Xamarin Vs React Native: Two Sides Of One Coin

11 March 2024 Writer: Lera Grechanik 389 views

If you poll ten teams, nine would rather say that in the choice across Xamarin and React Native, they pick the second. But why so?

The final goal is similar to both; they are compared normally. However, due to many factors, the dev society increasingly prefers React Native vs Xamarin.

In this blog, we are going to try to discover the main bases for the comparison of Xamarin and React Native and, further more, why people do not knock out Xamarin Forms vs React Native.


To be honest, we hide one of your most important reasons. Microsoft recently stated that they will discontinue XF support in May 2024. Its popularity has been decreasing each year.

This technology wasn't the most famous in the developed world, but for some reason, some companies still utilize it to maintain old projects.

Now, we want to name the entities, benefits, and disadvantages of React Native and Xamarin. It assists you to get up to speed.


Xamarin is a tool for building multiplatform projects compatible with different OSs. It provides the means to compose C# coding.

One of its key edges is the ability to reuse coding, which saves teams time and resources when producing for different OSs. XF is also closely integrated with Microsoft’s ecosystem, making it an attractive alternative for teams using its instruments and technologies.

But it won't be closed if it would be so good.

Despite its advantages, XF has fatal flaws. These include possible interpretation points due to abstraction over APIs, declined sponsorship and activity in the community, potential delays in upgrades and implementation of new features, and the possible perception of a high threshold and complexity of use reached by some competing multiplatform approaches (for example, RN).


RN is an open dev framework created by Meta. It allows creators to use JS and the React libraries to build multiplatform cases. Rather than designing separate programs for each OS, you may use the exact base for both OSs, saving time and resources.

There is even React Native for web structure to integrate the projects into all device types.

React Native vs. Xamarin

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Currently, after we define the entity of those techs, you may start to understand why XF is an outsider. But to be more objective, we form 7 criteria to compare Xamarin and React Native and prove that React Native app development is vastly sounder.

Rules: We will give a point to the winner of each criterion to determine the finalist in the Xamarin vs React Native battle.


The singular thing we ought to say: RN is completely free-of-charge, and XF is solely free for private users and small businesses.

  • RN wins.


Well, it is also an easy question. RN has a large community and is utilized by many teams in the IT world.

  • RN has a point again.


For the aforementioned reasons, you should anticipate that RN has a bigger and additionally active community than Xamarin.

  • RN won.


Pre-built components are elements of both that improve teams experience and performance. However, RN is not quite as good as X even with its live reload functionality.

Xamarin.forms in addition to Xamarin.Xamarin and iOS.Native UI elements tailored to the Android platform can be made by creators. 

  • X has more useful prefabricated parts. Plus one. 


Open-source frameworks are often free. Sadly, X is unable to claim that title. Although there is a complimentary version of X, it has few functionality.

Free usually translates into greater access, which puts RN ahead.

  • Simply put, React Native is easier to use. 


Java, C#, and JS all employ JIT compilation. Nevertheless, RN’s JIT compilation only functions with Android; it interferes with iOS applications' performance. AOT compilation and JIT compilation are both available in C#. In most instances, AOT-compiled code executes more quickly.

  • X prevails.


This area will play a major role in the choice cause multiplatform and mixed frameworks have a reputation for trading versions for ease.

While React Native vs Xamarin performance is both native-like, the second provides a tooling interface and executes coding more quickly on two OSs.

  • When analogizing React Native and Xamarin, the second one performs better since it is more like-native code. It reaches the point.


By a small margin, RN won the battle. Obviously, even if they would have the same result, there is one more critical point: Micros will kill the Xamarin in the near future. RN is more alive than all living, continues to develop, and is actively utilized by IT teams all over the world, making it an optimal option to reschedule the old project.

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