App Statistics Platform Development

A region-focused app statistics platform for more data-driven promotion and app store optimization.


System structure
  • Web application
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Project management
  • Business management industry
  • 6 months

Team composition:

Eugene, Software Engineer
Lena, Project Manager
Ivan, Software Engineer

Recenty, Celadonsoft has finished working on app statistics platform development. The product is a web application aimed to view data insignts for apps at a certain region.

Alex, CEO

Our dutch clients trusted  Celadonsoft to create a platform for app statistics. The essence of app store statistics platform region-focused an App insights and statistics monitoring for stronger App Store Optimization and Customer Support platform. The app statistics platform  would help users  gather and manage their app’s and game’s data, increase app conversion rate, improve app store rankings and app user loyalty. The app also serves as an app competitor analysis tool, that helps you detect their flaws and outstrip them.






Challenge to Create a Platform for App Statistics

Creating a good parser was a challenging task that required overcoming numerous obstacles. One of the main challenges was dealing with website protection mechanisms that were put in place to prevent parsers from accessing their content. 

Additionally, finding the right approach to parsing the data and implementing the necessary functionality at the level of competitors was not an easy feat. This was especially challenging considering that larger teams were working on similar projects in the area of app store statistics platform development. Despite these challenges, our team was able to develop a high-quality parser that met our requirements and exceeded our expectations.

Solution for App Store Statistics Platform Development

After reviewing the legacycode provided by the client, we found out it was of a very pure quality. Our developers had to code backend from scratch and implement numerous changes into frontend. 

Thanks to the experience of our skilled developer and the thorough research conducted during the project, the Celadonsoft team was able to successfully design and implement a highly sophisticated mechanism for parsing data.
Also, app statistics platform design was developed on the client’s side. So, on this stage our task was to implement it and make some minor changes based on the client’s requests.



Features of App Store Statistics Platform

Complex Parsing Algorythm
The parser extracts data from multiple sources on the internet, including websites and databases, in order to provide users with accurate and useful information about a particular application of interest.
Filtered Search
In-app search engine helps to find and view data on a particular app. The search can be filtered based on app category, location, store, subscription, and date.
Top Charts
The most downloaded apps are listed in Top Charts from both AppStore and GooglePlay.
Location Switcher
User may switch preferences on what apps to display - from all locations or based in the region.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices for web app development services, Celadonsoft was able to create a platform for app store statistics that exceeded our clients' expectations. The MVP version has been successfully launched. The platform gives the opportunity to better understand users' in-app behavior and preferences, allowing make informed decisions that drive their business forward.

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