Volunteer Management Platform Development

A web-based volunteer management software aimed to innovate volunteer coordination and maximize the impact of volunteer efforts.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
  • Business Management
  • 7 months

Team composition:

Dmitry, Project Manager
Dasha, UX/UI Designer
Eugene, Software Engineer
Pavel, Software Engineer
Denis, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager
Slava, QA

The client represents a Vancouver-based organization committed to the preservation and rejuvenation of the ocean. Their efforts in volunteer management software extend to both English and French-speaking communities, reflecting their dedication to ocean protection and restoration. To develop the platform, the client contracted Celadonsoft’s web app development services and UI/UX development services.

Dmitry, Project Manager

The volunteer management software development is a comprehensive platform aimed at tackling two important aspects: cleaning coastlines and the ocean and promoting sustainable seafood practices in collaboration with restaurants. By integrating two existing portals into a unified volunteer management platform, the project seeks to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. 

The first component of the volunteer management platform development focuses on organizing and conducting cleanups. This portal will serve as a centralized hub for individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental preservation. It will facilitate the coordination of cleanup activities, allowing volunteers to sign up, receive necessary instructions, and participate in scheduled cleanup events. By streamlining the process, the platform aims to encourage community engagement and maximize the impact of cleanup efforts.

The second component of the software is a comprehensive catalog of seafood products. It aims to provide consumers with verified information about the origin, sustainability, and ethical practices associated with seafood items. Restaurants will have the opportunity to become partners by confirming their commitment to sourcing seafood caught through humane methods from clean regions and verified suppliers. This verification process will ensure transparency and build consumer trust in the restaurant's seafood offerings. 



Challenge to Build a Volunteer Management Software

One of the primary hurdles encountered during the project revolved around the development of the front-end (FE) and back-end (BE) by separate teams without direct communication. The lack of collaboration between the FE and BE developers posed significant challenges. The BE developers exhibited slow responsiveness to requests and failed to consider all the requirements, leading to a delay in progress. To overcome this obstacle and ensure the successful delivery of a functional product, our team had to step in and develop a portion of the BE functionality. 

Dmitry, Project Manager

Furthermore, the project faced the issue of incomplete requirements to build volunteer management software, necessitating close collaboration between our team and the client to define and refine the essential business logic. This collaborative effort was crucial in bridging the gaps and ensuring that the project aligned with the client's vision. Unfortunately, the BE development fell behind the FE development timeline, resulting in further complications.

We embraced the principles and approaches of material design to enhance the visual appearance and functionality of the platform. By incorporating material design, we aimed to create a consistent and intuitive user experience. This design philosophy helped us create a visually appealing interface while maintaining usability and accessibility standards. 


The utilization of the Next.js library and material design principles played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the project. These choices not only facilitated the development process but also contributed to the overall effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of the volunteer management platform design.

The volunteer management platform case study exemplifies the transformative potential of technology when applied to volunteer coordination. It stands as a testament to the benefits of leveraging software solutions to enhance efficiency, foster collaboration, and maximize the impact of volunteer efforts. The example of volunteer management software demonstrates Celadonsoft’s approaches, skills, and knowledge that can be leveraged for other projects in the field of web and mobile app development services.

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