Celadonsoft Says No to War! #StandWithUkraine

2 March 2022 Writer: Alexei Falco 1197 views

We, the Celadonsoft team, #StandWithUkraine.

We are immensely shocked and saddened by the unprecedented tragedy happening in Ukraine these days. We express our support and solidarity with the people in Ukraine and protest the Russian invasion. The war must be stopped! We strongly believe this act of aggression will never find justification. 

We admire the courage of the Ukrainian army and join our hearts in grief for those who have lost their lives in this appalling event both soldiers and innocents. 

We are in touch with our colleagues in Ukraine and spare no effort to help them.


Celadonsoft says No To War!


For the Celadonsoft partners,

Following the Russian invasion in Ukraine, our country's location and attitude might echo with the negative consequences, like the risk of the possible employees' military draft, SWIFT removal, as well as possible sanctions against authorities and legal entities. We would like to dispel any concerns related to our work process. As we live and work in Belarus we are aware of possible consequences and have been taking all the necessary precautions to retain our work flowing smoothly.

Best Regards,

Celadonsoft Team

Our co-founder and CEO, has not just a thumb in business processes. He also loves to write. His entrepreneurship and management experience allows him to create content of high value for the customers and the blog readers.

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