Where is your development team located?

Our whole development team is located in Minsk, Belarus. Minsk is one of the most fast-growing tech hubs in the world. Read more about us.

How do you manage communication with different time zones?
Head of Sales

We have experience in working with customers from all over the world and we are able to cooperate effectively across multiple time zones.

During the kick-off meeting, we create a communication management plan. During our meetings, we discuss and set time which is comfortable for both sides and agree on daily communication channels and overlap hours.

What are payment terms?
Head of Sales

Payment of works is made on an hourly basis in accordance with the preliminarily agreed team composition involved in the works delivery and their load. The invoices are paid every 2 weeks based on the development reports. 

Please note that a prepayment is required for the first reporting period (after the payment is set according to your contract). 

A prepayment is a must for we want to be sure that you're interested in the project’s development and its further launch.

What is the payment method?

We accept non-cash payments, both to the bank of the Republic of Belarus and to banks in Europe and the Middle East. You can be sure that in any case we will find a convenient payment method for you.

What is your hourly rate?
Head of Sales

Depending on the project, the team average hourly rate varies from $30 to 40.

I have clear requirements, how quickly can you start a project?
Project Manager

It depends on the workload of our team and the complexity of your requirements. Contact us and we will let you know the exact timeframe. As a rule, we start within a week.

I’m a technical person, can I interview the developers myself, before the engagement begins?

Sure, that can be arranged to save up your time.

I have a legacy code, can you work with it?
Software Engineer

Yes, we can, and we have a huge experience in it. But it all depends on the quality of your code, so we provide a code audit service as a starting point.

Do you have any mobile apps in your portfolio similar to my concept?
UI/UX Designer

We have a strong background in developing applications from various categories: e-commerce, social media, eLearning, fleet management, business intelligence, and more.

The knowledge and experience gained in so many fields mean that we always keep track of new trends and best practices. Logistics, business intelligence, education, sports, and entertainment are our custom domains. Check out our portfolio.

Each project is unique and we will find the perfect team for you.

Do you have reviews or any feedback from the customers?

When evaluating a development team, it would be best to look at examples of previous work and verified reviews from credible sources. So, you can take a look at our reviews on Clutch to find out if our previous projects have met the expectations of some of our clients we’ve worked with before. 

Clutch’s highly trained analysts verify absolutely every client review. That is why we are so honored to maintain a superb average rating on Clutch!

We will gladly provide references of our previous and current customers so you can contact them and receive reliable information firsthand.

Will I be getting regular updates from you?
Project Manager

Yes, and in addition to it after every Sprint you will get:

  • An app demo build (so you can check intermediate results)
  • A detailed time-tracking report 
  • A detailed development progress report
  • Code transferred to your ownership
  • Intellectual property transfer
  • According to your preferences, you can take part in the Review meeting or just get the above-mentioned information with an E-mail.
Will you assist me to upload my app to the store?
Head of Sales

We can upload your Android application on Google Play Store and your iOS app on App Store on demand.

Do you do maintenance or just develop mobile apps?
Project Manager

We do maintenance for the apps we develop.

What if I need any change or modification in my mobile application after launch?

We invite you to cooperate with us in the form of app maintenance. This option gives you confidence that the team is always available when your project needs us. 

If you don’t have a maintenance agreement, you can contact us with a change request, but we can’t guarantee urgent availability.

How much does it cost to build a mobile application?

It depends on many factors, but no matter what budget you have, we can recommend the right approach to the implementation of your idea. You can also read more about budget estimation and app cost forecast in our guide.

I want to keep my mobile app idea confidential. Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we always sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning before we discuss your project’s detail, or at another stage of the process – it’s up to you.

What should I do to start working with you?
Head of Sales

Let’s arrange a call first. If you have a technical specification or any sketches, you can send them right away. If you do not have anything mentioned — that’s not an issue, we are ready to assist you at this stage. Important point: we would strongly recommend you evaluate your budget beforehand.

Anyway, feel free to contact us!

I have a question that isn’t listed here.

Please, let us hear it!

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to assist you and answer all your questions.

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