Your Guide to MVP, MMP, MLP, MDP, and MAP Startup Stages To Make Everything Clear

23 January 2024 Writer: Lera Grechanik 469 views

Fun fact - only 10% of startups shoot and become successful businesses. The reason for the failure may lie in various factors, but in one way or another, they are caused by the wrong beginning and attitude to the elaboration. The biggest mistake - is producing a full-fledged complex case without checking the idea beforehand.

Today, we'll talk about the phrases MVP, MMP, MLP, MMF, and some others. Despite having distinct sounds, they all result in MVP development for startups. These words are only a list of the many crucial qualities that make up MVP in software development.

Startup Phases

Initially, we need to pinpoint the primary phases of the program's launch.

  1. Determine the needs of the audience and industry
  2. Pick the main idea 
  3. Chart the Product Roadmap
  4. Develop a rudimentary functional product and publish it
  5. Get familiarized with the reactions of focus groups

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Terminology Issues

It's straightforward to become bewildered because the creation procedure is described employing a broad assortment of terminology. What are the MVP and the MMP, and others? What is the difference between the MVP and the MMP? From the different perspectives, we will now go over the primary distinctions between the primary startup phases. Well, let's get right to it.


This term refers to the level of readiness of a project that can already be put on the market and check consumer response. For more information, check out our articles about MVP development benefits and MVP in web development. Summing them up, we highlighted grounds for applying.

The purpose of MVP

  • Investment performance

With minimal production costs, you can get the maximum benefit and save a lot of time and money in the future.

  • Potential areas to be enhanced

After receiving the initial impact and analyzing the market situation around your project, you can build a logical chain and understand how to optimize the case for today’s situation. 

  • Give stakeholders verifiable evidence of your idea

This is a demonstration of a potentially greater, higher level of sophistication. It permits demonstrating the feasibility of the idea to investors and stakeholders in the demand.


MVP and MMP - are there any distinctions? Well, MMR is translated as Minimum Marketable Product and means the original rendition of the genuine result geared to resolve the primary consumers' issues.

MMR is shortening the time to produce through the release of the MMP.

The Purpose of MMP & MMR

The difference between MVP and MMP  is that MMP and MMR have a fairly straightforward primary goal: they are made available to the public in order to record funds input and offer evidence of successful monetization. Later, they can help become more profitable to make the company concept work by bringing in income.

Stated differently, minimum viable product vs minimum marketable product is concentrated on fast hypothesis investigation and outcome collection, whereas MMP concentrates on offering a product with adequate functional capacity for commercial success.


The following phrase conflict in our conversation is MVP and MLP. The name of MLP speaks for yourself - it is an adorable little phase of the project

The Motivation Behind MLP

The MVP and MLP difference is that the goal of making MLP is that the latter seeks to increase its user base and win over more customers.


Now, after comprehending the difference between MVP and MLP. Regarding the MMF, though?

It is a narrow array of abilities that renders a product viable for sale, known as a Minimum Marketable Feature.

The Purpose of MMF

It's a component of the MVP in charge to be valuable, an MVP must have the MMF. These qualities are advantageous to the first-time audience right away. In contrast to MVP, which may concentrate on the entire case, MMF concentrates on a particular feature or a cluster of abilities that provide relevance to clients and businesses.


MDP focuses on establishing a case witch not only meets the basic needs of users but also brings joy and pleasure. MAP is the most elevated MDP, where the case is not just pleasant but pleasurable encourages and hunger among users.

The Purpose of MDP & MAP

They serve as the ultimate performance of your MVP, with each and every aspect and interface for use having previously undergone extensive adjustments based on input.

Difference Between MVP, MMP, MLP, MMF

MPV vs MMP vs MLP vs MMF and MDP - let us sum them up. MMP and MMR focus on monetization and financial accomplishment. MLP was created to increase the case's audience.

MMF highlights the main functions without which the project cannot exist. MDP with MAP concentrates on the emotions of users and on their attachment. 

And, like a combination of all those versions, is the MVP - version of the project, which might deliver all those goals of the others. 

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