Character Sheet App With IoT Integration

An app to replace pen and paper for notes and calculations while playing board games. The idea to develop a character sheet app with loT dice has all the chances to transform the traditional board game experience.

System structure
  • Mobile Application
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Game Industry
  • 6 months

Team composition:

Ivan, Software Engineer
Slava, QA
Lena, Project Manager
Dasha, UX/UI Designer

At first sight, the project reminds a simple note app, but there is more to this than meets the eye. The app is more complex and integrated with a digital dice through IoT. 

Board game fans know how helpful paper records are while playing. However, the paper isn’t a reliable place to store the records as it may go lost, and calculations of character parameters may take time and the chance of errors. 

Our client came up with the idea of creating a character sheet app with loT integration to digital dice. The app's essence is to allow players to enter, store, and calculate all the parameters and moves via various in-app algorithms and formulas.

To develop a character sheet app with loT integration, they reached out to Celadonsoft.  

A Challenge to Develop a Character Sheet App With IoT Device

The client requested to develop a character sheet app with loT integration that would make the gameplay process easier for players. One of the most essential requirements is to have a feature that allows players to input specific parameters into a formula. For example, these parameters could include attributes such as strength, endurance, and others. Once the player has inputted these values, the application will apply algorithms in the background, which the player cannot see, to calculate specific values.


Alex, CEO

The formula feature is the backbone of our path to develop a character sheet app with loT dice, as it automates complex calculations and data manipulation. In addition, it allows players to focus on other aspects of the game, such as strategy and decision-making. By automating these calculations, players can save time and effort and enjoy the game more.

However, the process of implementing the formula feature took work. It involved developing the BA logic and design and ensuring that the formula conditions (+, :, *, etc.) work properly at the code level. This was a challenging task, but ultimately necessary to develop a character sheet app with loT system integration that corresponds client’s requirements.

Throughout this entire process, we remained in close contact with the client to ensure that we were meeting their needs and adhering to their specifications. We presented several options to them and discussed the pros and cons of each.



Solution for Character Sheet App With IoT 

The process of figuring out how to implement a formula in the code can be a complex and time-consuming task. Therefore, our team went through a series of steps to ensure that we understood the requirements and how to execute them effectively. We started by having phone calls with the client to ask questions and gain clarity on the specifics of the formula. We then had discussions with our team to brainstorm possible solutions and assess the feasibility of each one.  

After careful consideration, we decided on a solution that would be the most effective to develop a character sheet app with a loT device. We are still in the process of working out the details, but we are confident that we will get there in the end and develop a character sheet app with loT device that will turn the traditional role board game experience upside down.


Another core solution is character sheet. The app allows you to create custom rulesets for games, which are a folder with all the character sheets for the game. 


The character sheet is a kind of template for creating a character based on the parameters specific to a particular ruleset. They are designed as frames and can be customized at the user's discretion. In the character sheet, a user can specify the title, character name, age, add a picture, and so on.




  • Integration with IoT dice
  • Roll dice game rulset creation
  • Character sheet templates creation
  • Customization of character sheets 
  • Character sheet Infill
  • Calculation of move outcome, e.g., what damage or advancement a dice roll will lead to
  • Character sheet templates creation


Anna, UX/UI Designer
Anna, UX/UI Designer
Anna, UX/UI Designer

We had an idea to develop a character sheet application with a loT device. To start, we made several sketches to determine the basic layout of the application. 

Our team developed the design from scratch, i.e. we built the entire logic and navigation, created wireframes. The app is quite complex with numerous screens, so the design was carefully thought out, and competitor and target audience research was conducted.

Once we had a solid foundation, we moved on to the style of the frames and how they would be used to display information to the user. We experimented with different colors and fonts to find the perfect combination that would be both visually appealing and easy to read. Eventually, the color scheme of the app was chosen with the client's brand style in mind.


 Celadonsoft continues the work on the project until today as well as on provides the mobile game development services aimed for IoT dice-supported board games. However, your project idea requires a similar solution, you may be sure our mobile app development services will get you covered. Contact Celadonsoft to find out what solutions we have in our pocket for your idea.

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