ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT The client requested us to design and develop a technical solution of outstanding quality for the residential housing construction industry.

System structure:

  • Cloud server
  • Browser application for system management
  • iOS application
  • iPad
  • Android application
  • Android phone
  • Tablet


  • Real eatate


  • 5 months (in process)

Team composition:

Alex, CEO
Valentine, Software Engineer
Liliya, Software Engineer
Sanya, Project Manager
Alex, CEO


Our customer’s reached us with a very common problem. To operate the educational process they have to use different managing systems for reporting, scheduling, working with the log books and class registers. Moreover, the systems were completely outdated and the management workflow varied greatly. The problem got worse during the pandemic, when there was a need for remote work. So the major request was to combine all the systems into one modern, multifunctional, and easy-to-use service, capable of managing a huge load of workflow.

The only thing we were provided with at the very beginning was superficial requirements of what this service should look like. Add here a limited budget, and you will see why the task became a real challenge

Therefore, we have to not just develop the software but to create the whole system workflow, make a product design, and conduct the testing phase to assure the quality of the product and its being in accordance with the end user's requirements and expectations. To achieve a goal having been set we had to conduct the research of the market, check and analyze all the existing solutions and have a close look at education systems of different regions. All these pre-actions were critical to creating an unprecedented solution.

Sanya, Project Manager

A lot of time and effort was put into the automatic scheduling feature. This feature is worth talking about and could have been a complete project on its own because it is a unique solution, having no similar features in the market at the moment.
As we have mentioned, the budget was strictly limited even for MVP, but the scope was impressive.

App Flow & Structure


Liliya, Software Engineer





Liliya, Software Engineer

Challenges and wins:

  • First, we had to make profound research of the client’s regional education system and the alternatives all around the world. That made our solution universal and applicable to the education system of any country. Just by clicking through the appropriate check-boxes, you customize the system to your needs.
  • We’ve also developed a design system. It makes the solution absolutely scalable and agile. It can easily be applied to new challenges and educational institutions.
  • Visual Design. Such projects often have interfaces like a terrible Excel-document, but our interface is airy, not overloaded, user-friendly.
Alex, CEO

According to our research, we fixed the logic and illustrated it through the modern and useful interface, implementing solutions that allow you to accumulate all the important functions in one space that are needed for high-quality and convenient school management.


Adding extra plants
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Adding extra plants
Choosing a featured plant or creating a new one
Adding extra plants
Choosing a featured plant or creating a new one
Adding extra plants
Choosing a featured plant or creating a new one
Adding extra plants
Choosing a featured plant or creating a new one

Automatic scheduling and Teaching plans

Composing the schedule is difficult administrative work, and there’s no open-source algorithms for it. So our automatic scheduling is a unique solution, having no analogs in the world today. We use a genetic algorithm to make it multipurpose, as if it was created manually by the human being.

We’ve tried a few decisions, but there were hitches with equal distribution of the workload of teachers and students and the need to generate a different schedule every interaction. Moreover, there are variables such as teachers' days off, weekends, public holidays (which are different in different regions). During the production process, another problem was pointed out. We need to have an opportunity to edit the schedule. Therefore, we’ve got the one which takes into account the overwork / non-completion of teachers. Also, the annual schedule is duplicated in the current one which can be edited, and saved back to the annual.

Alex, CEO

We used a genetic algorithm, being a substring of the evolutionary algorithm, when math from biology is used. So to say, “under the hood” there's a simulation of mutation occurring and chromosome forming. As soon as the simulations are completed, the optimal option is picked, or the one, which is matching the inserted criteria best.
In alternative solutions, presented in the market, the planning is realized with simple iterations. The final result has a lot of flows and faults, the number of events for the teachers are not balanced, so the teachers are often overloaded. In our case, the algorithm creates a collection of a couple of the schedule options.

After that, it picks the best match. It looks like a survival of the fittest in natural selection. Genetic algorithm makes this selection possible
But there are still a lot of points to rework. Nowadays, the algorithms we use do not include the setting and limitation of the beginning and the end of the classes for both students and teachers. The teachers load and so-called “hours for academic development” is not included in the calculation as well.


After careful research, we’ve realized that there was no overall decision at the market, so it would correspond in full to all the requirements. So we can say without hesitation that we’ve made a unique system, a comprehensive solution, having the features of different software in one place.

We have worked on the project from the very beginning to the end, including such stages of the development lifecycle as initial research, design, and so on. As a result, we have provided the customer with the software with unique features, Automatic scheduling, Electronic school journal, Exams management. We will have a closer look at each of the main features further.

At this stage, we completed an MVP of SaaS solution, designed for school administration, teachers, students, and their parents roles. It allowed us to work within the limited budget. Today, two localizations are available - English and Arabic. The system still has points to refine, as the potential of such a system is limitless. However, the customer has a working program to collect feedback from users and attract investors now.
It’s scalable, modern, smooth design graphics and animations, clear colors, fast, user-friendly & self-intuitive, secure and accepting heavy user load.

Result benefit profit Result benefit profit

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