We consider our clients’ success as the measure of our own success. If you’re looking for a reliable, thoughtful and committed partner to help you make the data work for you, you’ve knocked on the right door!

Business Intelligence Development

Whether you are a young business in need of your own BI business-oriented ecosystem, or a mature company that requires assistance with your current BI processes, our team will enhance the tech side of data control and use.

Our specialists will help you face industry-related problems, alter and modify the software requirements, and develop the right enterprise standards for analysis and reports.



Infrastructure evaluation
Requirements analysis
BI technology consulting
Metrics selection
Visualization concepts


Data aggregation & cleansing
Data classification
ETL setup
Data quality assessment


DWH architecture
Design of OLAP cubes
Setup of data lakes
Data integration


Data quality improvement
DWH migration
Data storage extension
Technology upgrade
ETL redesign


BI software configuration & implementation
Design of reports & dashboards
UI/UX customization
Integration with enterprise systems

Multi-purpose Business Intelligence

Customer-centric BI

Our solutions are created in a way that will help you better understand and interpret the target audience, boost customer experience, and display the best personalized offerings. This is made possible by technologies that gather customer data and then process it to help you create a unique relationship with your customers and make the right business decisions.

With our tailored solutions, you’ll get the most accurate customer insights and analytics that will empower your marketing and sales team to generate more efficient business development activities.

  • Monitor & forecast customer behavior
  • Create personalized recommendations
  • Conduct the engagement analysis
  • Track the order history
  • Customer segmentation based on real data
  • Opportunities for cross-selling and targeting
  • Customer voice analysis
  • Build predictions & models

Enterprise BI

We deploy BI suites for enterprises to ensure the efficiency of your business operations, outstanding employee engagement and help you achieve great outcomes.

Our clients can enjoy the benefits of immediate analytics and comprehensive reporting. This will give you great competitive advantages, allowing you to adjust your business strategy and take partner communications to the next level.

  • Operational analytics
  • Financial reports
  • Quality management
  • Assessment of employee’s performance
  • Enterprise-wide KPIs
  • Analysis of business profitability
  • Business optimization

AI-powered BI

We also deliver AI built-in solutions with smart data auto-analysis that is free from human blunders. Our solutions enable you to structure existing data flows and enhance the quality of both collected and stored data for further use in machine deep learning and data science models.


Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

Ordering application made with delivery, geolocation, built-in customer behavior analytics and personalized suggestions. Made to up-sale.


Dating app

A wonderful animation-heavy dating app we’ve developed from scratch using React Native and Python. It allows users to search, match and chat with others while keeping their Photos blurred before the match.


Endurance Riding Timing Application

Horse riding sport events application that provides timing and statistics data of upcoming, live and past races held in UAE.

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