UI/UX Design and Development Services for Web & Mobile Products

Our UI/UX design services company offers the following services: prototyping, branding, UI and UX design for web and mobile products.
First of all, we focus on how actual people will use our clients’ products.

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How the magic happens

Stakeholder Discussions
Project Vision
Brand Strategy
Measure of Success
Project Priority
Competitor Analysis
Analytics Review
Content Audit
User Inrerviews
User Testing
Use Cases
Persona Creation
Story Boards
Red Route Diagram
Experience Map
Workflow Diagram
Site Map
User Testing
Beta Launch
User Testing

We do this work

Interactive Prototypes
It’s a visualization tool that is suitable for early feedback, beta testing, and even for selling the ideas of your application.
Brand Identity
Our UI/UX design services company creates a brand with a single product style that encompasses brand's logo, badges, and color scheme.
UI Design
We develop a user interface for mobile and web applications that is, first of all, very easy to use and at the same time intuitive and visually attractive.
UX Design
We use a number of methods for interacting with a client that primarily helps to solve problems and achieve mutual understanding.

Design process

UX and UI: are there any difference?

UX is a “User Experience” for short. It is more about the overall success of the project and the experience the end-user will have in case he uses the product or services. So, UX is about the interaction between the user and the product.

UI is a shortcut for User Interface. It is UI that helps to get a good User Experience in the end. Thus, UX is the business goal and UI is the tool.  As it is clear from these two definitions, UI is about providing the user with better interaction possibilities and design elements accordingly. 

In the era of mobile devices when everything goes mobile UI/UX services shift to another level of importance. The booth parts go hand in hand and are bound, so one can’t work with  UX without taking UI into account and vice versa. A good UI/UX development company works with both of them and has profound knowledge in the area.

Why are user experience design services important?

All your ideas can become true and be turned into reality with the UI/UX development services we offer and provide. It is possible because of the tools and technologies our UX design services company implements. However, our team does respect deadlines, no matter how strict they are. UX in general terms is the very thing that makes your product appealing, so the users want to use it. It is also one of the tools, that helps to cover the users’ needs and pains. Statistics say that if the product has an appealing UX, the users show higher loyalty rates in the end. Talking about UX, we should always keep in mind that it is bound to the users’ needs. In the client-centered world, it is your key priority- to provide the users with a certain product that will cover their pains. Companies are fighting for the customers, trying new and new approaches to increase loyalty, regardless of the industry. 

Our approach as a UX design services company includes using innovative solutions and fresh ideas to reach the goals our clients set. The software we develop is clear, user-friendly, and easy to use. However, it is capable of defining the user journey on your website and even in your mobile app. Our UI/UX design company provides UI services meaningful enough to become a real game-changer when it comes to business success. Thus, both sides, the users and the company can enjoy the advantages related to good UI decisions.

How user interface design services can help your product?

In case you are looking for a way to turn your website, visitors, into buyers and clients, you are in the right place because at Celadonsoft you can order a set of UI to achieve this goal. In general, terms, rebooting your UI with the help of UI development services will improve such characteristics and metrics as responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility. Our decade-long experience as a UI design services company allows us to improve the main metrics of the software, making it good-looking and user-friendly. We achieve it by creating visual design features that will be recognizable and can become a part of brand strategy. Add here such elements as high-quality graphic elements, exciting animation, and transitions - and it will become clear why the UI/UX design services we provide have such an impact on the product in the end. 

Each element affects the user working with the software, which is why all parts of the design should be clear and simple, as much as possible, but original at the same time. Thus, our UI design services company keeps in mind that the design should not be overloaded and remain intuitive regardless of the amount of implemented elements. We have mentioned already in the article that UX is about achieving goals and UI is about the way to do it because it works as a bridge between the two parties, the user and the service provider. The main aim of our user interface design firm is to make your app not just user-friendly but improve brand awareness so that your startup can improve user satisfaction and interaction between the service and people. Thus, your business will be boosted in a simple and clear way through a better user experience.

Why choose Celadonsoft UX/UI web design services?
Head of Sales

As we have mentioned in one of the articles, always look at the expertise when deciding to work with some company as your IT partner. The good news is that designers in our UI/UX development company have years and years of experience. Their skillset includes not just working with different tools and services but a list of software so even the behavior-based analytics of the end-users can be provided. Don’t forget about the basics like prototyping, mind mapping, wireframing, and sketching.

Customers First

The so-called Customer-centered approach we use is about paying attention to the needs and requirements the users proclaim. In the end, the target audience and POI increase naturally. The set of UI and UX design services we provide is centered around applying best practices to increase usability and improve the level of efficiency.

Better User/App Interaction

There are some patterns of how the users interact with the app, and we design new, clearer, and shorter ones. In the UI/UX design and development services we provide, the number of steps needed to get some goal is carefully calculated and set to the optimal amount.

Top-Notch Solutions

During the design process, we always think about further technical adaptations and implementations. However, the limitations are also in the focus of our UI/UX design services company. All these points allow us to come back to our customers with a creative and user-friendly design. 

CS & UI Testing

We are testing the UI as well, not just the functionality. The QA Specialists keep an eye on your app’s functioning as it is expected according to the specification. However, close attention is paid to the element's proper display on different devices and platforms. Thus, the usability level becomes even higher and the products we work on are turning into real user-friendly ones. UI testing includes not just the visual part, but the functionality utilization as well. 

Hire UI UX designers, so all the resources and skill sets will be up for your service in case you are looking for UX/UI design services!

Global Restaurant Brand App Development
Global Restaurant Brand App Development

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Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network
Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

Celadonsoft has worked hard to create a food ordering app that would cover 3 major scenarios: in-venue order, preorder, and delivery.

Dating App Development
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