Construction Services Marketplace

Mobile and Web application system that helps simplify a private house buying and construction experience. Made for house selection, construction permit ordering, applying for a bank loan and construction progress tracking.

Web and Mobile Application System for Construction

Frontend done with React Native (mobile app) and React.js (management interface). Backend implemented with Python and Django REST.

A Mobile Service for a Full Cycle of House Buying

Among main features: advanced management system, flexible attribute based permissions model, scalable backend architecture, chat, custom illustrations, clean and intuitive UX/UI, multi language support.


2 Backend engineers
2 Front-end engineers
1 QA
1 PM


5 months (in process)


Saudi Arabia

Tech Stack

JavaScript, React Native, React.js, Redux, Python, PostgreSQL, Django Rest Framework, Firebase.


The client requested us to design and develop a technical solution of outstanding quality for residential housing construction industry. The system should provide exceptional e-marketplace service for both buyers and suppliers.

The Client's business goals were:

  1. To provide a value for the individuals with exceptional house buying service by covering the full cycle of house buying related operations in a single mobile platform.
  2. To decrease the construction time of residential units in order to ramp-up housing production by cutting operating costs and delays, improving operation management with the digital end-to-end management system.


A special request was to design a solution architecture with high horizontal scalability from the very beginning of the MVP development so it would serve as a reliable base for the future product growth. At the same time, UX/UI and backend architecture should be as flexible as possible in order to quickly adapt to the user's feedback and market demands.


We developed a complex electronic marketplace that connects different types of users within one ecosystem and provides each user type with a number of abilities and workflows.

The solution consists of iOS and Android application, browser application and secure server backend. iOS and Android applications have iPad and Tablet versions with extended functionality.

In order to meet the scalability requirement, technology stack for backend implementation supports clustering and each part of the system can be scaled by adding additional computation resources. The project also required complex DevOps approach with 3 staging servers and automated deployment.

We introduced a mutual code review flow within a team to make sure the system will be able to work in a bugfree, smooth and predictable manner. That generally increased the MVP development time, and at the same time would assure cost and time-saving in further stages of the product development.

The interfaces of the system are intuitive, clear, and easy to use. We took a non-classical approach to UX/UI design, stepping aside from the former stereotypes and managed to make an appealing design which was also flexible and easy to modify in case we would need to add new features and blocks in the future.

The web management interface and the backend support flexible users and roles management system based on the attribute-based model.

The project has an infinite potential for growth and improvement, engaging new types of services and suppliers. It is an honor and pleasure for us to be part of this project while it enters the market, changes the industry landscape and grows.

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