Celadon was nominated as one of the leading Artificial Intelligence companies for June 2019. The nominations were granted by TechReviewer is a leading directory for the IT companies around the world. TechReviewer evaluates the companies by the quality of their services and overall expertise and, based on that, composes the lists of the most reliable development agencies.

TechReviewer does research in different fields of the IT industry, from web and software development to cloud computing and digital marketing. The company pays great attention to the feedback from customers during the evaluation and considers many factors before including the company on their list. This is why it is such an honor for Celadon to come as one of the leaders in the field of AI development.

The services that Celadon provides in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence include:

  • Machine Learning: personalized recommendations, risk assessment, fintech, security;
  • Data Science: optimization of business processes, advanced decision-making, optimization of management workflows;
  • Computer Vision: face and object recognition, scene and image reconstruction;
  • Natural Language Processing: text or voice recognition;
  • Neural Networks: deeper data analysis;
  • Chatbots: customer support, automation of work processes.

As well, TechReviewer praised Celadon for its efficient management and high-quality services. It took special notice of how Celadon uses the latest technology stack and offers a full-cycle development to the customers.

We are happy to get nominated for our work! This contributes to our motivation to continue delivering high-quality results and coming up with creative and efficient solutions for any upcoming challenges.

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