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We align Devs with Ops, providing you with the top-class DevOps services. Meet our talented team of DevOps engineers.

Devs with Ops: the best possible alignment

We provide DevOps services for companies of all sizes. The main task is to ensure end-to-end software delivery automation, as well as the security of infrastructure in the company. 

With our assistance, the business establishes quick and, more important, completely transparent software delivery cycles. It is possible thanks to the profound consolidation of operations and development.

  • Technical benefits
  • Continuous software delivery
  • Facilitated release planning
  • Efficient issue resolution
  • Business benefits
  • Faster feature delivery
  • Stable environments
  • Resources freed for business development

DevOps consulting services

  • DevOps Assessment

    To reveal and find out all possible bottlenecks, we audit infrastructures, as well as software delivery processes. It allows us to offer you an efficient and flexible plan of optimization.
  • DevOps Automation

    We work on all the possible aspects of software development automation, implementing extremely powerful DevOp tools into the process. The process includes such points as code review, deployment, continuous testing and knowledge aggregation.
  • DevOps Management

    We're a DevOps services company that doesn’t just implement automation, but does our best to ensure our clients are comfortable using it. It is our task to analyze the flexibility, control the performance and smoothness of the workflow and customers’ experience. Another important feature is constant monitoring of the business’ response to the changes and implemented technologies.

DevOps automation in action

Release & deployment

Our DevOps service list ensures the delivery of the software along with the DevOps methodologies, helping to strengthen the existing processes in the clients’ companies. It works fine with software design, as well as with deployment and even testing.

We have our own key priorities to enhance DevOps Implementation. ‘Healthy’ code is one of them. Our DevOps environments were created precisely to provide the organizations with complete control over the code. So the integrity of the development pipelines is supported as well. 

  • Automation of the deployment process
  • Technology selection and validation
  • Configuration and release management
  • Deployment design

Continuous testing

One of the main advantages the business owners get working with DevOps is assistance in smooth and easy shifts to continuous integrated testing from traditionally used automated tests. New pieces of code work correctly as long as we control the whole process. So the risks for the business, connected with newly implemented changes, are close to zero. It means that there will be no UX issues or critical changes in the business logic. We perform the following tasks:

  • Optimization of test processing
  • Service virtualization
  • Automation of UI and integration tests
  • Performance testing


Code delivery and testing optimization are just a few tasks we perform while working. Continuous monitoring of deployed apps, their components and software delivery pipelines is also a part of the work.

For us, monitoring is not just one of the musts in the development process but an essential practice. It enables the managers to support the stability of the software, as well as high-performance rates and so on. 

  • Infrastructure monitoring automation
  • Audit of software development 
  • Working with various service health dashboards
  • APM tools integration

Feedback & optimization

Our DevOps consulting proposal includes a detailed picture of their software efficiency, not just from the developers’ point of view, but from the end-user perspective. It allows the companies to analyze the users’ feedback and implement the changes, improving the functionality and adding the features which will be indeed appreciated by people. In other words, the more business is focused on feedback, the better user experience it achieves.
  • Change management
  • Service requests
  • Issues tracking
  • Redundancy planning

Why Partner with Celadon for Your DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions?

Our engineers have worked on more than 20+ cloud-native & DevOps projects. This expertise helps you build the product people need faster.

Subject Matter Expertise

You don’t have to worry about an increase in requirements. With our ??DevOps company, you can easily expand the team of engineers without the hassle of hiring and training.

Expand Easily

If you are looking for shift-left testing, enabling CI/CD (Continuous integration (CI) continuous delivery (CD)), you are in the right place. Working with us, you will see how testing can drive culture, and implementation of the changes.

Boost Business Value with Agile


What is custom DevOps consulting services?
Head of Sales

Even as DevOps adoption continues to accelerate in both large enterprises and web-native organizations, confusion lingers about what exactly the term means. Is DevOps culture, a movement, an approach, a philosophy, or some amalgam of several of these things? Or does DevOps mean different things to different people? 

DevOps as a service is a set of practices that works to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams, so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. The term DevOps was formed by combining the words “development” and “operations” and signifies a cultural shift that bridges the gap between development and operation teams, which historically functioned in siloes.  

At its essence, DevOps is a culture, a movement, a philosophy.

Do I need DevOps consulting solutions?

DevOps consulting and implementation services might come in handy if you are facing such difficulties:

  • Variation in the settings of any production side or background.
  • In-group miscommunication (lack of trials, faulty and late bug-fixing), that leads to the bad quality of freeware and deadline being overdue.
  • Delays in dropping new IT framework.
  • Post-release errors affecting user or customer experience or business operations.
  • Tedious infrastructure adjustment, software updates, and error recovery.
  • Protracted and ineffective checking due to weak automation.
How to begin?

We handle distinct manners and systems of cooperation to choose from. Pick the one you prefer, and we will start producing your blueprint. Our personnel consists of talented people, who are interested in closing your needs. Feel free to reach out and find out what is better for a startup!

  • Outsource employing

We have a pool of experts ready to brainstorm on your draft right away, or a little later, if you’re looking for a certain type of engineer. Tech consulting like this also contains the organizational aspect – office and project management.

  • Recruit DevOps consulting services and solutions company

At Celadon, DevOps consulting company, we provide you with a full-time staff or a DevOps consultant, depending on the request. If you decide on a dedicated collaboration model, outsource workers will concentrate on your assignment from 9 to 5 on the weekdays.

  • Set price model

If you have a distinct plan with a clear field of work, try fixed prices for consultative services. In our policy, we’ve foreseen all potential overload costs. There are no hidden expenses and the total won’t be a surprise.

Our DevOps consulting firm is here to help your future soft reach its full capacity. To complete this goal, we outline a unique DevOps solution improving productivity by escalating your actions, and group progress.

Benefits of Celadon as a DevOps Consulting service provider?
Head of Sales

Time to value. We contribute a swift, efficient, and steady program delivery to production. The publishing plan is readily predictable, and we’ll meet the deadline.

Capacity to innovate. With our guidance, you’ll decrease the number of person-hours spent on repetitive tasks to transfer resources to more valuable and critical options, with a productive and automated DevOps tool kit.

Gradual implementation strategy. Celadon studies your current DevOps center and creates a detailed roadmap to figure out the best practices in the Cloud automation DevOps transformation, step by step.

Stable safety. We modify current protection schemes and employ new types to arrange constant automated security control of cloud app-producing procedures.

Full versatility. We endeavor to elaborate your cloud infrastructure and versatile, expandable solutions that resist any technical failures.

Agile techniques. This system is a norm in app development and a common combination with consulting services for DevOps. DevOps is even considered a more complicated form of Agile since they supplement each other.

Fast delivery. Our crew members apply Cloud DevOps services, which make freeware development processes catalyzed. Our specialists render their management and control at your command.

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