Clutch Honors Celadonsoft with the Best B2B Company in Belarus Award

25 October 2019 Writer: Lera Grechanik 2305 views

Celadonsoft is happy to announce that our company has been picked to be among the Top Developers in Eastern Europe of 2019. According to Clutch research that we’re among the best companies in Belarus.

Top B2B Companies in Belarus according to clutch

Clutch’s mechanisms to determine the winner tell even more about our success than the award itself. A single way to top the B2B reviews and ratings for any development group is to provide its clients with high-quality persuasive results. What we did.

“Their transparency and their quality are amazing. They read our minds and provide exactly what we want. The ease of the process is wonderful.” –– CEO, Shark Gym

“Their software engineering skills are superb. The team went above and beyond to make sure that the final products are viable and secure, which we appreciate. They also provide accurate estimates and total transparency.” –– CEO, Hallowgate

Celadonsoft's reviews on Clutch

You can find the list of cases completed in both our Belarusian and United Arab Emirates offices on Visual Objects. Moreover, Clutch has a site with guides and resources for the development market, called The Manifest. You can find us there.

Our goal is to develop products that will make our clients happy, boosting their business really pulls it off.

Having now an appreciation of our hard work, we hope to see you among our clients next year.

So, if you want to talk about your future or existing business, don’t shelve the question and send us a note!

We also want to sincerely thank our clients who made it possible for us to become the first-rate company in the Eastern Europe development field.

Areas of responsibility - brand and growth marketing. Strongly believes that software development is an art and marketing is not just about sales but about sharing your passion. Her educational background in the field of business and marketing allows her to create expert content and help others to grow and expand knowledge.

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They read our minds and provide exactly what we want. The ease of the process is wonderful....
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