Prediction App Development for a Restaurant Corporation

An event-timed prediction app is accompanied by an exceptional bonus scheme, enabling users to accumulate bonuses and apply them to the purchases.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Mobile app

  • Admin interface
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Food and Beverage
  • 3 months

Team composition:

Yanina, QA
Zhenya, Software Engineer
Pavel, Software Engineer
Denis, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager

Celadonsoft had the pleasure of working on prediction app development for a restaurant corporation that is a globally renowned fast-food restaurant chain. By rendering web, mobile, and React.js app development services, our team developed and released a prediction app to complement a region-focused ordering app.

The Concept of Prediction App for a Restaurant 

The prediction app development came to fruition as part of a promotional initiative associated with the 2022 FIFA World Cup. To participate, users who had registered on the primary mobile app for restaurants were mandated to install an additional application, allowing them to make predictions regarding the outcomes of the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches. Users had the opportunity to engage in prediction competitions with fellow participants, resulting in the creation of a leaderboard that reflected match results. Prizes in the form of coupons and points were granted based on individuals' standings on the leaderboard. These rewards could be utilized within the primary app.

It's worth noting that the client was responsible for the UI/UX, prerequisites, and overall concept of the prediction app, which they had already prepared when they approached us.


The Challenge of Prediction App Development

Several considerations were taken into account during app development to ensure smooth operation:

High server load: The app's server needed to handle large volumes of data, including results from matches (over 500K bets per match). Additionally, the server could have more than 10K users simultaneously checking the results of their bets.

Integration of third-party API for match result data: The API periodically changed data types and formats without proper documentation, leading to implementation inconveniences.



Lena, Project Manager

The team was tasked to develop a prediction app for a restaurant within tight deadlines. The functional app had to be provided by a specific date, as a restaurant's marketing campaign was in progress. The deadline could not be shifted, not even by a day. Fortunately, Celadonsoft's experience with working under tight schedules allowed us to break down the project into sprints, assign teams of experienced specialists, choose technologies, coordinate implementation and testing, and begin development.

What It Took for Celadonsoft to Develop a Prediction App for a Restaurant

The team worked with defined scopes and risks. To meet the deadline, the team took the following steps:

  • Thoroughly clarified requirements.
  • Planned implementations and iterations.
  • Created a clear task list.
  • Maintained constant monitoring and communication with the client on any contentious issues that could impact the deadline.


Interesting Features

Based on match results, users who accurately predicted match outcomes earned points. Users with the highest points were displayed on the leaderboard.
User Groups
Users could create groups and invite others to compete within these groups. To invite others, a special code was generated, and the group entry link was shared via social media.
Exchange of Earned Points for Coupons and Points
Points earned within the prediction app could be exchanged for coupons and points in the main app, offering discounts and rewards when placing orders.

During the code-writing process, we meticulously tackled every technical challenge that arose. Throughout development, we encountered situations where finding compromise solutions was essential. These solutions aimed to satisfy the client's needs while staying within the project's defined scope.


Balancing innovation and scope, our team creatively navigated challenges. Collaborative discussions and expertise guided our decisions, resulting in solutions that not only overcame obstacles but also enhanced the app's quality.


We believe this prediction app development example demonstrates the skills, expertise, and ability of the Celadonsoft team to render mobile app development services and web app development services under diverse conditions and deliver the expected results. If you have an app development idea similar to this prediction app development case study, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll guide you through the implementation process.

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