Neural Networks

Imagine a world where computers function just like human brains. It’s possible now thanks to neural networks!

What is a neural network?

Artificial Neural Network (ANN or NN) is a type of machine learning based on the idea that a computer is doing self-research, analyzes the information, learns from it and makes decisions just like humans do. It does not require programming to learn explicitly - just like the brain, neutral networks learn on their own!

Neural Network practical use

  • Recognition of text, speech, and music

  • Recognition of images and further processing

  • Identification of objects on pictures and videos

  • Identification of certain images and faces, or even texts, images and videos' creation


Our Neural Network solutions

Neural network for facial recognition

Face recognition is a great example of where machine learning is applied to train neural networks to browse through many people, identify a specific person, learn his/her facial expressions, and sometimes even their mood

Convolutional neural networks, CNN

CNN is used to categorize and perceive speech, faces on pictures, and different objects, like for example a car model, type of technology, brand, etc.

Generative neural networks, GAN

GAN is used to help produce media content such as music, video, and pictures. Its commonly used in the default settings of photo editing, when the computer automatically suggests how to improve the appearance settings

Image generation using neural networks

Based on different criteria, neural networks are able to create images that don’t exist, such as game characters, cartoons, etc.

Texts Creating / Writing with neural networks

Neural networks are also used to generate unique high quality content on any given subject

Neural networks and image recognition

Neutral networks are used to recognize objects from images, photos, and videos. It can be applied to many areas, from marketing to medicine (visual search, maps, drones, etc.)

Business solutions powered by Neural Networks

As well as the recognition system, there are many other applications of neural network:


Used to make forecasts about the future of stocks based on previously available data


Used to simplify operations and develop new techniques

Chemistry and biology

Used to create new medicine and predict possible biological properties of different chemical compounds


Used to manage movable equipment such as aircrafts, drones, electric heaters, etc.


Used to bring probable statistical modeling to life


Construction Services Marketplace

Mobile and Web application system that helps simplify a private house buying and construction experience. Made for house selection, construction permit ordering, applying for a bank loan and construction progress tracking.


Business Intelligence Platform for Marketing

A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics, and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and the market, provide pricing recommendations.


Big Data Management Software

A solution that would connect the Big Data and SQL, thus helping companies better manage their data.

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