React Native for Web: Whether Applicable Or Not

5 February 2024 Writer: Lera Grechanik 342 views

Introduction to React Native for Web

React Native for Web is a framework that lets you employ elements and APIs of React Native for web development. That implies that you can apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to create also for the online platform. It is a great option if you are creating an app for all platforms or if you already have a native app and you want to convert it into a new app. It is also a good option if you are wondering how to build mobile apps faster.

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How Can React Native Be Used for Web? Let's Discuss

Can we use React Native for web development? Absolutely yes! But of course, like everywhere, there are several pitfalls. Anyway, let’s name quick points of React Native build for the Web:


  1. Installation: install the required packages utilizing npm or yarn.
  2. Creating a project: create a new project using create-react-app.
  3. Import React Native components: you can now use React Native for the web. For example, you can create an App.js file and add the following code.
  4. Run the application: launch your project, it will be available at the local host.
  5. Styles: React Native for web applications supports many of the styles and assets used in React Native. Nevertheless, please note that not all React Native features can be fully supported in the environment.
  6. Working with navigation: to navigate between screens, you can use libraries such as react-router-native.

Through all those points, you can be targeted by React Native development tools


React Native for the web has certain limits, just like any other technology, so if it seems too good to be true, you're not wholly off. Among them are:

  • Limited Component Support: Some components have no direct counterparts on the web, requiring conditional rendering.
  • Production Differences: There might be divergence in performance between native and web implementations.
  • Library Compatibility Issues: Some libraries might not be fully supported.
  • Navigation Challenges: Navigation libraries may require adaptation for a new platform.
  • Limited Native Module Functionality: Some native modules might not work properly.
  • Ecosystem: Less extensive and supported than mobile dev.
  • Differences in Testing: Complex testing is required on both platforms.
  • Challenges in Debugging: Debugging can be more rugged due to differences in execution environments.

The Main Advantages

The ability to use React Native for the web gives several profits for developers looking to create cross-platform programs that perform seamlessly on both mobile and web platforms. Here are some of the key advantages:

Code Reusability

The ability to reuse a huge amount of the programming between mobile and web platforms is one of the main benefits. Teams working on both kinds of apps would especially benefit from this since it cuts down on development duration and endeavour.

Single Codebase

Maintaining a single codebase for your application makes it simpler to manage and update. Both the online and mobile versions of the app update in tandem with changes made to the codebase.

Familiar Development Model

When developing for online platforms, creators who are experienced may make use of their current expertise. This type of dev has a lower learning curve since the development model stays constant.

React Ecosystem

React Native for web app is part of the larger ecosystem. Developers may leverage the same frameworks, tools, and patterns for both mobile and online development, resulting in a more smooth and orderly development experience.

Efficient Development Workflow

Using react native for the web adheres to the "write once, run anywhere" idea, allowing developers to create and test apps more effectively. Changes made during development are rapidly reflected across both platforms.

Responsive Design

Applications created using it can simply adapt to various screen sizes and orientations. This enables a responsive design, which is necessary for providing a consistent user experience across several devices.

Support for Components

This technology supports a large selection of existing components, allowing you to design a consistent UI across platforms. This encompasses styles, layout components, and navigational elements.

Community and Support

React Native app development community is sizable and active. With the adoption of it, developers may have access to the community's aggregate expertise, support, and aid.

Examples of React Native for Web

Is React Native used for web development of well-known projects? Of course! As soon as this technology has so much potential and existing advantages, it’s not surprising. There are some most significant cases:

Facebook: this technology was made by them, and while it was primarily utilized for mobile versions, the community and numerous organizations have investigated its possibilities for online development.

Instagram: Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is reported to have used it in its mobile applications. During the details of its creation are concealed, can React Native be used for the web? Quite possibly.

Wix: Wix, a popular website builder, has utilized this technology to enhance its functionality to platforms, enabling users to build web and mobile applications with a shared codebase.

And this is not all of them. So, you are still unsure, “Can I use React native for the web?”. 

Despite this tool being very flexible, there are still some restrictions on its use.

If you have questions like “Can I use React Native for the web version of my project?”, contact Celadonsoft to make it clear and to get advice and help with the idea realization.

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