Global Restaurant Brand App Development

The web and mobile app development for a global fast food brand was integrated with the offer system and delivery opportunities for over 2 million users from 4 Central American countries.

System structure
  • Web App

  • Mobile App
  • Admin Interface 
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Product Design
  • Project Management
  • QA
  • Food Delivery App
  • 2 years (in process)

Team composition:

Dmitry, Project Manager
Dasha, UX/UI Designer
Dima, Software Engineer
Alexandr, Software Engineer
Zhenya, Software Engineer
Vlad, Software Engineer
Sasha, Software Engineer
Yanina, QA

Challenge to Build a Global Restaurant Brand App  

The customer came to us to realize the worldwide restaurant brand app development for the Central American segment, specifically Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. The client already has an application with reduced functionality. Our task was to add a new loyalty program section, add integration with the offer system for this loyalty program, provide UI/UX development services following the company's brand book, and optimize the old application.

Development journey

To create an app for a worldwide restaurant brand, we started by analyzing the existing program. It already consists of a legacy backend, so our new big component ought to apply to the current version and be comfortable for future integrations. Solving this problem, we decided to create a new section as a micro-service. MVP development services allowed us to test all possible solutions without any risks.

The system allows the configuration of special offers (deals) and displays the current offers to users. Deal activation is done by QR or numeric code at the checkout desk or the order counter, with the help of POS system integration.


Dasha, UX/UI Designer
Dasha, UX/UI Designer

Ecosystem between two versions

One of our core goals was to create a common base of accounts for all versions of the application.

To make utilizing this system more ergonomic, we decided to create an ecosystem of accounts.

As far as one of the most important parts of any global fast food brand app creation is the ability to create an account, the usability of them is crucial. According to the mobile app development services, we build an ecosystem of accounts for users from 4 countries to form orders, use personal offers, track delivery, and store the history of orders, notifications, and points on any devices the user signed in. This opens the way to create a single account with overall progress in collecting and using points. Also, it helps to save information about payment methods and delivery addresses to avoid situations when users need to re-enter it.

For now, users also can customize their accounts by selecting one of the prepared avatars.

Features we implemented

Two-factor authentication
For the stronger security of payment and delivery control, during the app development for a global restaurant brand we added the f2a before the payment was made. It was one of our critical points during the online ordering app development.
Ordering system
Building apps for a global restaurant brand means creating an order system for customers who want to receive delivery and enjoy food at home. The native shopping cart and the deal's system would help clients choose the right position for any budget.
Payment card information
For global restaurant fast food app development, we optimized the payment card info display by adding the “Add payment card” function in the My Account section.
We realized a call center connection to solve any problem that users can face in the restaurant or at home during delivery. The specialists will help the clients comprise the order, find the current location of the ordered delivery, or resolve possible operational errors. The call center will work 24/7 to receive the call.

Technical Implementation of the Global Restaurant Brand Project

We needed to consider the convenience of using special offers so that it would be manageable for the user. Like many other teams involved in global restaurant brand app design worldwide, we decided to use the QR system. It is easy to use at restaurants by scanning the unique QR generated by the system, so there is no problem with person-to-person communication.

Every deal has a QR and a unique numeric code for online ordering. The user can apply the deal through the deal list via the button or by entering the deal number code in the shopping cart. This will help the user utilize the web version of the system.

At the same time as we were creating the mobile version, our team worked on web app development services for various uses during the delivery order. The web global restaurant brand app development version has the same functionality as the mobile one, so customers can use the same account in both versions to store the history of their interaction with the restaurant.

Alex, CEO

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