Data Science & Big Data

We help innovative companies to obtain a competitive advantage in a world driven by data.

Big Data Management Services

Big Data Management Services

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Data Governance and Security Management
  • Data Warehouse Modernization and Cloud Migration
  • Big Data Project Assessment
  • Data Integration Services
  • Predictive and Real-Time Analytics Design and Implementation
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake Architecture and Design
  • Querying and Reporting
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Big Data Software and Platform development
  • Scalable Data Processing and Management
  • Data Science and Custom Data Modelling
  • ETL Design and Development
  • Data Visualization

We help your business to:

  • Find the most efficient method to gather data that has commercial value
  • Eliminate statistics silos to empower the accurate vision
  • Design, build and launch custom-made, big data warehouses and lakes
  • Provide security and expansion of data platforms
  • Assist in the support and management of your Big Data platforms

Technologies we support

To ensure you get all the benefits and advantages from big data innovations we cautiously select the best technologies that are in check with your needs. As the core of our offering, we put into effect the right technologies to ensure you have the best platform that meets your analytics needs.


Business Intelligence Platform for Marketing

A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics, and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and the market, provide pricing recommendations.


Risk Assessment

A data analytics module that can forecast insurance risks based on the user parameters compared to the custom unique dataset of huge insurance history.


Big Data Management Software

A solution that would connect the Big Data and SQL, thus helping companies better manage their data.

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