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A JavaScript framework for mobile development that changes the rules of the game. It proved to be the technology of choice when we get to mobile app development.

React Native Development Services

At Celadon, React Native, as well as React, is an agency’s primary focus technology when it comes to front-end development and mobile app development services.

And there’s a good reason for that! First React Native framework helps to solve the inconvenience and challenges of creating native applications when you need both platforms to be done at the same time (meaning iOS and Android) and that’s a big deal. In fact, for such purposes, you can hardly find a better option in terms of time and flexibility than React Native application development services.

Second, the quality of the development teamwork doesn’t come only with the talent of its engineers. High efficiency and control over the results of our React Native mobile application development services are assured by the consistency of a technical stack over our firm. The majority of specialists in our front-end team have deep knowledge in both React and React Native. That expertise consistency is an important factor of knowledge sharing and solving complex challenges. Not only do we learn from the victories of each other but also from each other’s failures and, thus, become better as a team.

And last but not least, we are a part of the huge and dynamic community of React Native developers and enthusiasts. We’ve been into this technology for years, sharing our experiences, getting fresh knowledge, and again - continuously becoming better.

React Native Development Advantages

Cost and Time-effective

Up to 30% cost and time savings for the entire project, it's a well-known fact - and we confirmed it’s true. We checked.

Native Result

In most cases, you will not notice any losses in quality compared to the apps created with Swift and Java/Kotlin.

Simplified Development Management

You need one frontend developer instead of two to support multi-language development.

Wide Choice of
Ready Components

React Native has a big and friendly community and there are plenty of ready-to-use libraries that make the development process fast and confident.

Up to 30% cost and time savings for the entire project, it's a well-known fact - and we confirmed it’s true. We checked.

In most cases, you will not notice any losses in quality compared to the apps created with Swift and Java/Kotlin.

You need one frontend developer instead of two to support multi-language development.

React Native has a big and friendly community and there are plenty of ready-to-use libraries that make the development process fast and confident.

React Native for Developers

The most trendy JavaScript framework React Native is offering a unique value - It’s proven to be up to 30% faster to create mobile apps for both major mobile platforms (iOS Android) compared to the pure native development. And that’s without losses in quality and performance. In fact, with React Native mobile app development services, you can save almost half of your frontend budget and time.

React Native popularity is still widely growing, while the framework can be already considered as matured and time-proven in our fast-paced technology world. Nowadays, React Native community is offering a great number of ready-to-use open-source libs for different purposes, which makes the framework even more attractive.

Being decently effective and capabilities proven, React Native is considered by many industry leaders as one of the best React Native app development services solutions.

If you’re looking for a React Native application development company, contact us for a free session of consultancy.


What is React Native?
Software Engineer

It’s an open-source framework for mobile apps delivered by Facebook. It uses only one code base to render freeware for IOS, Android, Windows, and related operating systems. The tool is famous for a reason: it empowers utilizing the capabilities of a given platform, supplying a variety of integrated building blocks and APIs to choose from.

What is React Native used for?

This JavaScript framework is used to construct cross-platform apps. It guarantees a pleasant interface with a shorter loading time. To achieve this, JSX connects with the initial code to adapt to the requirements and views of any system. The programming language is quite simple, — you don’t need any third-party soft or rare sort of specialists to create something convenient for most devices.

What benefits does React Native provide?
Software Engineer

Recent studies show that about 90% of coding behaves identically in Android & IOS duplicates of the program. Implementing the frame, you’ll get a single fool-proof digital item for both OS. This kind of production is compatibly cheap and quick — a suitable option for mobile app design. If the arguments are not convincing enough, check out the system’s pros to see why we appreciate it so much.

  • Shorter timeline

On average, it’s nearly 30% quicker to establish an RN application compliant with the majority of gadgets, than to focus on each of them separately. Thankfully there is no negative impact on the UX quality and overall performance.

  • Smart operation

Contrary to PhoneGap or Cordova, React Native outputs components that run as native views, so end-users get impressive interaction speed even if freeware demands a lot of core memory.

  • Strong community

An early draft of this instrument was a case for a hackathon in 2013. It resulted in a completed framework that is widely exploited these days. The idea was driven and supported by a collective of developers, who created a catalog with some additional elements. They also share their knowledge, experience, and solving algorithms for most common problems.

  • Up-to-date techniques 

At Celadon, React Native app development services help clients to maintain leading positions in online charts. We achieve it by monitoring the latest trends and adjusting them to your notion. Our employees do their best for the modern image of your organization.

  • Updatable functions

RN modular architecture is easy to understand, rebuild, refresh and enhance without much effort. Some clusters are universal as they can stably perform with mobile and web APIs while being reused. 

Still unsure if this know-how is necessary? We’ll cover some frequently asked questions. Stay tuned to find out more about outsource React Native app development services and other nuances. 

What products are compiled with React Native?

App developers adopt this technology to speed up production progress. This tool is appropriate when a business requires frequent updates (special offers, blog posts, new stocks arriving, etc.). This attribute makes RN suitable for corporations and their brand software. Most popular examples of usage are Airbnb, Skype, Walmart, Uber Eats, Tesla, Facebook, and

Why is React Native the best choice for mobile app development?
Project Manager

This full-featured framework cuts down the timeline and lowers the total cost of an assignment. It also affects the flexibility of the team’s creation in a good way.

The frame and the algorithms of JavaScript are pretty simple, so outsourced specialists could jump in if something goes wrong. What is more, this type of job is convenient for testing due to the “Live reloading” feature. It brings some transparency and allows to view changes in the scripts in real-time mode.

What is the difference between React Native and React?
Project Manager

React Native is not the other form of React. The first one serves as a custom renderer for the latter. Another instance of such relation is ReactDOM and web. 

RN not only converts React code to successfully run on iOS and Android but offers the potential of each platform for your purposes.

I already have a piece of native soft. May I still apply this for my business?

Yes, but first configure directory structures and dependencies and put these configurations into the script. Integrate the parts independently for a more vital product. If you own an enterprise, equate the financing before adding anything or doing something from scratch. For precise planning, better reach out to consulting services experts to take possibilities and complications into the account.

How much does it cost to develop an app using React Native?
Head of Sales

The total price of React Native app development solutions hinges on various factors: the amount of included aspects, approximate deadline, the professional’s expertise, or React Native app development services company you cooperate with. Cost varies from a few thousand dollars to millions for a turn-key project. In some cases, you may request a rate list from a custom React Native application development company. That is helpful to plan your budget and select the most profitable conditions. Pay attention to reviews and feedback, then the outcome will meet your expectations.

Why choose Celadon as a reliable partner?

We’ve been creating multiplatform React Native apps for almost 6 years. To provide our customers with efficient programs we practice agile methods. To this day, we as a custom React Native app development company, have released more than 20 authentic pieces with smart design, high operability, and remarkable capacity.

We’re not afraid to engage in initiatives from completely distinct fields. Among other cases, we’ve dealt with healthcare, travel, and e-commerce startups from around the globe. If you’re looking for a React Native development company to bring an idea to life — experts of Celadon are here for you!

The list of our custom React Native app development services involve:

  • Making Andriod Apps
  • Making iOS Apps
  • Customizing and adapting to your request
  • Making up UI/UX for your software
  • Assistance & Guidance at any stage.
Dating App Development

A wonderful animation-heavy dating app we’ve developed from scratch using React Native and Python. It allows users to search, match and chat with others while keeping their Photos blurred before the match.

Mobile App for Tutors Portal

A system of mobile and web applications that helps simplify the search for tutors and students for joint training classes.

Web & Mobile App Development for Book & Media Retailer

A mobile app and website for sell it back service with a scanning tool that allows users to sell their old books and media.

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