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What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are new apps that can be found in most popular websites, messengers or apps and offer personalized contact.

These intelligent chatting bots smoothly incorporate into your digital strategy, enhance your business roadmap, and assist you in improving client satisfaction.

Chatbot Advantages

Human-like agent

Chatbot functions as your clients’ personal assistant. Maintaining live communications, bots seamlessly manage all regular questions that don’t need human engagement and coordinate client demands with the most appropriate offerings.

Increasing sales

Build a chatbot to gather customer information and convert it into your competitive edge. Bots can store where a user is, how old they are, their preferences and habits. They assist you in understanding your customers better and decide what, when and how to sell.

Customer care

Customer care chatbots function as personalized agents capable of conducting various conversations simultaneously. With the capacity to learn, they utilize their memories to give appropriate answers to increasingly complicated customer questions.

Brand exposure

Develop a chatbot for messengers like Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack. By using messenger bots, your company interacts with billions of its users personally - no need to introduce a new interface, demand app downloads, passwords or logins. Just text.

How We Can Assist

How We Can Assist

We design, develop and deliver customized self-learning chatbots for various platforms

  • Approach

    Create a singular chatbot approach, given your business identity and aims
  • Find a competitive edge in chatbot advantages and abilities
  • Place emphasis on your client: build a chatbot around your customers
  • Interactive UX

    Design of chatbots: build UX based on conversational language
  • Create seamless customer experiences by utilizing structured dialogues
  • Customize and enhance your chatbot with your brand identity and tone
  • Development

    Create a chatbot for frequently used messengers, websites or apps
  • Offer smooth integration of digital resources and structures
  • Improve your chatbot with the most advanced NLP/AI engines
  • QA and Support

    Store and analyze usage patterns to enhance your chatbot output
  • Consistently offer chatbot maintenance to keep your competitive edge
  • Exercise, up-scale and improve chatbot capacities to match your business requirements

Industry Approach


A user requires a minimum of 20 searches to find the right trip. Chatbots condense these questions into a single, streamlined chat. Virtual travel agents can confirm flights, offer travel guidance, provide updates, link customers with providers and locate the best offers.

  • Through comparisons of many different options from hundreds of suppliers, hotel bots assist customers in finding the best deals for hotels. 
  • Travel assistant bots assist clients in finding flights for exact places and times. Clients converse with a travel agent bot, give location  and dates, and receive an extensive number of available flights very quickly.
  • Your client already purchased a flight? Customer service bot can maintain live flight statuses.


A minimum of 43% of adults express difficulties in understanding personal finances, and  80% would find professional guidance advantageous. Chatbots provide automated assistance and help customers locate and weigh-up finance-related offers.

  • Banking chatbots give users the opportunity to send money transfers, look at balances and credit scores, as well as spending limits, using online banking via voice command, and seeking financial advice.
  • With chatbot services, financial companies can broadcast and notify customers of recent market changes, provide stock quotes, exchange rates and suggest upcoming offers.
  • Chatbots can function as personal finance assistants: look for the most desirable credit cards and perks, gather customer data, and link users with the best financial offers.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail businesses accrue a 70% neglected cart rate and this loss is a result of bad mobile customer care. Chatbots resolve these issues.

  • Shopping bot is a personal assistant that utilizes conversations to establish the shopper’s desires and provide personalized suggestions based on the shopper’s purchase patterns. 
  • Retail chatbots can suggest gifts, manage orders and unavailable products, notify on the availability of products, submit courier updates and gather client feedback.
  • Store finders can manage regular client questions, for example, where to locate unique items or shops.


As a tech-aware generation, 74% of Millennials prefer food bots that minimize time-wasting and make quick food orders, table bookings and provide cooking tips.

  • Food delivery chatbots assist people with ordering food, customizing delivery times, check out and purchase, as well as providing confirmations in messengers.
  • Cooking bots give users the opportunity to look for recipes and locate stores. Over 50% of recipe searches take place in grocery store aisles.
  • Food bots can organize marketing strategies, boosting sales and contributing to brand exposure. Bots provide free samples, sell gift cards and provide updates on schedules and events.


Recent surveys reveal that 60% of patients would engage with caregivers electronically. Chatbot technology is easy to use as a tool for digital healthcare. 

  • Chatbots can link to a number of medical databases to assist patients in enhancing their medical searches and providing data of diagnoses, treatments and medicines.
  • Bots can offer information on health-related topics, and share suggestions from doctors if there are clear indications based on symptoms.
  • There are already chatbots that assist doctors and nurses in updating patient records, keeping in touch, and organising medical information.

Mobile App for Tutors Portal

A system of mobile and web applications that helps simplify the search for tutors and students for joint training classes.


Grow App

The idea behind the app is a virtual agronomist assistant at your fingertips. Anybody can grow plants with the help of experienced agronomists. There are virtual assistants in many industries, but in agriculture, this application is one of the few.


Personal Coach
App With AI

Mobile application that provides exercise analytics with video recommendations based on computer vision models.

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