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jewelry marketplace

eCommerce b2c jewelry marketplace, intended to make the buying-selling process as easy as it's possible

jewelry marketplace
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When the customer dreamed of creating an e-commerce community driven by love to jewelry, a thought came to him in an instant: mobile app development for small businesses gathered in one place. With a strong understanding that he needed a technical partner who  would not only understand his vision for the app, but could imbue it with his entrepreneurial spirit, the customer picked Celadonsoft as a bespoke web app development team.

He wanted the best marketplace to sell jewelry with better designs, efficiency, and above all, cutting-edge filters where all jewelry lovers could find one to their liking (and others - profit from it) and their passion for gems.

System structure:
  • Cloud server
  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • e-Commerce
  • 6 months

Team composition:

Liliya, Software Engineer
Valentine, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager
Anna, UX/UI Designer
Vladimir, UI/UX Designer
Vadim, Software Engineer

Today it is an eCommerce app that is available in the UAE, having an interface in Arabic and English. This is a jewelry marketplace. The app also has mobile iOS and Android versions, and a web admin panel for vendors and sellers.

The customer reached us with a ready-made design and business idea. However, during the work process, our team improved and adapted the existing design so much that in the final version the initial mockup can be hardly recognized.

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how to create a marketplace


Our first challenge was designing a perfect, interactive jewelry marketplace interface that could support all the above features. However,  the features have to be supported without compromising the app’s performance.

You could argue that things were easier for us because there was a previous version of the app. Well, we wish it would be like that.  We made an important decision to stay far away from that initial version and opted to completely revamp the app because of one simple reason: It wasn’t good enough! We were aimed to create the best marketplace to sell jewelry. 

The previous designs were amateurish. And the customer wanted designs that were user-centric and hip yet regal.

Interesting features we implemented:

Huge set of unique filters
This application differs from the classic examples of marketplaces because it has a huge set of unique filters, so you can find any, even the most unusual, decoration. We paid special attention to this function. Thus, each product has a detailed list of characteristics, by which further filtering and sorting is carried out. You can find a specific product by type, brand, seller, metal type and color, product category, product subcategory, stone type and shape, price and size.
Lena, Project Manager

We have been working on this function for a long time and now thanks to filters it is easy to find any product by a list of parameters. You can easily find, for example, earrings in rose gold with a heart-shaped sapphire.

We as performers studied the customer's market, took into account its features (what they are guided by when choosing a product, that is, what they are guided by when choosing a product).

Automatic price determination
Thanks to the expanded set of product characteristics, we were also able to create an additional convenient functionality - automatic pricing. Thus, depending on the specified set of product characteristics in the admin panel, the price for it is generated automatically using the specified coefficients.
Users can shortlist their favorite items they don’t want to buy right away but can buy in the future with - a single tap on the screen and the thing is done. Moreover, there is a possibility to compare the prices of items in the wishlist by picking them with the mark.
User's personal account
The personal account has advanced functionality. Subscription to sellers, history of purchases and orders, basket of orders which can be sorted by seller. It is also possible to return goods.


Anna, UX/UI Designer
Anna, UX/UI Designer


Our task was a mobile app development marketplace that would satisfy not only the customer, but also buyers and vendors. Therefore, in the process of app creation, we took into account three sides of the issue. And as a result, we got not just a user-friendly marketplace, but also a tool with a cool admin panel for a customer having advanced functionality. There’s also a large set of all kinds of reports on the efficiency of the resource (profit, revenue, amount of orders, conversion rates, page views). There are vendors' personal accounts with advanced analytics in the web versions of the app as well.

how to create the right marketplace to sell jewelry
jewelry b2b marketplace

Monetization and Virtual Currency

However, the question of monetizing the application was being worked out. 

It is implemented in the form of a commission for the placement or sale of goods from sellers. Thus, each store pays a percentage of the goods sold through the platform. The amount varies depending on the type of metal.

Alex, CEO

To implement this functionality, we had to create a virtual currency. Since, due to the peculiarities of the regional market (all jewelry in the Emirates can be bought only for cash), there is a limitation in non-cash payments. But our customer wanted to profit from vendors through the application. Therefore, we have created virtual wallets for vendors, which they have to replenish in advance with real currency. The commission for the goods sold is deducted from this account as well.

The case shows once and for all that Celadonsoft tumbles how to develop a marketplace. Bearing in mind an idea of building a jewelry b2b marketplace?  We opt to provide advanced marketplace development services of the best quality,  enabled with client-oriented attitude.

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