Mobile App

We develop custom mobile apps for Android and iOS using React Native.

Working process


A prototype of your app, according to your requirements, will be transferred to Sketch.


Pure valid code is the basis of the applications our team develops. With React Native, the prototype will turn into software, appearing before users in a working form.


We never do half a job; we will always ensure our work is completed to the highest standard.We understand how important developer support is for our customers.

Benefits of working with Celadon

Range of choices of technologies

Focusing on the range of choices of technologies, we are constantly improving our professionalism, skills, and the effectiveness of our work.

Tight communication

We believe that communication with our clients is the key to success.


Responsibility and aspiration

We can work on a project either in close cooperation with a client or independently, following the goals of the client. In both cases, we approach work with a high level of responsibility and aspiration. We get great pleasure out of our work.

Time & Material

We work on TM to be flexible and open to feedback and suggestions.

What do people say?


Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

Ordering application made with delivery, geolocation, built-in customer behavior analytics, and personalized suggestions. Made to up-sale.


Dating App

A wonderful animation-heavy dating app we’ve developed from scratch using React Native and Python. It allows users to search, match and chat with others while keeping their Photos blurred before the match.


Endurance Riding Timing Application

Horse riding sport events application that provides timing and statistics data of upcoming, live and past races held in UAE.

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What do people say?
They read our minds and provide exactly what we want. The ease of the process is wonderful....