Food Delivery App Development

restaurant management app

The project is a custom solution for Food Delivery Business in Guatemala.

restaurant management app

The project is a custom solution for Food Delivery Business in Guatemala. The restaurant delivery software consists of three apps: the first one is designed for customers, the second is for delivery men, and the third app is administrative and aimed at admins, stop managers, call centers, and delivery men for restaurant service quality control.

System structure:

  • Web app
  • Mobile app
  • Cloud server
  • Admin interface
  • iOS
  • Android


  • Delivery


  • 7 months

Team composition:

Valentine, Software Engineer
Ivan, Software Engineer
Anna, UX/UI Designer
Lena, Project Manager
Mark, Software Engineer
Pavel, Software Engineer
Hanna, Software Engineer

The Goals of Restaurant Delivery App Development

Surely, the primary goal is to improve the service of restaurant business. For that, the client came up with the idea to develop a stable and smoothly functioning mobile app and web platform for restaurant management and delivery service. The client reached us to order the development of a restaurant management app and website with having ready-made design. Any attempt to change it was turned down. The design must have been a spitting image of what was provided in Figma. 

food delivery app development

What the Client Brought to Order a Restaurant App

The client trusted up as being a food delivery app development company and put forward a detailed vision of the project, its functionality, and ready-to-wear design.

Challenges We Encountered During Food Delivery Software Development

We faced the global challenge to save the planet! Kidding. The task was of slightly less importance – to make it possible for users to place and pay for the orders. Payment integration requires complex technology. We had to deal with both VisaNet, a global payment network, and NIT, a service to retrieve the local TAX details for customers.

Lena, Project Manager

What We Offered for Excellent Food Delivery Development

We suggested dressing the food delivery development to kill. To ensure a smooth and pretty-looking design, we have changed font sizes, spaces, and colors. We believe the changes did their work. What do you think?


Anna, UX/UI Designer
best restaurant delivery software



Anna, UX/UI Designer

Technology and Elements of Creation of a Restaurant Management App

The client provided us with documents, but still, we had to discover lots about the integration. We burnt the midnight oil to study all the information on how to create a delivery app with payment integration in a correctly working way.

how to create a marketplace

Tips for Restaurant Delivery App Development From Our Experience

Integration with InFile (NIT), a Guatemalan Service for Invoice Subscription
The challenge: We had to handle and process massive amounts of documentation and responses from the service. Another challenge is the documents in Spanish. We encountered the complexity in understanding how the service works. What data should be entered in the fields of both the CSV document and the requested content? Solution: We got the translation of the documentation and other data into English. We sent multiple requests to the service and analyzed their responses. Having all the information, we have found the way to implementation by using the cut-and-try approach.
Cybersource. Integration With the Payment System
Challenge: There is a lack of documentation for node.js REST API. We had accessed only to a service with test routines and a GitHub repository with examples. Solution: We get down to self-education on this matter, which took a while. But resulted in the aggregation of different examples of code into a single one. This worked out!
Strapi, CMS for API Creation
Challenge: Strapi is not flexible. Many microservices and plugins like, SendGrid, auth providers, etc. have reduced functionality. Database handling was quite a challenge too - complex aggregation queries can not be made using standard Strapi methods. And dear Bugs, of course. They were spotted using the count method with query parameters (bugs on deep filtering). The Strapi version was 3.6.6. Solution: We have reworked and modified many components and modules. To solve the database issue, we’ve made custom database queries via knex.js using MySQL syntax.
Anna, UX/UI Designer

Design Percs 

We have made a logical, catchy, and user-friendly design. The challenge was the client’s wish for thefood delivery mobile app development to stiffly follow the original design in Figma. The designer’s suggestions were taken hard.

Key Benefits of Restaurant Food Delivery Software

We added some kicky features for both the mobile app and web platform to create the best restaurant delivery software and make the user experience to be pure bliss

Restaurant Delivery App Development for a Carrier: 

  • Built-in GPS powered by Google Maps to monitor delivery time;

  • In-app calls to a client or call-center 
  • Customized data picker
  • In-app translation from English into Spanish and back


best restaurant delivery software
restaurant management app

Website for Admins:

  • Sidebar implementation that depends on the authorized user’s role.
  • The website implementation with its division into 3 roles of Admin panel, Call center, and the Store manager was a complex task. The call center was especially ticklish as it was necessary to blend a large scale of the functionality on one page: 
    • User search;
    • Selection or creation of a delivery address and points of distribution;
    • Function to track drivers’ route and delivery time;
    • Distribution of received orders;
    • Enabling processing orders;
    • Daily menus update;
    • A shopping cart enabled with multiple filters for categories and products in the catalog for sale in a particular store. By the way, the feature also has a sufficient amount of functionality);
    • Card and Cash payment selection.


restaurant management app interface
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