Sports Social Network

Project based engagement. A niche social network that helps amateur soccer players in matchmaking and scheduling. Started with MVP we’ve gone through several iterations of functional extension.

A Matchmaking Platform

Services provided by Celadon: UI design, project management, frontend development, backend development, QA.

Social Network for Soccer Players

The application is done with React Native and Node.js. Heavily powered by Firebase for chat and advanced matchmaking notifications system. Has a clear and intuitive interface.


1 Backend engineer
1 Front-end engineer
1 QA


4 months



Tech Stack

JavaScript, React Native, React.js, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase, AWS, Django.


An exciting project we recently worked on - a social network for amateur soccer players. The client is a young startup who aimed to create a social platform where users could connect, form teams, challenge other teams and schedule soccer matches.

Advanced notifications system should've been implemented to support request/accept/reject flow as well as built in chat and multi language support, including Arabic RTL.

The startup had a tight budget limitations and special request was to keep within the budget by managing the scope and priorities wisely.


As a result, an innovative app was designed, developed and published in the stores. The app was developed with React Native. It also heavily use Firebase to implement chats, sms authentication and notifications system.
The application was released and received a very positive feedback both from the users and local startup community.

After the successful MVP release there was another expansion request to add the admin interface for app management and add a workflow for special events organized by the startup team - tournaments.

We've done the management interface extremely fast with Django and made the necessary updated in the React Native app. We also aimed to improve the app performance and scalability. However, for some reason the Firebase real time database suddenly turned out to work extremely laggy specifically in UAE region. So we addressed the problem with full effort to solve it since we had an update release deadline. Even though it took us longer time, the app update was out, better and more stable than ever.

Currently the startup is considering to extend the application to support different kind of sports besides soccer while we're acting as a technical consultant during the planning stage.


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