Restaurant Chain App Development

From seamless order management to innovative loyalty programs, Celadonsoft has delivered an entirely new approach to restaurant chain management.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • Admin Panel
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • QA
  • Project management
  • Restaurant industry
  • 3 months

Team composition:

Valentine, Software Engineer
Nastia, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager
Yanina, QA
Zhenya, Software Engineer

Celadonsoft has been providing restaurant management app development services to a restaurant network running their business in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. They requested a Restaurant chain app development comprising a sophisticated software solution.

Our collaboration began with the food ordering app for restaurants. Today, the project encompasses a restaurant chain application for online cake orders, web applications, delivery apps, and both mobile and web versions of an admin panel for administration and couriers. Additionally, our team has devised and technically implemented a loyalty program that is integrated into both the web and mobile apps, as well as an admin panel for the owner.

Though we continue the work on the project, in this restaurant chain app case study, we’ll disclose what we have achieved so far.


Challenge to Build a Restaurant Chain App

Celadonsoft was given a visionary mission: to build a restaurant chain app that revolutionizes food ordering and delivery. Our ultimate goal was to unite all the restaurants in a single place, enabling streamlined management optimization and unparalleled convenience for both establishments and customers.

Creating a loyalty program without any prerequisites or limitations posed a challenge for our team. However, through collaborative efforts and personal experiences with various programs, we devised several ideas for restaurant loyalty programs.


Lena, Project Manager

Handling offline orders within the frame of the loyalty program proved more complex. Restaurants utilized POS systems back then to manage their operations efficiently. To include offline guests in the loyalty program, we needed to devise a method of capturing the order from the POS system, transferring it to the backend, and associating it with the respective customer. Finding a solution became our responsibility.

Our team worked diligently to make a restaurant chain app that seamlessly integrates various features and technologies, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Here are the remarkable features of restaurant app development we brought to life:

App for a Restaurant Chain In Place

User Behavior Analytics for Customized Suggestions
Understanding the importance of personalization, we implemented advanced user behavior analytics within our platform. This enabled us to provide customized suggestions and recommendations tailored to each user, enhancing their overall ordering experience.
POS Integration for Menu Data Synchronization
To ensure accuracy and efficiency in the food ordering process, we integrated the platform with Point of Sale (POS) systems. This integration enabled seamless synchronization of menu data, ensuring that customers have access to up-to-date and consistent information on available dishes, pricing, and specials.
Single-Order Confirmation Point
In our quest to streamline operations and enhance convenience, we introduced a single-order confirmation point. Once an order is placed, it is instantly confirmed and relayed to the relevant restaurant. This seamless integration eliminates any potential confusion or delays arising from multiple confirmation points.

Loyalty Program

As we mentioned, devising a loyalty program was one of the undertakings in the restaurant chain application development cycle. Our team commenced by outlining all the conditions and brainstorming various methods of receiving bonuses. Here's our approach to constructing a restaurant loyalty program:

We divided the campaign into four levels, allowing each member to progress through these levels. The essence of the program is as follows: as a participant advances to a higher level, specific discounts, and gifts become available based on the number of accumulated points earned from the order total.



Furthermore, we conceived an additional aspect within the same loyalty program, known as achievements. Program participants must complete specific tasks to receive bonuses. This subset of the loyalty program is categorized into three types:

    • Ordinary achievements: Users can find tasks within the app that they need to fulfill in order to earn a bonus.
    • Year-to-year achievements: Program participants receive bonuses or discounts on specific dates or to commemorate special events.
    • Consistent achievements: The aim is to encourage clients to become regular customers. The principle of receiving bonuses for completing tasks also applies here. For instance, every 7th coffee is complimentary.

Technical Implementation of the Program

Regarding online ordering, our team already has experience in similar food delivery app development projects. The mechanism operates as follows:

  • The restaurant receives an online order, which is then sent to a server database.
  • The server processes order information and gives a bonus according to the loyalty program's conditions established in the admin panel.
  • The program participant is granted the corresponding bonus.

We collaborated with the developer of the POS system to create a special plugin for seamless integration with our backend. This plugin enabled the connection between the server and the offline client. Here's how it works:

  • An offline customer logs into the restaurant loyalty program app, generating a unique QR code.
  • When making a payment for the order, the cashier scans the QR code and processes the payment through the POS system.
  • The order data from the POS system are transmitted to the server, where they are processed, and the bonus is credited accordingly.

If we look at the process from the server’s side, it’ll be s follows:

    • The admin panel allows for the configuration of loyalty program conditions. For instance, if a client purchases six cakes, they receive the seventh cake as a gift.
    • Order data is transmitted from the POS system to the server, where it is collected, sorted for each user, and stored until the loyalty program's conditions are met.
    • When the conditions are satisfied, the app user receives a new code.
    • Scanning this code via the POS system triggers a response from the server, resulting in the appropriate bonus being credited to the guest.

Restaurant Chain App Development: Benefits Gained

    • Implementing a loyalty program resulted in boosted sales, enhanced customer retention, and provided valuable market insights to customers.
    • The app for a restaurant chain played a crucial role in streamlining business operations, reducing costs, and increasing overall efficiency.
    • Data analyses brought customers closer to their clients, strengthening their relationships and understanding of the market.
    • Automation powered and optimized the staff's daily tasks, making their routines more efficient.
    • The app's convenience contributed to increased sales and expanded market reach.
    • The introduction of the admin panel optimized management processes, enabling smoother operations and better decision-making.

The described restaurant chain app example demonstrates the team’s skills, knowledge of how to make a restaurant app focus on the client’s success, and ability to craft cutting-edge solutions. From appealing restaurant chain app design and seamless order processing to engaging loyalty programs, every aspect of our app showcases our team's expertise. You can experience the power of innovation and elevate your restaurant chain to new heights by trusting us to deliver results that will leave both you and your customers delighted. Your success is our ultimate goal, and we're here to make it happen.

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