Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

  • Team composition:
  • 2 Backend engineers
  • Front-end engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • QA
  • PM
  • UX/UI
  • System structure:
  • Cloud server
  • Admin interface
  • iOS application
  • Android application
  • Timeline:
  • 9 month
  • Industry:
  • Delivery

Challenge to Create a Food Ordering App

Celadonsoft’s client had a vision to create a food ordering app that catered to three key scenarios: in-venue orders, preorders, and delivery requests. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of seamless integration with their Point of Sale (POS) system. This integration would not only provide order receipt confirmations but also maintain synchronized menu data, optimizing management efforts. 

The client generously granted us considerable creative freedom, not only in technological decisions but also in app design, project approach, and management. This autonomy proved invaluable for us throughout the end-to-end food ordering app development.

Our primary objectives were twofold: to facilitate upselling opportunities and streamline operational costs and administrative routines for venue management.



An ordering system, that rumped up sales, optimised business processes and made a client closer to the customers.
The key system features:
  • POS integration with menu data synchronization and single order confirmation point
  • User-friendly mobile app for ordering
  • Personalised suggestions based on user behavior analytics
The ordering system helped to:

We initiated the project with meticulous and in-depth business analysis, gaining a comprehensive grasp of venue operations for all customers. To make a food ordering app and ensure the highest quality for the food ordering app, we conducted interviews with local managers and assessed the existing POS system, exploring integration opportunities. This approach allowed us to build a food ordering app with a highly efficient workflow that not only reduced staff burdens but also unlocked a significant amount of resources, greatly impacting the overall return on investment for restaurants.


For the undertaking implementation in the form of the mobile app and web interface for system management, we provided mobile app development services and web app development services. Also, the system encompassed a system backend. All components of the system are seamlessly interconnected with a payment gateway and point-of-sale (POS) system. 

Celadonsoft’s engineers leveraged the Django framework for the web interface, which empowered system administrators to effortlessly add new venues, oversee venue details, access client data and orders, dispatch promotional messages, and access analytical insights. By harnessing Django's established tools and conventions, we substantially streamlined the food ordering application development, enabling us to dedicate more efforts to improving the mobile user experience.

One particularly exciting aspect of this project was the fortuitous alignment of our R&D department's work with the datasets closely resembling those the customer could generate with our system. We proposed to develop a food ordering app featuring a personalized suggestions feature that learned the preferences of frequent users and offered tailored recommendations. Building upon our model, we customized it to align with the customer's requirements. The smart suggestions machine learning model demonstrated the ability to increase upselling by up to 20% within the frequent user segment."

Thanks to the food ordering app development, business operations were made more efficient while the costs were cut. 

If you have an idea for the development of a mobile app for restaurants and don’t know where to start, contact us to find out how Celadonsoft help your restaurant business.

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