Q&A Social Network App Development

An informative Q&A social network where experts and businesses share unique experiences, with plenty of insightful posts from industry leaders.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • QA
  • Project management
  • Social Media industry
  • 6 months

Team composition:

Igor, Project Manager
Anna, UX/UI Designer
Alexandr, Software Engineer
Valentine, Software Engineer
Daria, QA Team Lead

The knowledge is a powerful resource. Knowledge exchange is a driving force for the development. This is why our client turned to Celadonsoft engineer to make a Q&A social network app designed to swiftly facilitate the exchange of unique experiences through interactive Q&A with experts and businesses, all while featuring a wealth of insightful posts from these industry leaders.

The social media was supposed to be based on a milestone, 'Users do the network,' via sharing thoughts, ideas, and, most importantly, experiences in various domains - from literature and business to medicine and extreme hobbies. 

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So we thought when we were discussing the specifications and cost to build a social media app.

Challenge to Make Q&A Social Network App

The main challenge was to build a Q&A social network app that would engage individuals with exceptional expertise and profound knowledge across various domains, encouraging them to pass on their knowledge and viewpoints, garner promotional support, and elevate their social influence. On the flip side, entice individuals with the promise of discovering verified expert answers to their questions.

To achieve this goal, social media should be technically smooth, have an easy-to-use interface, and, of course, meet the needs of those two target audience groups.


What Q&A Social Network App Creation Takes

Regarding Q&A social network app development, it is like any other type of mobile app development services or web app development services - teamwork and close collaboration with the clients are a must.

To develop a Q&A social network app, the development process was slit into sprints. Each sprint had its own goals and tasks. At the end of each sprint, the results were finalized by a customer.

So, to ensure the required teamwork and close cooperation, we conducted daily team brainstorming sessions, weekly extended brainstorming sessions with a customer's team, and research and gathering of existing solutions. This approach has helped our team avoid many mistakes and flaws, properly apprehend how to create a social media app, oversee the next steps in the Q&A social network app creation, and make a really strong product.

In pursuit of our goals to build a Q&A social network app, we harnessed a robust technical arsenal. This included TypeScript and NestJS for web development, AWS Amplify for versatile authentication, and Quill for text editing. We also integrated the Google Cloud Platform for authentication and analytics, alongside Facebook and Apple for authentication purposes. Our backend was built on Python and Django for API implementation, with Postgres serving as the database. On the DevOps front, we relied on AWS infrastructure, coupled with GitLab CI/CD, GitLab Runner, and Docker for efficient deployment and maintenance.

Anna, UX/UI Designer

In the design process, we prioritized the seamless integration of GUI elements, aligning them with the product’s distinctive color scheme as specified in the brand guidelines. Additionally, we adhere to a material design philosophy to develop a Q&A social network app with a cohesive and visually appealing interface that enhances the overall user experience.


Anna, UX/UI Designer
Anna, UX/UI Designer

Interesting Features

Useful / Not-useful-toggle
Based on social media’s concept, we replaced the "like/dislike" toggle with "useful / not-useful". It was also stylized with a toggle in the form of an eye that exactly repeats the product’s branded logo.
Expert’s Verification
Though social media can resemble Quora to some extent, the very distinctive feature is that not every user can share their expertise. The “experts” should undertake verification to be allowed to give responses and share their knowledge.

The world may seem packed with social media, but there’s still room for something new. Share a Similar Vision? Let's get in touch!

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