Music Manager App Development

A landing and web app for musician’s analytical tool that is eager to help in promoting their works more efficiently thanks to valuable insights gathered from the streaming services.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Mobile adaptive
  • Cloud server
  • Admin interface
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Research
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
  • Music industry
  • 3 months

Team composition:

Dmitry, Project Manager
Dasha, UX/UI Designer
Ivan, Software Engineer
Daria, QA Team Lead
Cyril, Software Engineer
Dmitry, Project Manager

Our client is a Swiss startup in the music industry. They reached out to Celadonsoft with the need to make a landing page for their music analytical tool. Later, the collaboration was prolonged since the customer decided to create a music manager app running on browsers of various devices.

The project is unique and quite enjoyable. The analytic tool would allow artists or managers to receive and process information about tracks, auditions, copyrights, loyalties, etc., from various streaming platforms in one place. Thus the music manager app is supposed to become a helping hand for musicians and producers in getting more data-driven with promoting their works on streaming services.  Hence, we’d like to share what it took for Celadonsoft to make a music manager app powered by AI and data

The customer provided us with the project structure and sketches for both the app and landing. So, we got down to work.


A Challenge to Create a Music Manager App

Our team's most significant challenge was getting to grips with the project's essence. We knew how to create a music streaming app; however, this task was a completely different story. The project is pretty narrowly tailored, and for the technical implementation, we needed to understand how this music manager was supposed to work from A to Z.

The customer’s side carried out the back-end development. It spurred minor difficulties throughout the music manager app development cycle, such as delays and a lack of API documentation. However, thanks to the tight and ongoing communication, both teams managed to set a seamless workflow and overcame those little challenges.

The team set the work going by researching to gain a complete understanding of the project we were going to work on. The research implied the niche survey, search, and analysis of the market, competitors, and music manager app ideas. Also, at this development stage, the team collected Design References and thought over the way for technical implementation.

Music Manager Application Development: Solution Implemented

Landing Page
The landing was fully adapted to all devices and had a nice animation to enhance the impression of interaction with the site.
Contact Us Button
Each page has a button for contacting the platform owners, through which users can give their opinions about the project. Knowing users' views is especially important in the early stages, as it helps to scale music manager application development more effectively.
Data Display
The data captured from the streaming services is displayed in charts, graphs, and tables for better visual perception of a large amount of information.
Payment Gateway Integration
The music manager is a paid service. Tipalti was picked as a payment gateway in the project. The interface does not perform payment transactions but only displays them.
Calculator to Estimate Potential Profits
The music manager is a paid service. Tipalti was picked as a payment gateway in the project. The interface does not perform payment transactions but only displays them.


In-App Features

  • User Validation system based on security tokens;
  • Analytics;
  • Payments via Tipalti payment gateway;
  • Charts, graphs, tables;
  • Calculator estimate potential profits.




Dmitry, Project Manager

User Validation System

As the app deals with the subject of copyright, protection is hugely required. The developers strengthened the data protection through multiple verification steps. 


How it works:

  • When data is needed, the appropriate request is delivered to the backend;
  • The server sends an encrypted response;
  • The app decrypts the response and receives the data.


The obtained data can only be decrypted when delivered to a particular validated user.


Music Manager App Design  

As the project had two rounds, Celadonsoft’s designers worked out the designs for both the landing and web apps.


Landing Page Design

For the landing design, the client brought a ready-made brand style that included the color palette and fonts to be used. Also, the adaptive design was thoroughly considered. Ultimately, we designed an interface that works well for devices with various screen dimensions.


Web App Design

The customer had sketches that showed the customer's vision. Based on the sketches, our designers worked out the wireframes. After the wireframes' approval, we set off the design development.



Anna, UX/UI Designer
Anna, UX/UI Designer

Since the product is analytical, it has many charts, graphs, and tables that need to be easily perceived on mobile devices. The designers thought over the solution for the tables and arrived at the decision to display them in the form of cards. The implementation was custom and very user-friendly. Also, it’ll work great for mobile app development servicesIn addition, the designers also thought over and implemented the edge cases. The customer was more than happy with the robust music manager app design solutions. 


The project has been added to the portfolio of successful projects along with audio streaming app development and other case studies.

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