Automotive Software Development

Custom car automotive service software to join car repair shops and car owners together

System structure

  • Cloud server
  • Web application
  • Mobile adaptive
  • Landing page


  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Research
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting


  • e-Commerce


  • 7 months

Team composition:

Liliya, Software Engineer
Valentine, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager
Anna, UX/UI Designer
Vadim, Software Engineer

What is an Automobile Service Marketplace

When it comes to the development marketplaces in the automotive industry, the usage area is not limited to car rental marketplaces.

Well, there are many avenues you can come up with to source expert mechanics—auto repair centers, private specialists, etc. But aggregating several businesses in one place and allowing users to narrow down their searches using specific filters is rather convenient. Developing a car rental marketplace app and releasing it in the automobile industry would also increase automotive service sales. That's why technology penetrates the automotive market, and automotive software development is precious as automobile business ideas.

examples of marketplace
how to create a marketplace

Considering our experience in developing interactive mobile and web applications, our client reached out to our team to order the development of the car services marketplace. During IT consulting services session, the client shared the idea of applying technology in the vehicle industry: the UAE-based car repair shops would be connected with car owners. By doing this, he wanted to ease the search for car repair and help shop owners to attract new customers.

No doubt, car owners would prefer to choose a suitable automobile service from a marketplace app. So, We were excited to work on this very new concept of an automobile service marketplace.

Initially, the project envisioned a web application to be developed from scratch. Also, Celadon was to develop the car service app design and integrate libraries. We get the marketplace app development going with MVP development. But when the MVP was launched, it got clear that 80% of the traffic was coming from mobile devices. The client decided to develop a mobile version of the automotive management software in form.

However, our developers faced difficulty when developing the adaptive: the used library did not allow making a high-quality adaptive, and it turned out to be not stable.

Without deliberation, we decided to customize the mobile version. That is to develop its additional design and then lay it all out.

On top of that, we designed and developed a landing page (design and layout), which gathers users and leads them directly to a web app.

Anna, UX/UI Designer

Automotive Service Software Design

Our clients wanted a lock, stock, and barrel:

  • Functionality-rich app
  • Catching elements 
  • Space and intuitive UI/UX design

We spend hours researching similar websites and applications and eventually had several car services marketing ideas in our pocket. We offered the automobile services marketplace development option to select the best-suited one. The client chose what they wanted and was happy with the marketplace of car services they got as a result.

When reaching out to us, the client had a business idea for Innovative Automobile Service Marketplace and developed wireframes.


Anna, UX/UI Designer



Anna, UX/UI Designer

Actions Taken to Build Automotive Management Software

We had been communicating with the customer extensively. Before setting off the vehicle service software development, we clarified all the business details, in teamwork we developed the structure of all the interactions and all the terms.

  • We completely developed the design from scratch, and build DB structure and interconnections.
  • We suggested ways of solving the problems with payments and failures
  • We provided a lot of advice on the implementation and prevention of all possible error cases in the future.

In the end, we got a flawlessly working product in which all the customers’ requirements and wishes were implemented.

Innovative Ideas for the Automotive Services Marketplace

The hardest challenge we faced was the work with Databases. Automobile services marketplace development was necessary to be configured in such a way that depending on the selected car, configuration and mileage, the user was offered exactly these services they needed. Also, leaning on car configuration, car repair shops set their own prices for services. Loading the data into the database manually delivered us hard times. The customers did not have a complete database of cars, prices, and services when automotive services marketplace development was initiated. They supplemented it gradually by sending us file after file. Very often, the files contained errors and inconsistencies. We developed a template for filling these files to avoid breaking the system. After that, we began to develop functionality for uploading and editing these files directly from the application. To make this process smooth, we made up a convenient table-free lay-out, so that we could correctly substitute all the values in all the tables.
Payment integration
Car services marketplace development put us in front of another challenge—payment integration. In order to make the marketplace payment safe and trustworthy, It was necessary to take into account all the possible cases in which a shop could lose money. For example, such situation may arise when the payments are carried out only online. Those cases were to be prevented without affecting users and set in a way so that the user would pay only after the completion of the service.
Service history and all the appointments
The automobile services software development for customer side was required to allow them to watch service history and view all their appointments. At the same time, the car repair shop profile was to display a built-in appointments calendar, and all payments and funds earned. And last but not least, we wanted the app to be as much comfortable for users as possible. A large number of interconnections makes it difficult to fit a huge amount of functionality into a light, clear and non-intrusive design that would not scare away the user.
Lena, Project Manager

Marketplace Concept In the Automotive Industry

  • 4 user roles (guest, registered user, repair shop, and admin) with different leeway and functionality
  • user dashboard that looks like their garage fitted with services history and all the cars info
  • opportunity to set location and filter workshops by this value
  • payment integration: user adds his card to which the money is debited; the workshop attaches its account to which the money is credited. Split payments were also implemented (admin sets the commission for the workshop and the funds from the client are automatically divided between the admin and the workshop)
  • order history, schedule of future appointments (for the user and the repair shop)
  • invoices and payments section with all the information for the administrator and the workshop
  • ratings and feedback for the workshop + review of these reviews by the Admins
  • notifications—mail, SMS, Real-Time in the admin panel (+ set up all the conditions for each type of notification
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