Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on a flat rate?
We don’t work on a flat fee, but if requirements are detailed and not likely to change, we can make accurate estimate and keep within it.
Is there a minimum bill amount?
There’s no minimum bill amount and we’re always happy to assist if we have a free engineer with required skills at the moment.
What kind of tools do you normally use to communicate with clients and track your work?
We use Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket to manage the development processes, communicate with slack, telegram, WhatsApp, email or skype. For non-programming activities we use trello and google docs.
What kind of development process do you follow?
We normally follow agile iterative process with 2 weeks sprints.
What time zone do you work on?
We work on GMT+3 zone, the developers work in Minsk. By the way, we find the timezone shift with US very effective for communication. It’s like the work on a project never stops, though we have a few hours of time daily to get closer in touch.
How large is your team? How many people would normally work on a project at once? Do you have in-house project managers?
We are a technical team of 20 people currently; We work only with in-house team and yes we can provide a project management. 2-4 developers + QA + PM is the most frequent team composition.
Are you able to share what your standard agreement language is like?
Yes we can share it on demand. At the moment it’s possible to make an agreement either with our office in Minsk or with the office in Dubai.
What are the steps taken to start development? How long do they take?

For the reason we don’t work with fixed price, we’re are able to start development almost immediately. A few days from the first contact might be enough to start, and a month to provide first results. The steps are:

  • Discuss project goals and scope.
  • Estimate and agree on a budget and timeline.
  • We normally ask for a prepayment equal to 2 weeks of engagement only to start the development.
  • Within the first month of work we provide first results.

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