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Our experience in cutting-edge technologies can help you obtain your strategic aims.

Software consulting

We provide consulting services that emphasize our customers’ most urgent problems and possibilities through all industries and locations. We have achieved an exponential effect by maximizing the whole of the parts, not just the singular elements.

Software consulting services assist you in centering on what you really require and coordinate digital, functional and fiscal goals.

As a software consulting business, Celadon provides a combination of specialized understanding, data mining and analytical instruments to assist you to build and reshape applications, systems, and operations consistent with your unique capabilities.

Why You Might Require Software Consulting

Why You Might Require Software Consulting
In planning

Failing to see or miscalculating significant needs
The general difficulties of aims
Incorrect technology choice
Unsuitable architecture

In development

Disorganized code
Security troubles
Inefficient system integration
Inappropriate data handling

In team organization

Problematic group communication
Badly arranged work
Sub-par implementation of resources
Unpunctual delivery

Failing to see or miscalculating significant needs
The general difficulties of aims
Incorrect technology choice
Unsuitable architecture

Disorganized code
Security troubles
Inefficient system integration
Inappropriate data handling

Problematic group communication
Badly arranged work
Sub-par implementation of resources
Unpunctual delivery

How We Can Help

Application development

Our specialists give you customized application strategies, centered around accessibility, ease of use and security.

Digital transformation

Better operational efficacy via workflows digitization, system automation and enterprise incorporation.

Cloud computing

Increase your business flexibility, efficacy and security, by depending on Celadon’s Digital Ocean and AWS specialization.

Channel extension

Guarantee your presence in any place and time by establishing mobile and social technologies in your company.

Cost optimization

Better your project’s preparedness for service and assistance and keep up to 15% through the pre-support audit service we offer.

DevOps enablement

We provide DevOps consulting services to align update provision and reiterate the inter-departmental integrity for different companies.


Grow development productivity and project accessibility by instituting flexible systems through the guidance of Celadon.

IT Infrastructure

Breathe new life into your hardware, software and network resources, while reducing TCO with infrastructure virtualization and shifting to the cloud.


IT Consultants: who they are and what they do?
Project Manager

In the modern world, the competition between enterprises is harsh. It is one of the main reasons why IT Consulting became crucial for companies who want not just to survive in the market but to flourish and develop. Nowadays, a solid background and detailed strategy are needed if you want to occupy the selected niche and reach the customers. But who are information technology consultants? In simple terms, they are the ones working on various business strategies depending on the project type. Their main task is to develop such a solution, so the company will stay on the top of the market, reach the customers’ needs and cover their pains. As a result, the total revenue is growing. 

A good consultant is an agent of the kind, spinning between the project teams and the customers so all the involved parties are on the same page at a time. Following the trends, keeping track of the innovations and appearing changes in the world, the IT consultants help companies of all kinds to adjust to the changes which are on agenda and get maximum profit out of it. The experts working with Celadon possess extraordinary analytical skills and are capable of real magic when it comes to market analysis and other business-related activities. They are perfectly aware of the market peculiarities and develop the marketing strategy for the clients taking them into consideration.

IT Consulting services: a strong need or an option?
Marketing Manager

Creating a new project or starting a business is not a piece of the pie. It is a complicated process, especially in the harsh realms of the digital market. So all and every detail should be picked, discussed, and overthought in advance. 

If you want to succeed, you should have not just a set of professionals in your team. The expertise, experience, and the ability to sum everything up to provide you with the relevant business strategy - here are the facts that really matter. Digital transformation is a profound process that can become pretty overwhelming if there’s no team with stable technical skills, business background, and years of relevant experience. 

That is why working with our IT consultancy agency offering technology consultancy services is a good way to automate the inside-company processes. As a result, the latest technologies can be used with maximum profit. It is clear that strategy plays an important part in business, and in most cases, it is 50% of success. Celadon possesses all the resources, including but not limited to technical tools, experienced professionals capable of building the strategy that will be in line with your current agenda.  

Another thing to mention is the lack of internal resources. If there are IT consulting services enlisted,  it can do its deed being that very missing piece of the picture. This works both for a tiny one-time project or ongoing strategic advice that IT consulting and support services. Our provides. 

We assist the customers in leveraging their technology investments, so the business performance is to be improved. It is fast and easy to set up an exploratory call to see yourself what our consulting IT services are and what the consultants can bring into your project.

IT Consulting services and approach at Celadon
Business Development Manager

Industry-standard framework utilization along with the best practices implementation are two key factors thanks to which we can deliver the IT consulting services suitable for our customers’ projects.

Software consulting services, we provide

The modern world where the standards are becoming higher and higher requires a professional eye in the field of IT consultancy services if you don’t want to lose your positions. It is needed to make your digital transformation smooth, so the new technologies can replace the outdated ones within a strict time frame. By choosing IT consulting and managed services,  you get a perfect chance to stay competitive, covering the modern customers’ growing needs and demands. The experts working at Celadon have a trained hand in analyzing the ways enterprises and their employees implement and use the software. Based on the data received, they can provide you with suggestions of how the infrastructure that already exists on the project can be improved. There are a lot of pitfalls on your way to digital transformation, and the staff of our IT consultant company knows them all. The solutions they have in mind will help your business not just survive in the competitive market environment, but facilitate the work as well.

IT strategy consulting & Planning

If we ask ourselves what service is the most frequently requested one, the answer will be clear - the assistance with strategic IT planning. The reason is simple - for us and for many of our customers' strategy is the core, it is a competitive strength that is when implemented wisely, a real game-changer. It is the tool that will help you to think two paces in advance and prepare the company for the upcoming challenges.

In the case of working with us, you will get a detailed plan where all your business goals will be mapped and divided between short-term and long-term plans, so each and every goal will be achieved.

IT Budgeting

Strategic IT planning is impossible without IT budgeting. It is clear that one can’t build a strategy without a complete understanding of budgeting. Working with Celadon, you can be sure that the budgeting we will suggest is the real one and was conducted according to the resources and assets you possess. Also, the expenses for the new technology will be added and calculated accordingly. Thus, the organization will get the most valuable suggestions, so the business goals will be reached in the most appropriate manner.

IT Assessments

There’s always a chance that the system, growing and flourishing over time, get more and more layers of software and hardware as well. These layers can become a source of security vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, and gaps of all kinds. The experts from Celadon will start the review of the environment you are working with at the moment, so will get a detailed report of how the technologies that are in use help or hinder the working process, along with the evaluation of the areas which need improvements.

Security Risk Assessments

The more business relies on technology, the more risks appear and should be foreseen. Reputational and financial losses can be caused by a single ransomware attack or sensitive data disclosure caused by a data breach. But with the assessment, we provide in the area of cybersecurity your level of risk will be identified, measured, and evaluated. Thus, it will be easy for our professionals to offer you an approach to minimize the vulnerabilities.

Cloud & Data Migration Services

It is one of the main trends nowadays - to process data transfer to the private or public clouds. As a rule, it is implemented to reduce costs and increase security. But cloud migration requires strategy and keeping security in place as well,  and our professionals are the ones ready to help you with it. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of chosen providers, their pros and cons. Afterward, the costs will be calculated and if everything is fine and is up to your expectations, the plan will be implemented shortly.


Why choose our IT Consulting company?
Business Development Manager

First and foremost, our expertise. Having more than 5 years of commercial experience in the market in the IT field, we can proudly proclaim that our professional team is highly qualified and dedicated. The information technology consulting company is the one helping companies to walk through the digital transformation process and optimize their delivery process. Unique solutions, brand-new unique ideas, and using up-to-date technologies - all these advantages can be implemented for improving your business strategy while working with Celadon. For us, it is not an issue to find the weakest spots in any process according to the latest trends and the reason is that our professionals use profound analysis after the data regarding the case is collected. As a result, the strategies we come up with help our customers and clients to improve the performance and leverage. As an IT consulting services company with strong experience, we offer you a strategy and the right technologies as well as their implementation. The list of trendy technologies includes but is not limited to the blockchain, AR, AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc. their implementation if conducted in accordance with all the rules, helps the business grow and flourish regardless of the industry. 

We do not just provide information technology consulting services, we provide the clients with a clear roadmap linked to the business goals because, for us, it all is about individual approaches to the clients so the roadmaps we offer are unique for each client. To achieve it, we try to get to know your business better, to understand the goals you have set and processes flow. Our business IT consulting includes:

  1. Your Needs First

We are here to cover your pains and come up with solutions suitable for your needs, so feel free to tell us about the goals, your ideas about the improvements, and the results you are about to get. The more data we have, the better our IT solutions consulting services will be in the end. However, we can be sure that the services we provide are ones of high quality.

  1. Tactics and Objectives Stick Together

As it was stated before, the roadmap we offer is always aligned with your objectives and goals. In simple terms, it means that we, being your partner, will align our technologies with the business requires you to proclaim and state. 

  1. Unique Solutions Connected to Your Enterprise

Our IT consulting services help to boost your business because the enterprise IT consultation services we provide are about technology, leadership, unique solutions, data insights, cloud advancement, and Cybersecurity.

  1. Results Can be Measured

We were among the companies responsible for raising the IT services bar up high because we always provide results to be measured, not just humble general words about the success. You can see the measurements and reports along the way, having the complete image of the processes in hand. The technology consulting we provide allows you to shift the focus to the areas which are really important, cover the critical business goals and decrease the number of vulnerabilities.

Regardless of the service type you need, we are capable of helping you to process the digital transformation smoothly and flawlessly by providing you with IT consultation services. We can assist with the project, conduct ongoing maintenance or assist you with the installation of an enterprise system. So in case, you need to drive the infrastructure in the right direction, feel free to contact us.

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