Deep Learning

With real-time deep learning algorithms, we delve into complex data to unlock great opportunities.

Deep Learning as a Service

Deep Learning (DL) is a term in data science that has become a hot word in technological world, business, and marketing. DL is often confused with Machine Learning (ML). Here's the difference: the deep learning is a part of the machine learning, an advanced technique for learning algorithms for making independent decisions, that is a part of the wider field of Artificial Intelligence.

DL is a set of ML methods that structure methods into layers. They are inspired by bio-neural networks and enable computers to develop their “thinking” for making more independent conclusions.

How Deep Learning Can Help Your Business

How Deep Learning Can Help Your Business

Deep Learning methods can leverage ML and its outstanding qualities to the next level:

  • Adaptable systems
  • The genetic method of concluding difficult tasks
  • Automation for troubleshooting
  • Efficient and precise solutions to save costs
  • Real-time image processing
  • Optical character recognition
  • Detect features and automatically tag images
  • Intelligent video analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Semantic analysis
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Bioinformatics
  • Deep hardware integration

Deep Learning Practical Usage

Deep Learning using huge neural networks is a learning machine for automating tasks performed by human visual systems. DL provides a very accurate classification of images. Also object detection, image recovery and image segmentation - even handwritten digits can be recognized.

Classification and detection of objects in photographs

The Google Translate app uses Deep Learning technology for visual translation. It works this way. The application uses the deepest neural networks to determine the word while scanning images. Simply put, the DL design determines whether there are letters in the illustration. When the letters are assigned and the text is recognized, the application translates the title from the image into your native language.

Automatic machine translation

Thanks to Deep Learning, machines have every chance not only to chat but also to perceive what you are saying. A good case is the LipNet system, created with the introduction of the technology of neural networks by scientists from the University of Oxford. LipNet became the first system in the world capable of recognizing speech by the lips not only by individual words but also immediately by entire sentences. For this, the system processes the video sequence, dividing it into many fragments and layers.

Language recognition

The system synthesizes sounds to correspond to a silent video. The system is teached, using 1000 examples of video with the sound of a drum stick hitting on various surfaces and creating various sounds. The model of the DL binds video to the database of the pre-recorded sounds, to choose the most corresponding the stage sound.

Adding sounds to mute films

Machine study a punctuation, grammar and style of fragments of text and can use the model worked out by them for automatic creation of span-new text with correct orthography, grammar and style of text.

Text generation

Using the examples of the handwritten input is created new handwriting for the word or phrase. Handwriting is given as a sequence of coordinates, used by the pen for creation of the sample of handwriting. From this corpus, the relationship between the pen movement and the letters is learned and new examples can be created.

Automatic Handwriting Generation

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Business Intelligence
Platform for Marketing

A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics, and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and market, provide pricing recommendations.


Fleet Management

Business software for remoting management of workers, vehicles and routing optimization. Based on GPS tracking, orders distribution and Big Data. Web and Mobile system includes cloud backend.


Risk Assessment

A data analytics module that can forcast insurance risks based on the user parameters compared to the custom unique dataset of huge insurance history.

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