Marketing Analytics Software Development

The marketing data analytics platform development for a multi-platform service aimed at the collection and analysis of information about external advertising media.

System structure
  • Web application
  • Mobile adaptive
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Sales of outdoor advertising analytics
  • 2 years (in process)

Team composition:

Lena, Project Manager
Tolya, Software Engineer
Liliya, Software Engineer
Vlad, Software Engineer
Vadim, Software Engineer
Yanina, QA
Lena, Project Manager

Challenge to Create Marketing Analytics Software

Our client is a company from Guatemala that creates marketing analytics software. Seeking to rewrite and optimize the old site's version, they contacted Celadonsoft.

The client already had a new marketing analytics software design and functionality expansion, which included all current abilities and had many defects (performance problems, UI bugs, and data integrity problems). After long negotiations and discussions on the project, we also decided to move it from the irrelevant Angular to a more up-to-date and flexible React with MVP development services, and that's what we started with.

Following the course of providing web app development services, we came across some system difficulties.

The database was designed a long time ago, and many relationships are constructed in complex ways. Given the previous work of updating the interface and adding functionality, it was also necessary to apply these updates to the database to avoid conflict with the existing database.

Many graphs and diagrams correlated extensive calculations, comparisons, data, and tables, and they also weren't so easy to apply.

The main difficulty to build marketing analytics software was in the database structure.

There were two main problems in it: lack of correlations and a very bad structure (repetitive data, a huge number of text fields that needed to be moved to separate tables, tables with 20+ columns).

Because of the lack of links, a lot of broken data had to be restored to prevent their appearance during the advertising analytics platform development.

Also, there was also a difficulty with image compression. Photos were not compressed in any way because when loading the list of billboards (100+ pieces), their photos loaded at once, and the Internet and the processor loaded because of rendering. That's why we made an AWS Lambda function that compresses photos in flight if they need to be compressed, and added dynamic pagination to the mobile application.

Outdoor Advertising Analytics Platform Development: Unique Features

A user with the role of a verifier is assigned the route by which he walks and collects information on all advertising media on this route. The road is arranged as follows - points (coordinates) are set on the map, which forms a line on the map. All these routes are stored, and statistics are collected with different sets of information.
Also, the verifier has the functionality to set the value on a high, low, or average stream of people at a particular monument. By a special formula, it will calculate the approximate number of potential views of this advertising medium at a time. Those two were great solutions for our mobile app development services.
We tried to make the visualization of a large amount of statistical data understandable and visible. All information is provided in graphs and tables, which makes it a great advertising analytics platform example.

Among Features

  • Both mobile and desktop
  • Multi-Language support
  • Google Maps integration
  • Charts, graphs, tables
  • Push notifications, e-mail notifications
  • Administration
  • Clear statistics
  • Custom settings

Some Specifics

As soon as the app deals with a database, systematization, and protection are required.

All data is critical for the company's income and safety. Also, the database is pretty big and contains the vast majority of data types. During the marketing analytics software development, developers strengthened data protection through multiple verification steps and an outstanding interface. 

It was solved by redesigning the database schema in small steps and migrating the data to a new schema, bringing some entities (subtypes, images, etc.) into a separate table. Now, every data type has its own tab, and it does not take much time to evaluate advertising statistics.


The global tasks were the complete interface overhaul and incremental patch deployment in the live product. There are new unresolved features in the new layout that require backend code. A set of steps were taken, such as rewriting the site, separating the frontend and backend database servers, and deploying with docker swarm.

When writing a new backend, we took into account the filtering of irrelevant data and arranged all new queries so that there was the shortest way to the necessary data (so that the performance of the application would not suffer).

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