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Meet and Greet: mobile game development service with Unity

Unity is considered to be the most flexible and at the same time complete development platform for custom unity game development services. That is why it is a good choice to bring the game to life.

Unity has one of the best and most user-friendly interfaces which is easy to use, that is why it is that popular for creating robust games. Add here such great advantages like high effectiveness, development in real-time, as well as interactive visualization with high scalability.

The best match: Unity for any project

Great cost-effectiveness
Unity for app development has one peculiarity. There is an immense set of functions coming at zero cost. No royalty is charged because the project is open-source. That is why no additional money is changed or earned in any possible way from your project. It allows you to optimize expenses as well. 01
High time efficiency
There are a lot of out-of-the-box solutions for Unity, so the devs can build apps quickly and efficiently. For you as a business owner, it means that there’s no need to do all the steps from scratch and the time needed to present the product to the market shortly. 02
Graphical components
Unity software engineers can do amazing things working with textures, light and materials. The real-life behaviors of the objects can be recreated and reproduced thanks to the NVIDIA PhysX technology. As a result, the user experience improves greatly. 03
Cross-platform game development
People have two devices on average. That is why custom unity game development services has to be cross-platform one. Unity allows developers to develop different solutions so the game product can be available on different platforms and devices. 04
What is Unity game development?
Project Manager

Game development service with unity is not just a set of activities and code writing. It is a complicated process which involves working with PC and console, VR and AR. The ecosystem is easy to use, robust and sophisticated enough to be  appreciated by the community of developers all around the globe. Just to get the understanding of what Unity is for the development industry, think about the following. More than 50% of mobile app development services would be impossible to create without Unity. Talking about AR and VR these numbers hit 60%. For indie games, Unity is used in 99% of the niche.

Full-cycle unity game development services are multifaceted, and it is good news. Different tools, fresh and required updates are among the factors why it is used when it comes to developing  games with high load and  good performance. The community  of the platform is strong and alive, and the solution itself can be called agile for sure. 

Like React Native app development services, Unity provides opportunities for creating cross-platform apps for different operational systems starting from iOS to PS4, as well as from Windows Mixed Reality or Android TV. Unity is good not just for simple, but for complex apps as well.

The platform has a lot of useful and needed features because it is absolutely open and flexible to new changes. It can be used for programming something completely different, even another platform, if it meets the requirements and the developers need it. Well-experienced developers can easily  accomplish the most complicated tasks.

What Unity development services can we offer?

Celadonsoft is a Unity 3D game development company focused on providing products of high quality. The team members pay close attention to details, trying to meet as many customer’s requirements, as possible. This principle is vivid even on the very first stage when the team is complementing with the professionals, having all the needed skills to provide the customer with an app from the scratch.

As we have mentioned, with Unity one can develop a product for a couple of platforms because of it being a cross-platform one. For business, it means that more people from the target audience will be reached. Just imagine, 25 platforms are supported at a  time. Surely the list contains  not just the most popular ones but the platforms having huge marketing potential as well. All you should do is just get in touch with our team for further discussion.

Types of apps which can be delivered with Unity platform?
Head of Sales

Unity is known in mass media as a platform good for game development, but it is not correct to limit the platform’s possibilities to just one field, simply because the potential is really endless. Take any domain from healthcare to fintech and Unitymobile game development services will nail it.

Unity services fit for any domain and can provide a competitive solution regardless of the case. It can be software running on different platforms or solution fitting for just one of them but in both cases the team will get a tool to reach the customer’s and end users’ needs so any of your ideas will become real.

What are the stages of Unity game development?
Software Engineer

Frankly speaking, it is not as easy to build a Unity game development workflow as it might seem. There are always flaws that make the process complicated. For example, concept gaps or code-related issues add a good piece of work. But to avoid such cases the standard flow has been established, so the games can be launched successfully regardless of the appearing issues.

Scoping, or Pre-development. The concept is created during this stage, as well as the idea is defined. The team draws the storyboard, discussing the core features of the future product, game environment, and additional effects. An important thing to keep in mind is that the logic should be set before the project moves to the development stage. The end product of the pre-development is a prototype.

Development stage. In case the product is developed for different platforms, the workflow will be split into some additional branches and steps. Each of them includes code writing as it is, work with UI/UX design parts, and of course testing.

Release. It is not an actual release, but close. It is a stage where the product is tested almost “in the field” before presenting it to the audience. Likewise, it is achieved by working with the focus groups as well. As a result, our unity game development company can analyze not just the user behavior based on the results of focus group investigation, but performance as well. In case  we spot any issue, the project will be thrown back to the previous stage, where the developers will implement fixes and improvements. When we are 100% sure that the result is positive and no issues are detected, the game is released.

What projects does Unity best suit for?
Head of Sales

Unity became popular in recent years because VR/AR started to grow and flourish. And Unity is perfect for this field as well as for simulators and emulators. According to the information the Unity team has shared, they are about diving far deep into the AR/VR field. As a result,  they will  be at the very beginning and on the wave of that very break where people will change the way they perform everyday activities and routines forever. 

Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, also  mentioned that virtual reality will become the core technology in the future and a lot of money is invested in the development and research in the area. It means that if you have VR/AR technologies in the sphere of your interests and the project will be in any way related to this area, Unity should definitely be present in the tech stack that will be used.

How to hire Unity game developers?
Head of Sales

If you are looking for Unity game development services, you should know that the hiring process demands a lot of skill and strong understanding of the key concepts of the game industry. Add here understanding of frontend and backend specifications, and it will become clear why the team should have a huge set of skills to deliver a high quality product.
Developers working with Unity have different specializations. Some work with AR/VR, but there are also mobile, PC or other console developers. There are two ways to create the game. First, you can dive into the set of skills which are required, so the product will be delivered successfully. The second way is to entrust this step to the company, working in the field and having the related expertise.

In general terms, the developer you need should be familiar with 2D and 3D design at the same time. Minimum 3D tool set includes Max/Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop and Quixel Suite. Of course, do not forget about UI and UX design because they are the essentials. Technologies should include Unity and C# as a programming language.

The portfolio of the developer is critical regardless of the field and the technology, but when it comes to Unity game development it goes to completely another level. Apart from technologies, one should possess the needed game genres in the portfolio and related scopes. If a person states he is a 3D designer, it does not mean that he is proficient with Unity. The platform is complicated and one can’t operate it without following the best development practices strictly. We understand that you can have doubts regarding the level of the developer and the skill set. Don’t worry, entrust it to Celadonsoft and the team will be created in accordance with your project’s requirements.

Why outsource Unity game development?

More and more companies make a step away from casual in-house teams, choosing to outsource for unity mobile game development services. A decade ago, outsourcing of unity game development services was considered to be risky. Nowadays, it is an efficient way to reach goals regardless of the project type. Looking back, it can be said that this shift happened because of the high costs of keeping an in-house team for just one project or project once in a while. At the same time, the boom in the developing countries happened, and they became the platforms where a lot of strong outsourcing companies appeared in the market. It allowed customers around the world to hire Unity game developers at lower cost.

But the costs are just one part of the picture. The management level really mattered too. The developers from these countries, being competitive on their own because of their high level of skills, had advantages over the competitors, such as the hiring process structure, language skills and so on.

There are a lot of reasons why you can decide to hire a team outside your country. The industry is booking because the conditions are juicy, and the advantages are substantial. The developers have flooded the market, have a high level of skills, and work with different technologies, and their hourly rate is much lower than it used to be.

What does the process look like?
Project Manager

First, initiate contact with us. When it is done, our representative will reach you and set a time for a discovery call. Discovery call is a  hiring stage where you can share the idea of your project with us, as well as the business needs. The next stage is our analysis of the data you have provided. We will return to you with estimates, timing, and budgeting, so you will know what to count on. When all the details are agreed upon, we move to the development stage. 

The projects will be divided into sprints and there will be a set of tasks on each sprint that our Unity development team will complete. We work closely with the customer’s requirements and set the platform which will suit best for the project. Afterward, it is agreed with all involved parties. 

During the process of custom unity game development services, the assets will be set up, as well as the needed components.

Our custom unity game development company works on Agile methodology and each sprint ends with a short demo, so the client can see in his own eyes that the goals are reached, and the plan is completed.  

After the testing stage, the launch goes. We will create accounts on the platforms to make everything ready. Another option is to deploy the project to your storage. Of course, all the credentials will be provided to be in your custom unity game development services.

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