Celadonsoft Recognized Among Top 10% in Aciety's 2024 Software Company Awards

14 December 2023 Writer: Lera Grechanik 385 views

Celadonsoft has been selected among the top 10% of software companies in Europe by Aciety, an industry-leading platform connecting businesses with software development service providers. The accolade comes as part of Aciety's annual awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in various categories.

Aciety, known for its commitment to promoting excellence in the software development industry, initiated the nomination process in 2023, inviting companies from across Europe to participate in 100 diverse categories of services. With over 2000 companies in the running, Celadonsoft has emerged as a standout performer in several key areas.

Celadonsoft's Among Top 10%

The categories in which Celadonsoft secured its position in the top 10% include:

Mobile Design Services: Celadonsoft's commitment to crafting user-centric and visually appealing mobile designs has earned them a spot among the top echelons in this category.

Desktop Software and Embedded Solution Development: Celadonsoft's prowess in developing robust and cutting-edge desktop software and embedded solutions has been recognized, showcasing their technical prowess and innovative approach.

Game Development Services: The company's expertise in the dynamic and competitive field of game development has positioned Celadonsoft as a leader in this category.

Business Process Improvement Services: Celadonsoft's commitment to enhancing business processes through innovative solutions has earned them a well-deserved place in the top 10%.

As an additional honor, up to 10 companies will be selected as the "TOP 10" in each category. This distinction not only recognizes Celadonsoft's excellence across various skills and services but also establishes the company as a priority within Aciety for related leads.

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What Recognition Means For Celadonsoft

In addition to being recognized as part of the top 10%, Celadonsoft is also in contention to be selected among the top 10 companies in each category for the year. This distinction not only highlights Celadonsoft's multifaceted expertise but also positions the company as a preferred choice within Aciety, potentially opening doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Celadonsoft extends its sincere appreciation to Aciety for this recognition and remains committed to delivering exceptional software solutions that drive innovation and success for its clients. This acknowledgment reaffirms Celadonsoft's dedication to excellence, setting a standard for the industry and inspiring continued growth and innovation.


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