements

One of the most important steps is the first one, the requirement gathering phase. The task is to make the number of unknowns and undefined variables close to zero. In this case, the developers can build the solution fitting perfectly for your business’ needs and requirements. 

While working on the customers’ projects we consider this step to be crucial. Here, on this step, we are making sure that the app we are working on meets all the requirements for web data and is exactly what your business needs. So the risks are reduced due to the profound expectation management.

Conduct a legal review

Legacy is above all, so it is quite natural that the second step is the legal review itself, so we can check that there are no legal barriers to extracting the required data.

Now it is a must to ensure that your project has no legal restrictions as far today data privacy is highly evaluated. This shift happened a couple of years ago so the solutions we offer are 100% up to date ones. It the legal review is not conducted you might end up in a complete mess.

Technical feasibility

The next step of the solution architecture process if the project passes the legal review is to assess the technical feasibility. In other words, we check if the project can be executed successfully or any other changes are needed.

This step saves a lot of time as well as your budget because upfront testing performed at that time is easy to pick any issues and solve them in case any appears. It is especially true when you are developing a fully-featured solution.

Architect a solution & estimate resource requirements

In the end we perform estimating of technical and human resources which will be needed for successful project delivery.

While working on the project our team always keeps a bigger goal in mind. In other words, we will offer you the most efficient first step and a complete roadmap, according to  your budget, needs and requirements, as well as technical feasibility.


Business Intelligence
Platform for Marketing

A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics, and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and market, provide pricing recommendations.


Fleet Management

Business software for remoting management of workers, vehicles and routing optimization. Based on GPS tracking, orders distribution and Big Data. Web and Mobile system includes cloud backend.


Risk Assessment

A data analytics module that can forcast insurance risks based on the user parameters compared to the custom unique dataset of huge insurance history.

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