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Struggling to hire a dedicated software development team to translate your project idea into software?

Dissatisfied with the existing level of dedication and involvement of your personnel?

Our dedicated software developers are here to help.

How Can We Make Dedicated Software Development Possible?

Our team of committed and highly skilled developers has a good track record of helping companies across multiple industries. Understanding the process of delivering success, our software development team builds around four major pillars.

  • Location is important

    Our developers from the outsourcing dedicated team are scattered throughout the earth for seamless operations that enable us to stay in touch at all times. But the talents come from Eastern Europe, which is famous for gifted IT workers.
  • Best expertise

    Eastern European software engineers have many great advantages when it comes to hard and soft skills. This way we ensure your team has access to the best expertise in the latest technologies like AR, IoT, and much more to render web application development services, mobile app development services, and other IT services.
  • Velocity of scaling

    the Regulatory framework and the number of talents create grand flexibility when managing the dedicated software development team. Given the pace of your business expansion, we can start from small and then rocket to the moon.
  • Loyalty

    We build the team around the idea of developing a spectacular software solution. Along with professional management and career planning, our dedicated app development team services include an inspiring environment for skilled professionals.
Our Team

How do we work?


To create a successful strategy, we analyze the business environment and possible technology challenges



  • Identifies the demand;

  • Defines the scope.



  • Analyzes the requirements;

  • Map the expertise;
  • Defines the process;
  • Develops a roadmap.


Setup the team

When the goal is to hire a software development team, we constantly provide support for efficient team scaling


  • Approves candidates;

  • Transfers knowledge.



  • Sets up the team;
  • Acquires knowledge;
  • Sets up the environment;
  • Provides necessary tools;
  • Defines methodology.




Apart from dedicated software development, we offer a wide range of support services, from basic payroll and management to consulting


  • Validates the deliverables;

  • Controls KPIs.



  • Reports progress;

  • Scales the team;
  • Optimizes performance;
  • Accumulates and shares knowledge.


How can I hire dedicated software developers?
Head of Sales

 Hiring a dedicated development team is a driving force of a product triumph. Searching for such a team may take a while, but the solution is ready, and it’s right here. Celadonsoft is dedicated to high-quality and robust digital solutions. Our highly experienced team is present in different places around the Globe and will stay in touch with you whenever it’s needed. 

Contact us to know more about the team and the solutions we have to offer.

How do you appoint a team for software development?
Project Manager

When it comes to a team arrangement, it requires several steps to be taken by Celadonsoft as well as our Client.

First, we select team members based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. The selected members acquire knowledge transferred by the client. After knowing the nitty-gritty of the upcoming development, the team, in cooperation with the client, sets up the environment, provides the necessary tools, and defines the methodology.

What the client is to do is confirm team selection, transfer the project details, and participate in the development roadmap drawing up.


Global Restaurant Brand App Development
Global Restaurant Brand App Development

Our path of global restaurant fast food app development for a worldwide famous franchise. Here, we name all the features that we applied in this case.

Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network
Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

Celadonsoft has worked hard to create a food ordering app that would cover 3 major scenarios: in-venue order, preorder, and delivery.

Dating App Development
Dating App Development

A wonderful animation-heavy dating app we’ve developed from scratch employing React Native and Python. Our app's intuitive UI and seamless functionality make it a delightful platform for users to explore, connect, and potentially find meaningful relationships while maintaining a sense of privacy and anticipation with the blurred photo feature.

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